Handsome As Sin

Handsome As Sin

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Bad Ass Southern California Rock Band.


Handsome as Sin initially formed in the fall of 2012, when Max Waller (vocals/guitar), looking to get back to his bluesy/country roots after the dissolution of his previous band, enlisted longtime friend Chuck Riviera (lead guitar) to be a part of a new group he was putting together. Conceived as an 'outlaw country' band, the two quickly learned that their styles led to a more straight up rock 'n' roll sound, with a bluesy, southern edge. Within a couple months an EP's worth of songs had been written, and the duo headed into the studio to record their debut album, 'Tell Me How You Died.'

"Tell Me How You Died is poetry and pain delivered with a six-string hypodermic. Maxton Waller and Chuck Riviera play rock and roll as it should be played." -Patrick O'Heffernan

Playing their first show in February of 2013 in their hometown of Los Angeles, Handsome as Sin quickly gained a reputation among fans as a live act not to be missed, with a live show that has won over everyone from bar patrons to venue owners. Keep an eye out for them performing around Los Angeles, and on tour around the country this April.