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Southern Hardcore rap music with strong lyrical content inticed with that southern crunk slang.


Adding his own flavor the saucy pot of hip-hop is the South Carolina born Hanibal. After years of grinding to maintain his rap credibility, Hanibal is now on an underground mission to bring himself to the forefront of the game. “Every since I was young I only dreamed of two things, I wanted to become a Professional Basketball player or the baddest MC on the mic or both” he explains. Hanibal was influenced by a wide range of East, West, and South coast rap pioneers. “I must have been about 12 or 13 when I first heard “I’m Bad” by LL Cool J and after I heard that it was a wrap, I was hooked on hip hop, back then it was LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and N.W.A.” Hanibal says that as he got older he was influenced by Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Outkast, Eightball & MJG ECT. Living in Memphis, TN since he was a teenager, and still resides, and represents the city of Memphis, he has never forgotten where he came from. Hemingway SC, a small town about 50 miles inlet from the coast is where his roots were planted and is also the title of the first song on his new CD. “People ask me all the time how did I have such big dreams coming from a small town but that’s just me, I always thought big”. A few years ago Hanibal released a CD with the group The Infamous Untuchables. “That album drained us because we was grinding so hard and wasn’t prospering like we thought we should have been, I love that album but it took a lot out of me.” All 18 tracks on that album were produced, composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by Hanibal. Somehow he and his comrade Jaeski found a way to do it all along with full time daytime jobs, talk about a hustle. Now on his solo release “Failure Is Not An Option”, again solely produced by himself, he hopes to start burning a hole from the underground to greatness


Hanibal: Failure Is Not An Option
Cd available online at pimpoetryent.com, Cdbaby.com and also availabe at digital outlets (I.E. Appletunes, Rhapsody etc. )

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