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handwritten letters


Handwritten Letters makes you feel at home. Their approach to songwriting is storytelling, and everyone can relate to the tale. The trio plays a variety of instruments - guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano & flute - and with each person singing, their sound is simply attractive & fresh.


what is the soundtrack to the small woods stories? it�s inklings� clicks and whistles, the busy clatter in mr. fox�s workshop, the quiet shuffles of books and critters in the small woods library, the goose brigade flying overhead. it�s coughy the mouse, patiently collecting tickle fluff. it�s the blades of grass reaching out to say hi, growing up against the great big welcome sign. it�s a clumsy banjo and a delicate mandolin, a piano and flute, the love between friends and family, and lots of singing. who can separate the sounds? where is the line between the music and the storytelling? we cannot tell.

handwritten letters is a family. our time is spent searching for the smallest of pure sounds and ideas, for the sweetest vanilla tenderberries and the petals of the most beautiful dainty flowers. coughy offers his softest piece of tickle fluff. ninl saves some inkling dust and shiver berries from the garden. all of the pieces are carefully stitched together, sealed up as songs in small bottles. each one is carried off and delivered with the hope of receiving a new bottle or two with stars inside. we are not especially refined musicians -- we�re here to tell and re-tell the stories that we know to be truest and most sincere; to empathize and portray an intimate sound.

handwritten letters is joshua daniel, tamara dean & jamison glenn.

visit www.myspace.com/handwrittenletters to see concert & tour dates, to read more details about the small woods, and to listen to live & studio recordings.


the banjo song

Written By: handwritten letters

what's that smile hiding in your eyes?
you've done it again
you have a secret little lie
but nothing's harmed

it's such a simple desire to taste what you want most
honesty would only complicate it now

you hide it
it's no use
a little lie...


The Garden EP -- 2007.
"The Banjo Song" made popular at a debut performance at Workplay March 2008.
www.mypsace.com/handwrittenletters for downloadable/streaming audio

Set List

Songs from The Garden EP: The Story, I Like the Words You Said, The Garden, I Think I Heard You (Talk to Me), Shouldering Apologies, & The Banjo Song. Handwritten Letters covers selections from Gillian Welch, Sufjan Stevens, Damien Jurado, along with some of their favorite hymns. For longer sets, Handwritten Letters may include covers from Josh Wilson's project, June Avenue.