Hank Quillen

Hank Quillen


A diverse mix of folk, blues, and rock injected with a good bit of country and soul.


Hank Quillen was raised in Gate City, VA. He's been writing, drawing, and doing something with his imagination since he could hold pen to paper. Packed with a boatload of songs he sooned moved to Nashville to pursue music fulltime. After playing out solo for a while and a few acting gigs in movies and videos he decided to form his own record label and is releasing his music himself. The first in a long line of many is “Wings of Freedom”, produced by Tom Manche and Hank himself . “Wings of Freedom” is a diverse mix of folk, blues, and rock injected with a good bit of country and soul.


Separate Road Blues

Written By: Hank Quillen

if you have got to go couldn’t you at least tell me goodbye
I can’t let somebody like you can’t let you pass this easy through
my life
’cause I’ll be missing you every moment I breathe

I hope the road you chose I hope it makes your journey worth while
I hope that each and every day I hope it brings you at least
one smile
’cause you deserve all the happiness I just never could seem to bring

there are times I pray to God sometimes I pray so hard
that it hurts
then I turn right around and I’ll curse HIM for the way
He makes things work
’cause you see without you I find it hard to sleep

I don’t know if its just me getting older but nights feel colder
days there just not long like they were back when I was young

One Helluva Woman

Written By: Hank Quillen

driving my desire on two flat tires
out here on highway five
trying to get to you on a tank
full of fuel
that ain’t doing me no good tonight

sitting on the road oh how I know
I’ll be thinking about getting
your love
cause a woman like you has got to be smooth
when you look that tuff

c: I want to be with you tonight
I’ll do anything just to get
you satisfied
all you’ve been doing
I must say you’re one
helluva woman

the money I spend my five and
my tens
I’ll lay down the bet
cause the night is falling and its you I’ve been calling
and I ain’t heard from you yet
you’re aiming at guidance as you mar silence
with a body that’s a piece of work
you’re giving me the blues while you’re giving me the news
cause you look so good it hurts

repeat chorus

I'm Helpless

Written By: Hank Quillen

baby I am helpless whenever you come my way
just to see you smile brightens my whole day
you have got a way oh you’re slowly driving me out of my mind
I got to find a way that I can get you by my side

the road I travel on memories
tend to get lost
and I know that I’ve been chasing
a lot of dreams that will
never get caught
when I look at you nothing in the world matters to me more
every road I take leads to your door

I like to listen to you I love
the way you talk
sometimes I sing along with the melody of your walk
to you oh woman my heart is gone
everything about you turns me on


Wings of Freedom-2003

Radio play throughout America and Europe
and internet radio play

Set List

Originals mixed with acoutstic blues and country.
Can play 30-45 minute or Hour long sets.