Hang On St. Christopher

Hang On St. Christopher


We are the new youthful band on the block who sound like the baby of Nick Drake and TV on the Radio.


Hang On St. Christopher was born in December 2008 where all four members met studying jazz and contemporary music at WAAPA. Influenced by various artists such as Nick Drake, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, TV on the Radio and traditional African music. What sets HOSC apart from other Perth bands is exceptional musicianship and the crossing of many many genres.


have not released anything yet.

Set List

Typical set list:
Crowded In Place, Stones, Be Still, Morning, Cover:Wild Horses(Rolling Stones), Endless Sea, Glass of Wine.

*could easily extend this with a few more solo originals by Sean and other covers by artists like Josh Ritter, Bob Dylan, Coldplay etc.