Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Rock skillfully played with the rawness and power of the likes of Zeppelin, Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones, and with genius compositions and magnetic riffs. Lead vocalist Neal Sundet belts out songs with one of the most fluid, free-flowing and powerful voices that is destined to be historic!


Hangmen formed in 2009 with former members from myriad other bands and projects. At their first jam session, the electricity and connection between them wrote an immediate hit song. Subsequent meetings proved to be as magical, with their first album of material completed in a few short months. Lead Neal Sundet hails from previous musical fame in bands Obsession, Funhouse and Rattlin' Bones. The latter being offered representation by Ahmet Ertigan. Paul and John Fenton received acclaim for multiple projects both together and separately. The Action and Rattle Snakin' Daddy to name two. Paul is one of the premier slide guitar players hailing from Canada. Hangmen's first album is due out January 2011 with US management signed on. The 10 tracks rock out from beginning to end with talent, skill and rawness lost in the genre since the classic rock era's of the 60's, 70's and 80's. This is the true grit of rock and roll music with stellar compositions, skillful musicianship, and one kick-ass lead vocalist that delivers....and then some!


The Curse-single release September 2010
Ain't Easy-single release October 2010

Set List

1 hour +