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Hannah Wolff

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Rock




"Women Who Rock"

While country may reign as king in Oklahoma, Hannah Wolff is bringing alternative-pop rock to the forefront of Oklahoma music. She has spent more than a decade in the music industry, yet she also still yearns for knowledge and experience. She contentiously works on honing her music craft and is only steps away from earning a degree from ACM@ UCO. Her passion for music is undeniable.

“Since I could speak it is all I have ever really wanted to do,” said Hannah Wolff. “Cyndi Lauper just kind of sealed the deal.”

Wolff has fond memories of her childhood and the music that she grew up with. By the time she was in high school, she felt the urge to learn the guitar, and she has not looked back since.

“I have always loved pop … there’s so much pressure to be cool, hip and new, but I have just kind of reverted back to what I love. I am just kind of playing for myself,” Wolff said. “Whatever I like I’m like ‘well, I’m going to go with that.’”

Although some may think being a female in the music industry can hinder success, Wolff believes the opposite to be true.

“I have always tried to play with the big boys, and it’s pushed me to be better,” she said. “There’s so much great talent on both sides here in Oklahoma City. You’ve got to be on your game.”

Wolff works on little to no budget to create amazing works of music. However, she, like many Oklahoma musicians, would not have the success she has had without the help of others.

“I am all about supporting each other,” Wolff said. “That network of people is so important.”

Wolff believes the best of her music is yet to come and is currently working on an EP titled “Super Collider,” due this spring.

“I feel like it is some of my most polished,” she said. “I’m following my own vision and my own heart.”

Catch Wolff on Jan. 15 at The 51st Street Speakeasy in OKC on Jan. 15. For more details visit www.hannahwolff.bandcamp.com. - Currentland

"Hannah Wolff of OKC"

We open up the new year though with one of the most talented artists north of the Red River. Hannah Wolff. Some of her music is just downright wonderful. Only a few will understand when I say, her music is like listening to someone stir some gooey mac and cheese. Orgasms for your ears. Perfect for the blog for your eardrums.

Have you ever heard of Pat Benetar? Coheed and Cambria? Hannah Wolff is like a magical love child of the two with her powerful vocals, synth and guitar riffs. Her songs Hole and Good Behavior are great examples of the point I’m trying to convey. The opening of Hole dishes out some serious chills, so you need to head over and check it out. - The Notorious Note

"A Conversation with Hannah Wolff"

Hannah Wolff at Diamond Ballroom 10-05-16

3/05/2017 By: Addie Hayes Editor/Lead Writer Regional Music Journal

Regional Music Journal met with Oklahoma City musician Hannah Wolff to discuss her career. Hannah Wolff and The Inconsiderate Lovers opened for The Struts in October of 2016; the style of her music fit perfectly into the lineup, and the chemistry between band members was palpable. As a front woman, Hannah doesn’t hold back, her charisma invites you to join in and embrace the positive energy she exudes. After seeing that performance RMJ wanted to find out, who is Hannah Wolff?

From an early age, Hannah exhibited a talent and passion for singing. She grew up surrounded by music, “my dad was always in bands, singing and recording…I can’t ever remember not wanting to do this.” Growing up in this environment helped her become the musician she is today.

Hannah explained the style of her first two albums, Striving Toward Harmony (2004) and One Afternoon (2006), “all those early ones, I started out acoustic, I listened to Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Alanis (Morissette) was my favorite”. Both albums were produced by Trent Bell and Hannah was very engaged in the entire process of making the albums, “my first two albums…I basically produced those with Trent. I learned a bunch in the studio because I was really young, probably 21 or 22 when I started recording.”

Between the release of One Afternoon in 2006 and her next album Palace in 2013, Hannah relocated to St Louis, where she continued to work on her musical career, however, success proved elusive. This was a more difficult period in her life, eventually generating a great deal of personal growth, self- reflection and maturity which translated into her art. Ultimately her sound began to evolve and she turned to her roots in rock and roll as inspiration for her more recent work.

Hannah decided to return to Oklahoma City, reconnect with her old contacts, and begin a new adventure with a new attitude. During this period, she made a very important decision, “I’d rather work with people who are passionate…than (people who are) amazing and jerks; because I’ve had a lot of that in my past”.

For her album Palace (2013), Hannah worked with Allan Vest, continuing her education of album production. “Allan Vest totally changed my total understanding of doing an album. Allan produced most of the Palace songs and just the way that he…would try all this different stuff and see what fits. I just watched how he would make my music come to life, from the producer aspect. It changed my life.”

Her most recent release, the EP Super Collider reflects her continued artistic growth. The album has produced two music videos, “Best Thing” directed by Stephen Westerfield, and “Surrender” directed by Daniel Lapham. Of the “Surrender” video, Hannah says “we were totally going for a Tron-ish thing. He (Lapham) is an amazing guy, he was like ‘I only do what I’m passionate about’.”

By following the DIY aesthetic, Hannah has become more than just a musician, she is also a hardworking business woman who manages promotions, bookings, and all other aspects involving the business of being a musician. However, while Hannah takes control of her own musical career, she believes in developing connections within the community, “Yeah, I’m all about networking… I’m about helping other people because I believe in the community and bringing this community up”.

When asked if she would abandon the DIY approach for greater success she said, “Absolutely, I’d love to just be the artist. But my philosophy is like the punk guys, no one is gonna do it for me, so I’m just gonna do it. I’ve done a lot of research and read a lot of books, once I organize my thoughts and organize my process there’s no stopping me”. Through experience, self-education and being a recent graduate of The Academy of Contemporary Music at The University of Central Oklahoma (ACM @ UCO), Hannah has laid a foundation for future success.

As for her song writing process, she said “I’ll basically write the whole song, but I’ll write it on a bass or acoustic, then I’ll sit down with one of them (band member) and they add their changes…make it a little more interesting, but this record I’m going to try and do some…collaboration with them because I really trust them, they’re my brothers”.

Hannah also uses her talent to give back to the community and raise awareness for different causes. She has participated in fundraisers for animal shelters, most notably organizations that work to rescue boxers. Also, Hannah proudly supported Bernie Sanders and performed at his rally in Oklahoma City, performing for crowds gathered outside the Cox Center and singing the National Anthem, which showcased her amazing vocal abilities. For her it was an honor that left her feeling inspired and hopeful for the future. One of the biggest highlights for her was meeting Bernie Sanders himself.

Everything Hannah does is a result of her approach to life which includes keeping a positive attitude, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity, acceptance and open mindedness and sending out that energy to the audience when she performs. The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle helped her learn to live in the moment and some of the songs on Super Collider are a product of this personal growth.

As for her future, Hannah has developed a desire to work in sound engineering for film as well as videography. She is currently working on a new album, “we are very fortunate, my favorite instructor from ACM, Patrick Conlon and his girlfriend Christina Giacona are producing a full-length album for us”. “Patrick applied for a grant, and got the grant to pay the engineer…it will be out probably in December, that’s our goal”. With Hannah and her band focused on writing and recording new material, they are scheduling fewer live shows. While we wait for the new album, pick up her latest EP Super Collider or her album Place and be sure to check out her videos on Youtube. - Regional Music Journal

"Hannah Rocks!"

Hannah Wolff Wednesday October 5, 2016 at The Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, at 8:00 pm, Hannah Wolff took the stage at The Diamond Ballroom as the first of two opening acts leading up to The Struts. It was apparent from the moment she took the stage that the audience was going to be given a great performance. Ms. Wolff exudes the confidence of the veteran musician she is, and her hard work reveals itself in her live performance.

If you have never seen The Struts live, you have missed out on a very energetic performance. It is no small feat to open for a band like The Struts, however, Hannah Wolff perfectly complimented the lineup, getting the crowd ready for the amazing sets that followed.

She grabbed the crowds’ attention as soon as she started her set and kept the energy level high while performing some of her best material. Part of her appeal can also be seen in the comradery she shares with her band. They definitely act like they are having fun and truly enjoy what they are doing, which endears them to the audience.

Following her performance, I made my way over to the merch area and snatched up copies of her last two EPs, Palace (2015) and Super Collider (2016). She performed songs from both throughout her set and during the days following the show I’ve been listening to the EPs, finding several songs sticking in my head, especially “Full-Blooded Fool” from Palace. Standouts from Super Collider include “Surrender” and “Best Thing”. Her songwriting blends the right amount of infectious hooks, skillfully crafted lyrics and a touch of retro new wave to produce music that is more endearing and resilient than the average pop song. You can check out her music videos via the Hannah Wolff YouTube channel.

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to catch Hannah Wolff live, keep an eye out for her next show and make a point to go check out her act; she does not disappoint. She has both Facebook and Twitter accounts where she posts upcoming events. I also recommend picking up copies of Palace and Super Collider. - Regional Music Journal

"Hannah Wolff uses new music to begin a new chapter of her life"

Hannah Wolff’s new Super Collider EP rises and dances from the ashes of an identity crisis, spreading optimism with catchy hooks and high-energy vocals.

Released last week, Super Collider mixes new wave and modern rock into a lively concoction guided by Wolff’s dynamic soprano voice. Such genre fusion celebrates the nostalgia-driven music of the moment, and Wolff’s EP culminates in a universally appealing listening experience.

Wolff recently spoke with Oklahoma Gazette about her new music, nostalgia and dancing through life’s curveballs.

Wolff celebrates her EP release with a Friday show at Blue Note Lounge, 2408 N. Robinson Ave.

“I’ve really been able to drop my ego with this album and find new reasons to make music,” Wolff said. “Now I want live audiences to basically do the same and just interact with each other and the music above anything else.”

She said she’s looking forward to debuting Super Collider live at Friday’s event.

“This EP reflects a new skin and shows my roots,” Wolff said. “After I left a marriage several years ago, I had no idea who I was and didn’t feel the same way about my music anymore. I had to figure out why I wanted to keep [creating music], and the different genres in the EP show three years of finding myself again.”

Super Collider ebbs and flows between pure pop and moody rock, which Wolff said mirrors her personal identity reformulation.

“I started a new chapter in my life and wanted my music to reflect that,” Wolff said. “That shows on this record. I’m getting back to the basics with my influences.”

Synths and guitars take equal priority on Wolff’s EP. Picture Madonna, Robyn and Haim’s offspring: She’s a die-hard New Order fan with a penchant for roller-skating.

“The songs are ordered chronologically to when they were written,” Wolff said. “So the EP starts darker and moves to a lighter, more upbeat place.”

“Surrender” leads with dramatic hair-metal evocations, while “Best Thing” rides shimmering drum machine beats and pop synths. Wolff said she wants to unify listeners with relatable lyrics and contagious beats.

Super Collider articulates first loves and heartbreaks in ways that vibrate assurance.

“My goal for my music is to create meaningful experiences for audiences that place them in the present,” she said.

Wolff started her music career as a singer and guitarist.

“I started singing at age 7, then picked up the guitar at 15, so I’ve been supporting myself with my own music for most of my life,” Wolff said.

She also has a habit of taking leadership roles in her projects.

And she has certainly learned from the best. Seasoned in her interactions with a variety of audiences, Wolff has opened for major acts like The Donnas and Shiny Toy Guns.

“I’ve been in several different bands for the past 10 years, and for each project, I’ve always fronted the band,” Wolff said.

She is also scheduled to perform Oct. 4 at Red Brick Bar, 311 E. Main St., in Norman with The Monolithic and opens for The Struts during an Oct. 5 tour stop at Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S. Eastern Ave. - Oklahoma Gazette


Striving Toward Harmony LP (2004)
One Afternoon LP (2006)
Palace EP (2013)
Super Collider (2016)



Infusing rock and new wave elements into her own brand of catchy pop, Super Collider, is Hannah Wolff’s most polished sound to date. The EP’s name is a metaphor for her hope for humanity to reach higher molecular vibrations and levels of consciousness. This fourth studio album chronologically represents a journey from a dark place to one of personal peace. The hope is that listeners, especially during live shows, will dance freely in an absence of thought identification and live fully in the moment—thus on a higher vibrational frequency. On this plane, people can truly inspire change for the betterment of humanity.

Wolff has booked and promoted multiple Northern, Mid-western and West Coast tours for her bands and is currently continuing to do so with a focus on the Mid-West. In 2016, Wolff's band played at OKC's rally for Bernie Sanders; Wolff also sang the National Anthem at the event. Wolff opened for The Struts in October of 2016; in previous years, Wolff and her band have opened popular acts such as The Struts, Shiny Toy Guns, The Donnas, The Riverboat Gamblers and Ian Moore.

Additionally, Wolff has written, funded and co-produced three albums: Striving Toward Harmony (2004) and One Afternoon (2006), which were each recorded and produced by former Chainsaw Kittens’ guitar player and veteran producer/engineer, Trent Bell of Bell Labs (Bell has engineered and produce hundreds of bands such as The Flaming Lips, Watermelon Slim, Starlight Mints) and Palace (2015), which was recorded and produced by Allan Vest (front-man for Starlight Mints, Double V). The newest EP, Super Collider is schedule for release on Tuesday, September 6th (pre-sale of the album begins Tuesday, Aug 9th in which fans can purchase select songs from the release as well as view the music video for the new single “Best Thing”). Production for a 5th for a full length LP has also commenced in August of 2016.

Furthermore, a s a songwriter, Hannah Wolff’s professionalism and adaptation has enabled her to work with acclaimed artists such as Zac and Isaac Hanson (Hanson), Stephen Egerton (Descendents). The track “Battle Cry” was licensed for use in the ABC television series “Jane by Design.”

Hannah Wolff’s endless drive comes from her deep passion for creating music. Her ability to craft a great hook, collaborate with successful artists across musical genres, and bare her soul on stage with raw energy, wooing audiences night after night, continues to propel her through the ever-evolving intricacies of the music industry.

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