Hanging Hills

Hanging Hills

 Willimantic, Connecticut, USA

Hanging Hills is an indie rock/ folk rock group from CT. They came together when Greg Dyson decided his solo songs needed a full backing. They recorded an EP at PWOP Studios and have been performing regularly and rapidly picking up attention ever since its well received release.


It all started when G.W. Dyson grew tired of just himself and an acoustic guitar. He envisioned more from his songs, so Mike Arcata brought his drum kit over and they started practicing together. The drums made for a nice accompaniment, and they played some shows together, but there still needed to be more. After a brief hiatus during the summer of 2011, G.W. switched to electric, and the two enlisted mutual companion Max Robinson in on bass. The sound was getting there, but they now needed a name. The band turned to American folklore for inspiration, and stumbled upon a dark story from their home state of Connecticut—The Black Dog of the Hanging Hills.

The three played shows throughout the Connecticut area during 2011 and the beginning of 2012. By the summer it was time to get into the studio, so they recorded their debut self-titled EP. It received local acclaim. “It sweeps you away in a sea of warm tones and beautiful songs.” (ctindie.com). The well regarded release was exciting for a bit, but a problem emerged because of it. There were multiple lead guitar parts on the record, but Hanging Hills had no lead guitarist. They played a few shows with no lead. It felt lacking, so they once again went on a search for a new member. They found Elliott Woolworth, a fellow musician of the Willimantic scene, where Hanging Hills is based.


Hanging Hills EP (available for streaming and free download at http://hanginghills.bandcamp.com/ )

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