Hank has pop all over its face. Girl group collides with arch verbosity, soulful crooning and rampant rhythms to sing songs of love and levitation. Sounds a bit like a cross between Roy Ayers, Peter Wyngarde and Martha & the Vandellas with some early 90s UK rave thrown in.


Cab Williamson started making music when he was five, mostly in the UK. Hank was born in 2002 when Cab Williamson recruited the Hank Collective to create pop music. The stated goal was a CD single and a couple of live shows with a reel-to-reel tape machine. This transpired. In 2003, Hank released its first album Ackrill/Venning’91 which started the Hank trend of hand-making most of the product. By this stage, live shows were becoming more and more elaborate, with the objective being to entertain and surprise the audience whilst bombarding them with short, catchy songs. In live concerts, Hank never have the same dress combo twice.

Blocks Recording Club of Toronto released the second Hank album, 2004’s How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years which spent eight months on the Earshot college radio charts as well as garnering rave reviews in a plethora of print and online media. Hank played more and more shows and completed its first tour in late 2005. The last year has seen a 7” release on Germany’s Tomlab label, more concerts, and extensive work on new recordings. 2007 sees the release of The Society of Six E.P. and the 3rd, 4th and 5th albums on Blocks: The Luck of the Singers, Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s and Can You Cry? Musically, Hank's ambitions know no bounds. New songs range from soulful jazz to house funk to country balladry to skiffle pop yet all it sounds resolutely and inimitably like Hank.


All the Greens

Written By: Cab Williamson

And in the middle of crying
I realized it was all a dream
And so I started laughing
Because all the leaves were really green
I laughed hysterically
It was the only thing that I could do
And now I am awake
And I don't want to go on without you

All the leaves
All the leaves
All the leaves
Are green
All the leaves
All the leaves
All the leaves
Are green
All the leaves
All the leaves
All the leaves
Are green
All the leaves
All the leaves
All the leaves
Are green

The Society of Six

Written By: Cab Williamson

We have a choice of two lives
Empty iives or full truths

The king and queen married to forgive a debt
Owed to their wretched past
When they went into the city
It was always dark

The prince and princess held each other tight
They begat a child who when grown up
Oppressed and raped and killed and destroyed himself
He didn't get enough play

When we finally got the message it was already too late
Took much too long to fathom our fate
Now we must cling to ourselves

Old masters were bartering on the sales of slaves
The expressions on their faces were exactly the same
A flatness shielding raw hostility
One master gave away all his slaves for free
And when he got home he started to cry
He didn't get enough play

He didn't get enough play
He didn't get enough play
He didn't get enough play
He didn't get enough play

With the wire all slack and the phones all dead
We require a form with your written consent
Allowing us to invervene whenever we like

With all your drinking
Got the drinking disease
With all you eating
Got the eating disease
With all your reading
Got the reading disease
With all your kissing
Got the kissing disease
With all your working
Got the working disease
With all your smoking
Got the smoking disease
With all your fucking
Got the fucking disease
With all your lying
Got the lying disease
With all your spending
Got the spending disease
With all your gambling
Got the gambling disease
With all your sleeping
Got the sleeping disease
With all your running
Got the running disease
With all your hunting
Got the hunting disease
With all your talking
Got the talking disease
With all your loving
Got the loving disease
With all your crying
Got the crying disease
With all your shaving
Got the shaving disease
With all your cleaning
Got the cleaning disease
With all your thinking
Got the thinking disease
With all your typing
Got the typing disease

It's been this way since commencement
What's left is six
We are locking together
We are six
Society of six


S/Up=T/clap (BRC)/The Catalano Drawl (CD, Weeping Truckers, 2002)
Ackrill/Venning '91 (CD, Weeping Truckers/Blocks Recording Club, 2003)
How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years (CD, Blocks Recording Club, 2004)
God Slick/Teardrops (7", Tomlab, 2005)
The Society of Six (CD, Ta-Da Singles Club, 2007)

Set List

Typical set-list is about 25-30 minutes consisting of about ten songs of mostly brand-new fare.