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"HANGFACE "Freak Show" RATING: 7 out of 10"

There are so many elements at work in "Freak Show", the debut of the Norwegian rockband: Hangface. This album rides the profitable fashion of the rock/grunge/alternative wave: the perfectly supported rhythm section, the emotional songwriting (sure, one's initial feeling may be to link you to other tracks and/or artists that have this sound), the fresh hopeful sound, and the impeccable production work of the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Rolling Stones). But, above all, there is some small, particular thing that disputes what one might think of a low superficiality. But this band doesn't slip up ­ they make an album that is easy to get after the first listen, indeed, they personalize it with their own brand-sound and this gives the record the reason to exist.
There is an obvious harmonious nature with the band members, rather than the unsuccessful protagonist approach of a single standout, something Hangface avoids. This is a solid and stable quintet, therefore, that element exposes the listener to a good sequence of tracks with hooks, but also know that Hangface knows how to get your blood pumping with a solid rock performance. Thirteen winning songs, full of melody and true rock. The songs are not so profound, but are celebratory in the rock genre. "Freak Show", "Northern Lights", "The Way", "Down" (cover song of the Stone Temple Pilots) allow the Scandinavian quintet (even if there are by now adopted by the USA) to ride the long-wave classic rock leaders, even if they are born from a common genre. A good disk that keeps you awake and without a doubt high quality ­ seemingly not being framed in "the trend of the moment" (and for this reason, it does not become annoying). Therefore, even if today most concentrate and pay attention to artists such as Puddle Of Mudd and Staind (evidently, we must be pleased of mediocre products such as those), know now that these guys will attract attention indeed, and we must look to "small bands" with provenance or pedigree like this band ­ Hangface. If they have a little bit of luck and good fortune, (they must know how to pick the good choices from the bad), we will soon see them again them in the leading magazines, setting some of the great musical reviews.
- Flavio Ignelzi / Silent Screamzine ITALY


Thank the heavens, presumably Thor, God of Thunder ­ for injecting his viking brethren with a well-timed and much-needed dose of kickass rock. HANGFACE's debut compilation entitled, Freak Show, is a well-written, superbly played, expertly produced/engineered, and slickly packaged collection of thirteen REAL rock songs. This is an album that has long been overdue and is well worth the investigation of A&R people out there looking to bring a band that is at once stylish and memorable to their fold of tomorrow's next superstars. Sure, I've heard and read comparisons to progenitors like Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Audioslave and heaven forbid, Pearl Jam. But let me tell you the difference in what you get here: first, HANGFACE's sound, while powerful and employing de-tuned and baritone guitar theories and structures, contains none of the sloppy guitar work and obvious nod to Jimmy Page à la STP; HANGFACE has no addiction to the "doom and gloom" sludginess of Alice in Chain's vocals and lyrical mish-mash; HANGFACE's vocalist (Bjornar Flaa) has a completely different voice from Chris Cornell (and any of the others aforementioned); and lastly, HANGFACE's songs are quite the opposite of Seattle's long-forgotten dope-smoking mumblers Pearl Jam. One look at the liner photo and design and you'll agree: these boys probably never wore a flannel shirt in their lives!
Stylish and sexy, their look is commensurate to their sound as the heavy guitars of Daggi Helling and Tom Pedersen (no not the old guy from Cheap Trick!) provide a perfect foil to the emotional and oftentimes yearning vocalizations of frontman Flaa. HANGFACE delivers a Tsunami-Wall of Sound, leaving you stunned and wet, all courtesy of the maestro's ears: Mr. Eddie Kramer, super-producer of legends like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie. The dynamics and sonic quality of this debut disk rivals and surpasses most anything released in the last 20 years. Yes, I said twenty years. Here is a disk you'll want to listen to over and over again, especially cranked up loud for soundscape tracks like WAIT and SORRY, both combining the best of what's been missing in rock: massive, complex drum patterns and beautiful off-the-cuff guitar solos. Yes! Finally some young dudes that know how to create a MELODY and not simply show off with a flurry of forgettable pyrotechnique shredding.The bass is thick and fat and pushes the song's just enough to get your fist pumping. And the vocals of Bjornar (affectionately known as Bee by the legions of 20-something girls that swarm to is hive, lured by his honey-coated voice while the juice runs down his leg - sorry Robert Plant!) will leave girls quaking and crying at their home speakers when he croons IT COULD BE YOU.
The 13 tracks represented here are solid, well-composed and arranged rockers. Something for everyone. If you are scared by the intended mythological tension and creepiness of the masterful packaging design and the darkness of the theme, don't be fooled! What the boys and company have down is simply provoke you into the realm of what is and what should be. Photography, design and a color palette that provide just enough angst and delusion that will benefit the male fanbase, while the obvious 'beau' appearance of these guys staring back at you through the retro TVs in the center spread will certainly be no handicap in marketing these guys to the younger female set. While these young men carry the beauty of their nordic gene pool like 80s demi-gods "A-ha", let there be no mistake- these tunes are here to rock you from deep within your loins and up to your fluttering lips. It's a complete body orgasm, all provided with the perfect pulse and heart-pumping BPM of this sensory-overloaded treat. Songs like FREAK SHOW and TODAY are close to being anthemic rockers, urging you to sing along with the big choruses, while WHO'S LAUGHING NOW supplies enough of the pop-glossiness reminscent of 70s glamboys, SWEET and 80s legends, DEF LEPPARD. The only track that left me a little bemused was the inane ULTIMATE MAN. The record has enough beef to please even the most critical metalhead (OK maybe not you pagan worshippers of speed/death/gore metal), without wimping out when it matters most. And for those that like tunes that are intelligible, articulate and understandable... step up and buy your copy now (http://www.hangface.com) while you can. These guys are destined for the glories of the big world stage.
In summation, enough finger-pointing by critics that loathe this genre of rock. This is the style that has sold millions through the decades and has never attempted to reinvent itself for the sake of posers, avant garde art rockers, and ethereal wannabes. This is modern rock that blends the absolute best of the 70s through current-era into an aromatic, piquant gumbo of positive, melodic, passionate artistry. These guys CAN play!
Confess and face it: if you're a musician, you want to be in this band. If you're a record company exec, you're wishing you were the one that "discovered" them. And if you're a girl (or I guess some guys), you want this band to take you home. No matter what the case, HANGFACE's "Freak Show" is worthy of any rock CD collection, demands a spin on Big-time Radio and deserves a Spotlight on the Stage. Now if you excuse me, I need to get my "freak" on. With a wall of Marshall amplifiers and an icy cold european beer. - Sean Stuyvesant, www.amazon.co.uk

"Welcome Back Hangface"

Many of Denver’s rock fans remember the sensation Hangface created when they passed through Denver last February. We came in when we agreed, before their arrival, to cover their shows and interview the band.

Unseen and unheard we had some concern over the committment. As my partner Jan said, “I want to do the interview and get it written before I see them… just in case they aren’t any good.”

That concern was short lived. After the first show, I would watch her impatiently waiting for the band currently on-stage (no matter how good) to get off the stage so we could listen to Hangface again.

It seemed everyone else in the clubs felt the same. The routine became predictable. We would arrive at the next venue on the tour to see familiar faces from the night before. We’d watch those who hadn’t heard the band abandon their conversations and games of pool and migrate toward the stage. And the next night we would see their faces added to the growing crowd.

Listeners “intuitively” knew what legendary producer Eddie Kramer (think Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Beatles, Kiss — www.kramerarchives.com ), manager John Malta (Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo — belchiasso.com ) and award winning designer Matt Touchard (zermattdesign.com) knew when they teamed up with Hangface – this band is destined for the big time.

Midway into the Denver tour one of their fans... I believe it was Wendy… or was it Jade… or both… told us they were going to every one of Hangface’s shows because they knew the next time they came to town they would be playing the Pepsi Center. We agreed and put our necks on the line by putting it in print. Knowing how the world of music works, I can’t say we really believed they could pull it off… we just agreed that they were that good.

Add the incredible musical ability and drive each member of the band possesses to more than a little magic on the part of their manager, John Malta, and the predictions came true. Hangface will be opening for the multiple-grammy award winning singer, Pat Benatar at the Pepsi Center on July 11th.

When Hangface played their last Denver show, there was considerable sadness in the air. It seemed most of their fans felt they were losing their new best friends. So for all of you who urged Hangface to hurry back, we caught up with them in Louisiana to bring you up to date.

WhatsDoing: What’s the latest since you left Denver?

Hangface: We’ve been in Europe. We released our new CD, “Freak Show” and had our CD release party. It was really cool, Eddie Kramer, John Malta, Matt Touchard, our whole management team came over for the release party. It was a great celebration, kind of like, “We’ve made it.”

WhatsDoing: When you were here, you told audiences how the song Freak Show was written in response to your initial reaction to American TV. It is the title of your new CD and that CD is now being used as the background music for a new Reality TV show. How does that make you feel?

Matt Touchard answers this question: It’s a pilot Reality TV show approved in 5 states and then being shopped to affiliate networks. All of the CD will be used in the show and it is possible Hangface will write a new song for the show. It is so confidential even the band doesn’t know the name of the show.

WhatsDoing: Does this mean Hangface has become Americanized?

Matt Touchard: Well, they have been to Bourbon Street a few times and out on air boats alligator hunting… so yeah, they should be getting Americanized by now.

WhatsDoing: When you were here, fans predicted you would be playing the Pepsi Center when you came back. That’s come true. What do you think about it?

Hangface: It’s really cool! We were laughing about it. We’re not the headline show but we are playing there. You guys really stood behind us out there.

WhatsDoing: You’ll be playing at Tower Records while you are here. Will the CD be available at Tower after that?

Hangface: No. The CD will be in stores in America on October 2nd, but we will have it available at all of our shows in Denver.

WhatsDoing: What advice do you have for bands who are starting out?

Hangface: The music industry has shifted from the majors. They don’t work with and develop artist like they once did. There are so many outlets anybody can promote themselves in a totally different way. A record deal is nothing more than a bank loan with bad interest, so we went to investors. It’s basically the same as a record label deal with better interest. The internet has changed how people find out about music. Now a band makes its living more by merchandising and touring.

WhatsDoing: What’s after Denver?

Hangface: We’re playing the main stage two nights in a row at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We’re sharing the stage with Queensrych and Twisted Sister. To put it in perspective, my home town has one-sixth the number of people living in it as who will be in the audience that night.

WhatsDoing: What do you want to tell Denver before you get here?

Hangface: We really are grateful for the support people in Denver have shown. We know that sounds cliché, but we really are anxious to get back there and see everyone again. Please come to the shows and bring your friends. Oh, and Louisiana might have more band logo tattoos now. We want to see Denver catch up.

This list of recent Hangface accomplishments far surpasses the release of their CD and the soundtrack to the Reality TV show. Playing filled-to-capacity large venues was the norm in Europe. Their promotional music video, Freak Show, captured Telly Trophies in four categories. The list goes on. Visit hangface.com for a more info and type Hangface into the keyword search box of WhatsDoingInDenver.com for a complete listing of their Denver performances coming soon.

See you at the next Hangface show.... Mark Stout
- What's Doing In Denver

"HANGFACE ‘Freak Show’ (2005)"

When a respected producer like Eddie Kramer (Hendrix/the Stones) gets behind a band you know there must be something there. He produces the album and is apparently very excited at the potential of this band. Do Hangface deliver? Indeed they do with the band sounding not unlike Audioslave especially the vocals of Bee. There are some big, anthemic rock tracks like ‘Cancel Me’ and ‘Down’. But the band can mix styles and moods wit ‘It Could Be You’ being a well-crafted ballad. With videos you can see many of these songs getting heavy rotation on MTV and Kerrang! As you’d expect it has a crisp, clean production throughout especially on the vocals and guitars.

Hangface are certainly worth a look as they are a very talented and enjoyable modern rock band. They could easily appeal to the many Audioslave fans out there.

***1/2 out of 4

- by Jason Ritchie - www.readytorock.com

"Hangface May 13, 2005"

1) Iommi - What You’re Living For (Sanctuary)

2) NiN - Getting Smaller (TVT - UMG)

3) Hangface - Down (K-entertainment)

4) Hopesfall - The Ones (Ferret - Roadrunner - UMG Records)

5) Sentenced - Dispair-riden hearts (Centaury Media Records)

6) System Of A Down - BYOB (Clean vers) (American - Sony)

7) The Agony Scene - Procession (Roadrunner - UMG)

8) Bruce Dickinson - Kill Devil Kill (Mayan - Sanctuary)

9) Cherry Street - Dog Town (Perris Records)

10) Reculver - Keep walking (Orgy Records)

11) Audioslave - Be yourself (UMG)

12) Carbellion - Scarring Card (Homegrown)

13) Candiria - Remove Yourself ( Earache Records)

14) Team Sleep - Ever (Foreign Flag) ( Maverick - WEA)

15) Spitalfield - So I heard You joined a convent (Victory Records)

16) Trivium - The Decieved (Roadrunner - UMG)

17) Slunt - The Best Thing (Scrap 60 records)

18) High On Fire - Sons Of Thunder (Relapse Records)

19) Funeral For a Friend - Street Car ( Atco)

20) The Black Maria - Betrayal (Victory Records)

21) Powerwolf - We came to take your souls (Metal Blade Records)

22) Mudvayne - Happy (Sony)

23) Judas Priest - Worth Fighting For (Sony)

- Playlisted on Rock Show on URN Radio

"Hangface on Reality TV Show"

NEW, reality TV Show (name is confidential) in which HANGFACE will be the "SHOW's BAND", that is: HANGFACE will have the Title Feature song and all HANGFACE music will be used for the 5-week show! ALL SHOT on location in Florida. The show has already been picked up by cable TV - K-Ent.

"Norwegian rock with substance"

Hangface is a band that I have never heard of until recently, and the thing that made my curiosity kick-in was their producer. When this was a release-party for the bands debut album and their producer is no other than Eddie Kramer himself, this just had to be something to check out, considering the man has produced Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Kiss and Velvet Revolver among many others. The show started with Kramer doing a 30 minute slideshow with pictures of old heroes and adding a few good old rock n’ roll stories from that period.

Along with this album release there has also been arranged a demo-competition where Norwegian bands have sent demos to Eddie Kramer and the management team. Out of the bands that showcase there will be a winning band picked that gets a chance to go to L.A, USA to do a demo recording session. The Trondheim-band Josephine was the ones that came out on top of the bands in the region and therefore they got the honour to open the show at Harvey’s that night. This band has already released some material so what was presented at Harvey’s was not bad at all. Driving rock with clear and rough vocals including a fair amount of stage presence came out pretty good in a small club like Harvey’s. Good variations of songs and good instrument handling made this a definite enjoyable experience.

After a short changeover it was finally due for the main attraction of the night, Hangface from the Tromsø-area. “Straight” rock with a lot of energy, guitar and a raw activity on stage was presented to us. Considering all the trash that actually got an audience in this country, I have to say that this is one of the better bands I’ve heard in this genre in a long time. There was absolutely no rip-off that does the same as a whole bunch of other “catchy pop-rock” bands out there that sells their soul just to get something released. Juicy rock with a deep, fat sound, as well as a tremendous groove including lots of guitar-solos presented by an enthusiastic band really made an impression. And when there was added a small section with double kick-drum it made everything perfect. Most of the songs were incredibly catchy without the choruses sounding like sell-out-pop, something I really appreciate. The singer had a fantastic voice and sounded totally raw to this music. A somewhat hiss guy that gave it all in a very convincing way, together with a well put together band made this a musical firework. The dynamics were just amazing.

This was a fantastic night and I take it all that attended the show went straight home to listen to the Hangface album that was presented to everyone at the door. There also was a sweepstake for an ESP guitar at the show. So one lucky someone won a guitar on his ticket. I’m sure I was not the only one having a good time that evening.
- Trondheim,Harvey`s By Stian

"Hangface does like Kiss"

Saturday, Circus Hangface came to town, and Circus Director Eddie Kramer did not hold back on the superlatives regarding his new boys Hangface.
FULL THROTLE: Hangface has signed to US label K-Ent, Inc. Saturday they proved and showed us why!
KRISTIANSAND: -Hangface is a world class act. I would put them up against any act, on any stage anywhere in the whole world, says Eddie Kramer. The producer of Hangface new Debut Album, 'Freak Show' had taken the trip from Los Angeles to Norway to follow the band in their home country, on the North European leg of the tour. And he does not hold back on how highly he thinks about his new act. At a sold out show in Kristiansand, Hangface showed the crowd what they had been up to after a year and a half working with top executives in the US Entertainment industry. Hangface did a short but intense promotional tour of Norway (Oslo, Tromso, Trondheim) and now the finale in Kristiansand.
First the audience got geared up by 'Rock professor' Eddie Kramer’s personal photographs, slideshow, and stories, from his 45 year span as a producer. People were blown away by comments like:
- Here is a picture that Linda Mc Cartney took of me and Jimi(Hendrix)
- Here is a rear photo I took of Jimi and Mick Jagger
- Here we are (Zeppelin) at Jaggers mansion to record "Physical Graffiti" and "Houses of the Holy"
- Here is Joe Cocker, when he had hair...
- I don’t say Hangface sounds like Kiss musically; however Hangface is about to do what Kiss did 30 years ago. Tour, Tour and Tour, to build up a fan base. We might not see the results before a year, but we have kicked their ass in the rehearsal studio, and now they are a world class act. The key was when guitarist Tom Espen Pedersen joined the band. Now Daggi is free to concentrate on his strengths as a guitarist. The last project Eddie did was Velvet Revolver, now he is waiting to see what will happen with Hangface.
Quart Festival Director (who Books bands to Norway's largest festival. Headliners this year include Green Day, Audio Slave, Snoop Dog) was blown away. -I am very impressed with what they have achieved. In fact, last month I got a fax from the Vice President of William Morris Agency, -they want to play Quart.
William Morris is among the US three biggest booking agencies (Macy Gray, Halle Berry, Eminem etc.) Because of the network they have established, they don't have to go the hard way through the record labels to get gigs in the US. They get on the road right away, and that is what’s important.
Hangface Grab’s you by the balls
Saturday, Hangface made it real clear that they would take no prisoners. Hangface demolished the house. The winter tour of the southern states was still in drummer Espen's wrists.Tom Espen Pedersen looked and sounded like someone who had escaped from Nine Inch Nails. Daggi was free to smash the stage up like an elephant in a glass cage. Bassist Hogne, showed us all why Slash (Velvet Revolver/Guns N Roses) chose him to play bass on his last solo project. It was all topped off by Bee's charismatic stage presence and leading vocals. All in all they are a very impressive and rock hard package. Hangface will return to the US, to continue to rampage the states. No one knows when they return.
- Fedrelandsvennen, Torgeir Eikeland

"Live Reviews:"

Concert Review …
Gamla, Oslo, May 5thh
5/6 (Bladet Tromsø)
Tromssø, Driv, May 5th
5/6 (Bladet Tromsø)
5/6 (Nordlys)
5/6 (Utropia)
Trondheim, Harvey’s, May 6th.
5/6 (Eterntal-Terror.com)
Kristiansand, Markens, May 7th.
5/6 (Fedrelandsvennen)
5/6 (Lillesandsposten)

Album review …
The Overflow, UK - Album of The week
Medazzarock.ch, Switzerland – (9/10)
Finnmarks Dagblad – (5/6)
Bladet Tromsø - (5/6)
Folkebladet – (5/6)
Harstad Tidende – (5/6)
Fedrelandsvennen – (4/6)
Avisa Nordland – (4/6)
Nordlys – (4/6)
Heavy Metal.no – (6/10)
Aftenposten – (3/6)

Forthcoming debut release from the US based Norwegian hard rockers. Bursting on to the scene with 13 power driven songs that give Rock music a new lease of life -Brilliant! Available from June 27th

Well, I don’t want to do this record track by track, but I cannot bring this one to an end without mentioning WAIT, a fantastic track you can’t get out of your head. If you want to check this album out, listen to WAIT and I bet you’ll go and buy this record! For me, HANGFACE is one of the best "new bands" in 2005 – no doubt! FREAK SHOW is a superb debut album! 9 points

“Heavenly inferno! Already from the first second exploded the venue Driv, when Hangface took the stage. With rock bottom material convinced Hangface everybody Thursday night. The title-song “Freak show”, “Cancel me” and “Wait”, have enormous hit-potential! Hangface gives all they’ve got on stage. Bjørnar is rock solid in front, Daggi and Tom-Espen plays guitar like they’ve never done anything else, while Hogne and Espen as a playful and massive rhythm-section makes this band a extremely tight live-band. Cause a Hangface-concert is the ride of your life: It’s 100 MPH in the middle of the night. It’s the American highway, flashing neon lights, a drunk driver, cheap gin and no tonic. It’s your head out of the car-window heading for a waiting party. It’s accelerating speed before you finally hit the breaks and slows down to make out in the backseat. It’s Northern Lights and It could be you. And then, when it’s all over, you step out of the car with a huge smile on your face. “A world class band”, says Eddie Kramer. His right on the money!” (Nordlys 07.05.05,)

“Totally packed house for Hangface in Tromsø! Hangface plays massive, American rock with powerful, melodic vocal and raw guitars. It’s steady and violent, like a huge machinery – a little bit scary, but oh so fascinating! They blast the title-song “Freak show” and the bass is my pulse for the rest of the night! This is one of the best live-show I’ve ever seen! 5 out of 6 stars” (Utropia 12.05.05)

Hangface Grabs you by the balls
Saturday, Hangface made it real clear that they would take no prisonors. Hanface demolished the house. The winter tour of the southernstates was still in the drummers wrists. Tom Espen Pedersen looked and sounde like someone who had escaped from Nine Inch Nails. Daggi was free to smash the stage up like an elephant in a glass cage. Bassist Hogne, showed us all why Slash (Velvet Revolver/Guns N Roses) chose him to play bass on his last solo project. It was alll topped by Bee's charismatic stageprecense and leading vocals. All in all a very impressive and rock hard package. Hangface will return to the US, to continue to rampage the states. No one knows when they return.
Fedrelandsvennen, 09.05.05)

"Hangface is one of the most impressive and best bands I've seen all year!"

…"On the fast track to the big time!"

…"Absolutely Amazing"...
Dragon Con Festival Paper

… "Wiped out the city!" Amazing...

"Solid liveshow"
Finnmarks Dagblad

"5 0ut of 6 stars"

"As tight as a hummingbirds pussy"
NRK (National Broadcasting Norway)

… "A dazzling display" …
Quart På Festival paper

"Raw, powerful rock … superb show"

"Standing ovation"

"These guys got what it takes!!"
TV2 Norway

"One hour of pure power" …

"They blew me away"

"Rock Solid"
Music Connection

"Lit the house on Fire"
Harstad Tidende

"BRILLIANT ... Demonstration of power"...
Bladet Tromsø

"Owned the crowd"

"Might be the next band to break through"

"Rocked the crowd"
Fremtid Nord

"These guys Rock!"
- Various

"What's Doing in Denver - Hangface Takes the Stage"

They came across the ocean from Norway, a land so expansive it seems to span the north and south poles.

They've blown into Denver and started a tidal wave, gathering fans nightly.

Hangface, the band, is creating a music buzz that happens rarely in this mid-America enclave. Denver is reeling and rockin' over these guys.

Last night at Cervantes's Masterpiece Ballroom, the band paid tribute to the familiar faces in the audience. Indeed, once they've seen 'em, they keep coming back. Hangface arrived with the bling (NBA) last Friday night. Starting at Cricket on the Hill, the fans began forming. Heard on the side lines in Five Points, "Next time they come to town they'll be at the Pepsi Center, so we're making it to every concert this week."

We agree. This band is on the fast track to the big time. The group is a solid, cohesive act. Bee (lead singer, acoustic guitar), DJ (guitar and vocals), Hogne (guitar, vocals, song writer), Espen (drummer) and Tom (lead guitar and vocals) are each polished professionals who exude a shared passion for honest-to-God, good music. There's a smidgen of everything from Iron Maiden to U2 to Stevie Ray Vaughn in their original songs. They're billed as rock, a la hard rock, but when Bee straps on his acoustic the melody and rhythm of their sensitive tunes swell the audience to sighs. Granted much of the music is loud, hard strummin', infused with an alternative beat. Beneath the original licks lies a new day of great electric rock.

Before I forget, let me mention, they are five rollicking, fun-loving friends who coincidentally are all good looking. And, to talk with them it is easy to surmise they are intelligent, well-mannered, serious musicians who happen to be fortunate enough to make up a rare package of talent, ambition, and most definitely, a combined combustion of excitement on stage.

What does Hangface mean? According to Hogne , "It's like when you wake up after a bad night, or you're having a bad day. People ask why the hang face?" He uses his hands to imply the balance of justice - the positve and negative. If you have a hangface kind of day, then their music will turn your down into up.

That seems to be the course of the band - Up. Did we mention they are tireless? Since arriving in Denver, they haven't missed a night. They've played Cricket on the Hill, Whiskey Bill's, the Iliff Park Saloon, Cervante's and Bottom's Up so far. Look look for them at Herman's Hideaway Wednesday night, Club 156 on Thursday, Buffalo Rose on Friday and Pink E's on Saturday with their ever growing slew of fans.

We love it. There's rock-star excitement... and the thrill of knowing you've just discovered the next big thing in rock. They're wowing the crowds and winning new fans in droves. Yet, despite the star quality of the performances, you'll find these boys hanging out with their new American friends after the show.

Their music is a driving force to be reckoned with, so get yo butts out to see the rockers from Norway that have the crowds screaming for more. Saturday is your last chance until they return to Denver at some future date.

When they do, we suspect the fans at Cervante's were right... they'll be playing at the Pepsi Center. But we have it on good authority that no matter how big they get they'll always be available for their friends at the pubs. And maybe when they come back, we'll be able to pronoune their real names.
- Article by Jan McNutt


Go to: www.myspace.com/hangfaceband or www.hangface.com for info.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Go to: www.myspace.com/hangfaceband or www.hangface.com for info.