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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Band Rock Funk


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"Handsomebeast Loves The Funk, Promises You'll Get Wet"

A ways ago, Rocks Off was out at a bar and happened upon a show from wonky indie-rockers Handsomebeast. They were jumpy, spastic, funk-oriented nutbags who, despite anyone else's intentions of placing their attention elsewhere, absolutely would not be ignored onstage.

For maybe 15 or 20 minutes, they monopolized the eyes in the room. Even the one slowish part of the show - they brought a girthy guy up on stage to rap - it was still interesting (again: they brought a girthy guy up onstage). It was admirable to see, for certain.

So we linked up with the gents later to talk about James Franco's hotness, wet dreams and why you'll more than likely get wet if you attend one of their shows. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Rocks Off: First of all, when you Google "Handsome Beast," the first thing that comes up is James Franco. However, none of you guys look like James Franco. Do you understand how disappointing that is? James Franco is smokin' hot.
Handsomebeast: Agreed, there's really no argument there, James is a striking character indeed. Baring this in mind, his boyish good looks don't really fit in with the scalawag, rugged good looks of Handsomebeast. Perhaps a couple weeks of bear wrestling would work his image into the HB mold.

RO: There isn't much about you all on the Internet (yet). Can you give us the Cliff's Notes version?

HB: We are Handsomebeast, sons of Texas - except the singer, Nick, he is the lost bastard child of Washington D.C. - based in Houston. We all met and formed the band one year ago while attending Loyola University in New Orleans. After one school year of playing shows in the Big Easy we relocated to Houston to try our hands at the scene.

We play music because it is perhaps the most powerful part of what makes our lives meaningful. The music we create is honest and we play it hard. We constantly work on innovating and creating new forms of expression in our music, but also love and emulate the incredible feelings from '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s music. Just so there's no confusion: We love the funk.
?RO: Also, were you aware that there is a band called "Handsome Beasts"? That seems like something maybe you all should know.
HB: We are aware of the old rock band "The Handsome Beasts," but we felt the name was too descriptive and pertinent to us that we could not sacrifice it. Thus, the new word "Handsomebeast" was created in order to differentiate ourselves from the other band. It's "Handsomebeast," one word no space, like skateboard. Or wetdream.

RO [laughs]: When we last saw you all live, it appeared as though your bass player was intending to shake his head from his own body. That was a few weeks ago. Is he okay now? Is his head still attached?

HB: Well, depending on which songs you were talking about, that might have been Peewee, Jacob or Tony. We switch it up quite often to maintain freshness. And all of our heads are missing a few bolts by now. Being inspired by band presences like Fugazi, Black Flag and Bad Brains we sometimes come to a point where all we really know to do is move... fast.

Handsomebeast, "Little Moon"

RO: Oh, also, the singer was pretty all over the place too. Matter of fact, when we went up and shook his hand and patted him on the back afterward to say great job, he was all sweaty and shit. We guess what we're trying to say is maybe next time you don't go trying to pull people in for man-hugs when you haven't properly wiped yourself down.

HB: All I can say is that you're going to have to expect to get wet at a Handsomebeast show. It's all part of the experience. - blogs.houstonpress.com


Bang! Pregnant. (December 2011)
This Side Up E.P. (2010)
Demo 436 (2009)



We are Handsomebeast. We play rock music and we came to fuck shit up.

We are based out of New Orleans, and were formerly based out of Houston, TX.