hands upon black earth

hands upon black earth


sensual and pensive. meditative and exultant. flowing, languorous beats with a hard and unrestrained backbone. inspired words. pain and passion. desire and expectation. a union of love and will. these are some of the elements that unite to create hands upon black earth.


a drummer since childhood and a studio engineer by trade, I've used the last two years primarily finding my own creative identity.

I find inspiration in trancendent experiences, whether that be pain ritual, ecstatic dancing, drug consumption, meditation, or simply sitting outside and taking in the sanctitude and vitality of nature.

Musically, I'd like to think that what I do is influenced by the music I listen to, although to me, none of what I listen to really sounds like what I do. I'm influenced by bands ranging from 16 Horsepower to Fields of the Nephilim, from Curve to the Deftones, and lots of different ambient, house, and trip-hop music. I'd say I'm more influenced by performers and the conveying of emotion than any specific genre.

When it comes down to it, just the fact that I can write songs, and create music that I love to listen to is the greatest inspiration.


"hands upon black earth" self-titled album, asizazoon records

"zayin" e.p. - asizazoon records

Set List

Set list is growing and changing. I don't do covers, but really try re-interpreting my music with different instruments than I recorded them with.