Han Ho and his band The Rebellion

Han Ho and his band The Rebellion


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Love, Anyway

Written By: Han Ho

People want to meet
And start it off with a spark
People want to show
What's really in their hearts
Wouldn't you agree
That there's so much going on
The forest for the trees
And you can't see right from wrong

What is love, anyway?
I can't stay away from you
I can't stay away from you
I don't know what I'm supposed to do

Now wouldn't it be nice
Not to be held by time
Would you still think twice
Could you rest your mind
Or is it something else
That can't be explained in words
Something that you felt
Oh, but now it seems so absurd...

I know where this began
We've come so far as friends
Though the lines they're written in the sand
I will still reach out my hand...

Won't you walk with me a while
Take me to your special place
I will follow you for miles
And I won't let it go to waste
Take me to the edge
Or just as far as you will go
Then let's make this pledge
Go on, let me go...