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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Nothing Personal LP--No Idea Records
Every Day I Wish You Harm EP--Doghouse Records
Self Titled EP--Apt. 13 Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hankshaw is not the same poppy, indie band they used to be. After several overlooked releases and tours and some serious soul searching, they’ve emerged from self imposed seclusion and are delighting old and new fans alike with fresh, mature and meticulously arranged rock-n-soul. Hankshaw first started assembling their “big-time debut album” with Loren Israel several years ago; papers we’re exchanged, no one could agree on anything except the legal bill. Luckily Ian agreed to waive the bills on the caveat that a deal would come across his desk. Crushed but not beaten, Harold tip toed on a Syd Barrettesque lifestyle – the band veered off, working on experimental pieces…then it happened. The band was commissioned to write the sound track for an indie short film – only music and images. The concept focused upon discerning real vs. unreal and the intrinsic symbiosis. The new medium seemed to rejuvenate them as illustrated by track 5 “Look to the Sky” – the fully arranged pop cut that concludes the more avant-garde soundscapes of the film. Confidence was completely restored, successfully performing the entire soundtrack live in conjunction with the premier screening. A new commitment was made – write honest soulful tracks, remember to put ego aside and do the right thing for the song. For John that meant solid groove oriented material...That’s just what everyone wanted. Now, there was one problem – Hankshaw had relied on several friends to “pull off” the live soundtrack show…how do you go back from this full sound? That was when Mike Waksman (the washdown) hopped on board. Adding his signature guitar tone as exhibited in track 4 “Don’t go” and influencing Milton with his sass in the same session ala track 10 “Failed to Say.” Alas Mike was struggling through a difficult time in his life and dropped out of the social scene for a bit and Hankshaw was a four piece again. Then at no shock to the band, the avid pop punk bass player decided to move on and roadie for Saves the Day. Suddenly a weight was lifted; charismatic Bryan Bates (the washdown) is welcomed aboard and tows his powerful Rickosound bass. That meant one thing to Milton, freedom to further explore his guitar and his latest passion – the Rhodes piano. After several of the most earth shaking performances the band decides to call back the now established Loren Israel. Completely blown away by the self-produced and evolved sound, ground work is made to record a new “classic-sounding” record. The plan – record an “A” level record, and sell it to the best A&R and label fit – ala his recently orchestrated “Jimmy Eat World” deal. It’s not going to be a safe record…Are you ready for the totally distinct and delicious tones of Hankshaw?