Sonicbids Handsome Man

Sonicbids Handsome Man

 San Dimas, California, USA

Leaving while at the top of his game! Sonicbids Handsome Man Award retired after Benjy's crushing and devastating three-peat!


Benjy. Account Manager. Relations-builder. Husband. Son. Brother. Friend. Model (citizen and print). All around nice guy.

Benjy's path went from humble and handsome beginnings in gorgeous Athens, Georgia, through his tweener years in pretty Evanston, Illinois, and all the way to Waltham, Massachusetts, where he had to overcome an extremely anti-handsome experience at Brandeis University! To his credit, his struggles in the midst of unhandsomeness resulted in a renewed commitment to lookin' good. More handsomeness to come.


2006 Handsome Man Lifetime Achievement Award
2005 Sonicbids Handsome Man
2004 Sonicbids Handsome Man (by unanimous vote)

Set List

Standing there and looking handsome.