Hand to Hand

Hand to Hand


A hard-working band with an intense, interactive live performance, backed by a driving, soulful, heavy rock and metal sound. A top band to listen to and see live with a touring record to back.


Easily one of Orlando’s hardest working bands, Hand to Hand is a five piece hard rock/metal band that is known as much for their legendary performances as they are for their invigorating and dedicated following. Blending the clean and
potent riffs of hard rock with metal and punk, these boys know what it takes to satisfy a crowd.

Each part of Hand to Hand
brings its own musical pride, wild humor, and musical prowess to the table. Arturo Matamoros' and John Radford's prevailing guitar work
and catchy riffs are fueled by the flame of John Raudebaugh's pounding bass lines; Followed by the precision and dexterity of drummer and Vans’ Warped Tour veteran Danny Strong.
Punctuating the band’s classic sound, front man Robert Kellom leads the way with his caustic lyrics and anthemic vocals.

Already having spent time in the studio with James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Paramore) and armed with a true D.I.Y. ethic and an endearing sound, Hand to Hand is already well on their way to breaking new boundaries and realizing their ambitions. Consistently rocking out stages across the nation and Europe since 2005, the band has the confidence and credentials to take it to the next level.


2004 - "Fast Forward Your Thoughts" EP, self released
2005 - "A Perfect Way to Say Goodbye", Lifeforce Records
2008 - "Breaking the Surface" EP, Lifeforce Records

Set List

Set can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes or more consisting a collection of songs like Preamble and The Arson (2005's "A Perfect Way...") to Paint this Town Black and Dufresne, Party of Six (2008's "Breaking the Surface").