Hands Down

Hands Down


We write what feels good, to us. Not what we feel others will like or think is "radio friendly". It's true music and honestly, its working because people like it. Hands Down is a group that appreciates music to all extents and expresses it through feelings and sound, not paper.


Hands Down is:
Allen Woolsey – drums, Mike Muller – bass, Jason Sylvester – guitar, Ryan Culton – voice & guitar. Hands Down has been working together for several months perfecting their modern rock sound, recording and preparing for live performances. The band was brought together by the forces of the internet and random chance. Allen contacted Ryan in response to a Craigslist ad after hearing early demos that Ryan had recorded. Mike and Ryan are refugees from a ska band who have reunited after not seeing each other for six years. Hands Down found Jason when, impressed with the early demos that were presented to him, he replied to a MusicConnection.com ad. The complete band played together and the fit was instantaneous. Future plans immediately ensued.

The story behind the name “Hands Down” is simple: Allen told Ryan in their initial phone conversation that “These are the best rock songs I’ve heard in a long f***ing time, hands down.” The name stuck.

Hands Down has completed their 10 song self-titled debut album. Their sound is modern rock with a heavy edge and an ever-present focus on melody, both vocal and instrumental. The band does not limit their songs to any one sub-genre of rock, as so often is the case, but instead allows the songs to take their own shape while always maintaining the core elements of the band’s sound. The album is an eclectic but joined mix of catchy rock tunes and epics.

Driven by the urge to share the musical experience live, Hands Down has been playing locally and is looking forward to hitting the road for an upcoming 2006 tour. Each member brings a unique aspect to their live show. Ryan has the technical expertise and musical precision. Jason’s heavy guitar provides the grit and power while Mike’s manic energy keeps the crowd excited. Allen’s precise and intense drumming ties it all together. Don’t miss it!


Hands Down (self titled) 2005

Set List

Set list consist of our complete self titled EP. Usually about 45 mins a set.