Hang in the Air

Hang in the Air


Hang In The Air, an independent band in Taipei, which was formed in 2007 at Underworld. They wanted to form this band is that due to their adoration for an famous Japanese band Fishmans and psychedelic music of 60`s.


It was just a project of Q before military service. So he gathered some musicians to play a show at Underworld, it was really a crazy night, so Q decided to make this project a band. When Q was in military, this band was still writing songs and practicing. Finally they have a fixed lineup comprised by Q on guitar and vox, DJ @llenblow on bass (formerly Anarchy/Taimaica Soundsystem), Chen How (formerly 88 Balaz/Children Sucker) on guitar and Long (formerly Freackle) on drums. One year after, they played the second show at Underworld to celebrate Q`s departure from military. From then on, they started participating in music festivals and playing regular shows at famous live venues.

Their music combines ska, reggae, funk, rock and psychedelic, really a unique band in Taiwan`s independent music scene. Rock music is their foundation, but they focus on the exploration of reggae, so their music always shuffles between upbeat and offbeat, emphasises on groovings. One of their characters is the conversations between 2 guitars, makes a touching atmostphere, if you see their live performance, you will feel it, especially Q sings in Taiwanese, it really expresses their emotions more. They are always searching for the experiments between old and new music.


n March of 2012, Hang In The Air released their album A Vast Scenery plus 2 bonus tracks in Japan via an indie label Art Union, they were called the assassin from Taiwan. Then in April, they made the first tour in Tokyo, Japan. They played 4 gigs, one of them was added by a legendary live house LOFT after the vice manager saw them at their second gig. Their release party in the famous spot O-Nest in Shibuya was really amazing, Japan people loves their music, and they were praised as Taiwan`s Fishmans. Even the gap of language exists, those Japanese participators were touched by their music. They are the second Taiwan band who release album in Japan after Touming Magazine.

Hang In The Air is now preparing for their second release for next year.