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I'm Falling Again

Written By: Jamie Seiple

(written by Jamie Seiple)

Believe me, when I say I need you
when I say I love you, you know I do
Believe me, when I say I'm sorry
I want you to be happy, you know it's true

No one can stop what is meant to be

I'm falling in love with you again (2x)
I'm falling deeper every day, into your arms
Believe me, I'm falling, again
(I love you, I'm falling, again) 2nd ch

I love you, when you look at me that way
how could I deserve your face, every morning
I love you, even as we argue
I'm willing to be wrong for you, oh my darling

This ring is saying you're meant for me


Don't you know how much I love you
Don't you know how much I care
You're the only person in the world
and I would die if you weren't there!