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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Folk Pop




"Han: Interview"

[BSV] Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What kind of music you create? How did you get started in music? I’m Han and I’m a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. I make all sorts of music. I originally had aspirations to work in film as a writer / director / actor. I moved from NY to LA and landed a job at a movie production company. I met a homeless man one day on my lunch break and was inspired to write a short treatment for a screenplay about the bond between a lost boy in a big city and a homeless man. Kind of like a modern day urban version of Huckleberry Finn. That treatment turned into a poem instead. I learned how to play the guitar and added the words to it and that became the first song I ever wrote titled Natty Blue, which also happens to be the first track on my album Radio Flyers.

[BSV] What is your favorite part of creating music or performing? My favorite part of creating music is to write a good story. My favorite part of performing is to tell it.

[BSV] Where do you get your inspiration from? The good, the bad and the ugly. Emotions, observations, experiences, dreams.

[BSV] What is making music to you? Making music to me is using words and melodies to tell a story, to convey or evoke an emotion, to share an idea.

[BSV] What do you like do for fun when you’re not making or playing music? Cooking, sports, music, art, film, friends, family, making memories, doing nothing.

[BSV] What are some of the highlights from the past year for you? What are some things you’re working on or looking forward to? The biggest highlights of the last year have been releasing my first independent studio album, writing / directing my first two music videos and developing my new band, all on a shoestring budget.

[BSV] If you had to pick your top 5 ‘coolest things in the world’, what would they be?

If these are things I own:

Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited Album
Eddie Murphy Delirious VHS
My Martin acoustic guitar
Michael Jordan basketball card collection
My Calvin and Hobbes comic book collection
Things in general

The iphone
[BSV] Who is your favorite or most loyal fan? Might be a tie between my dad, mom and sister.

[BSV] What is one thing you’ve learned during your career in music? Any advice for people starting out in the industry? It’s a different game than it was 20 years a ago. Talent alone doesn’t make you a living in the music business anymore. Hard work, smart work, self motivation, persistence and a trail blazing approach will.

[BSV] Anything else we should know about you? I’m the worlds greatest connect 4 player.

[BSV] Where can your fans find you on the web?HAN-RADIO_FLYERS-WEB








Radio Flyers LP 2014 - Backstage Vibe

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Welcome to another amazing month of music from the incredible musicians that make up the Sonicbids.com community. We have got ten amazing musicians that will be speaking directly to the Skope readers. As always we encourage readers to dig deeper and check out their EPK’s. - Skope Magazine


"Han combines smooth-flowing rap and infectious, laid-back grooves… The effect is both urban and urbane." - Berklee College of Music Podcast

"Han Music"

"Today is Saturday. No electrical or duo in the program. If you like folk-pop song, read and especially listening. For behold an exception. A real one. A rare. His name: Han.

In 2009, Brother Han leaves his job and the US West Coast to live his dream in New York. As a troubadour with his guitar and his harmonica and his passion, music.

By car on the way to The Big Apple, in all cities where it stops, he takes out his guitar, sings and sells, one by one, the cd of his first EP of six songs performed in Los Angeles before leaving.

Not always easy, artist's life. In New York, he played on the sidewalks, in the metro, cafe bars, on campus, in the parks. Anywhere to sing (see Natty Blue clip below) and raise enough money to afford a real album at a professional level. Han survived two winters in this way by writing and singing ... Finally, in late 2011, he appealed to the collaborative funding (Kickstarter). The objective is achieved: $ 8,000. Han can finally realize his dream ...

And that's the job. Radio Flyers. An album of 13 songs.

This is the work of a lifetime with lyrics and music by indie artist, bright and talented. The result is just as bright. Readily compared to Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. That is true. Just listen to the pieces The Last Gold Steed and Bright Green Fields. But it also has the Billy Joel and the large Al Kooper (2nd part of his life) in the nose with songs like Wasting Time and Wave Of A Lullaby.

Han is a wonderful raconteur rapper-poet and honed his style as desired. Folk, pop, country (the songs Natty Blue, Radio Flyers and San Diego, for example) account for the first part of the album while orchestrations and complex arrangements complement the album leaving the astonished listener. As a grand finale with the beautiful A Letter To Raina, Beautiful Hell and If All Else Fails.

Han: an immense talent. Radio Flyer: a stunning album. Ideal for refueling of emotions." - El Tino(MX)

"Brother Han: A Folk Rappers Delight"

"…Delight in Han's mellow mix of folk-rock, blues and the occasional hip hop-style spoken word jam… His signature folk-hop blend sounds like Mos Def covering Bob Dylan."

— Alex Scordelis
- Paper Magazine

"Brother Han Takes To The Streets"

"…a street performer who's music was so wicked, it stopped me in my tracks. His music is a perfect blend of folk rock, hip hop and country blues and his voice conveys images of a deep and yearning soul." - Burnout New York


Brother Han - When The Sun Burns Through The Clouds
Han - Radio Flyers



Hailing from New York City, Han is an exciting new singer songwriter to hit the music scene. His debut album, "Radio Flyers" showcases a delightfully unorthodox blend of folk, pop, rock and singer songwriter infused music with moving narratives, lyrical imagery and rich, soulful vocals.

"Radio Flyers" is Han's first full-length studio album. Radio Flyers has quickly garnered attention from the music industry landing Han a publishing deal with Kobalt Music Group. 

In 2015, Han has hit the road to play in PA, CT, NY and internationally to Taiwan in mid April. His band includes Kenny Johnson and Cedric Diaz also accomplished musicians. Cedric Diaz plays the cajon and keyboard for the group. He is a composer and sound designer with 100s of placements internationally in the music industry(Showtime and more). Kenny Johnson, graduate of the Musicians institute  by way of Colorado is an experienced bassist, guitarist and vocalist.

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