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""Hank El Diablo Implodes Pop""

"Hank El Diablo Implodes Pop"
"It might very well be the end of music as the world knows it.
The sound is a feedback-laced mesh of free jazz, beatnik poetry and a liberal interpretation of rock song structure. Simply put, there are no conventions or rules concerning music that Hank El Diablo is willing to abide by. Lyrics are in a stream consciousness, giving the listener only clues as to what is going on, never revealing any true meaning or giving any easy conclusions. The lyrics and music combine to question everything about existence, be it religion, relationships or trying to understand the influx of information people are bombarded with each day. moody, meandering and challenging. If there is a message to be heard here, it is only that life just can't be summed up in a three-minute pop song." - - Mark Faulkner, Florida Times Union

"Jam Magazine"

"A dark and spirited collection of aural dissonance, half of the time disturbingly loud often to the point of discomfort, the other half of the time its near musical genius is overwhelming. This is undoubtedly music of the future
....and beyond."
- DJ Justice, JAM Magazine
- - DJ Justice, JAM Magazine

"fAZE 3 #2"

"This is the music for a wild psychedelic ride through Death Valley. It conjures up images of dancing cacti and slithering snakes... The vocal numbers remind me of Beelzebub himself sitting in with a demented lounge jazz act somewhere in Las Vegas and the instrumentals are just plain weird... Psychedelic death jazz. Hillbilly circus side-show rock. Junkyard mutant hobo surf.
This stuff is dementedly brilliant." - - Eric Walls, fAZE 3

"fAZE 3 #1"

"Satan as lounge singer style of delivery and scarily poetic lyrics is perfect for their nutty and outlandish music.... Lots of savagely inventive horn work, creepy-crawly keyboards and sound effects, bold and devilish bass, swinging (like a hangman!) drums, and atmospheric (like a cloud of nerve gas!) guitars are combined with the amazingly creative and mesmerizingly catchy songwriting to form a style of music that only could come from the mind of The Old Man himself. If listening to this doesn't send shivers up and down your spine then you're probably paralyzed. The music is so sinister and twisted, dementedly brilliant, and pervertedly unique that you can't help but be trapped by its aura and sucked into its vortex. You've never heard anything like this before in your life and likely never will again. If Hell sounds this good and this wild then sign me up right now!.... take a walk into the insane mind and world of ol' Hank and be prepared to escape to the furthest reaches of the lunatic fringe. You won't ever be the same again. "
- Eric Walls, fAZE 3 - - Eric Walls, fAZE 3

"Folio Weekly"

Few dredge the depths of musical debauchery like Hank El Diablo. Nothing can really prepare a listening audience for the scope of Diablo's compositions. Self-indulgent lyrics with reckless malice and dark enthusiasm. - -John Citrone, Folio Weekly

"Florida Times Union - B section Headline and Full Spread"

"Broadcasting from the fringes. The songs are
punctuated by an assortment of bob-cat like snarls, piercing
sheets of feedback and woozy chord backdrops. It's the more
conventional elements of the band's sound that take on
different meaning in the often-heady context." - -Tony Green, Florida Times Union


Coming in 2010...

"A Little Magic"

.....the new double album by Hank El Diablo.

2008's "The Hogs EP"

2007's "The Hell EP"

2005's "Super Villain"

2000's "1-2-3-War" (unofficial double live album- out of print)

1998's "Welcome" (out of print)

1997's "Sings The Gospel" (out of print)

1995's "The Un-Official Album" (out of print)



The music of Hank El Diablo evokes dark, villainous imagery over a post apocalyptic soundtrack. An unsafe and uncertain world where anything is possible and reality is an illusion. The words, the instrumentation, the overall vibrations offer a seemingly cinematic approach rarely seen in modern music. Each song a different scene. Lines and kicks that seem to echo down from another century. Untraveled roads that seem eerily familiar. Vivid and often epic, the varied twists and turns of the music itself have both defined the project and often challenged the average listener (to the point of discomfort in some cases). Rest assured, this is not music for everyone. This is not the "feel good" hit of the summer. This is art for the sake of art. Unapologetic. Not always predicable and not always safe. Not always wanting to be liked or accepted. The dark alley ways of the Diablo have been known to have adverse effects on people whose taste in music may be considered questionable. You have been warned. Hallucinations can occur in some cases. Magic.