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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Country Americana




"2015 Hannah Interview with Billboard"

Take a listen to Never Ending Sky, the just-released sophomore project from Hannah Bethel, and you'll notice a great deal of career progression since the release of her debut disc, The Freedom EP.

"I went through a lot of changes between them," the rising songstress tells Billboard. "I think all told, there was about two years between the albums. I wrote a lot, I toured a ton, and had a lot of awesome and terrible life experiences. They all influenced the music I was writing, and I got older and more of a sense of self in my artistry. Never Ending Sky is quite a bit different. I'm happy with the way that everything has progressed."

When asked what kind of learning curve she dealt with over the past couple of years, the Michigan native smiles and says, "It was huge. When I made the first EP, I had just turned 22 and had been in Nashville for a few years. But I was still very much wide-eyed and totally didn't have a full grasp of how the record industry works. Since then, I did a lot of touring, and I really got a handle on how that whole world works. I've had a lot more meetings with labels and publishers and had more conversations about how they function and how we can work together. I have a much deeper understanding of the process this time around."

615 Spotflight: Hannah Bethel Enjoys Her 'Freedom' on New EP

Bethel realized now that there's much more to the industry than the hour spent in front of her fans. "When I was a little kid dreaming about this, the only part I ever thought about was the singing on stage, because that's what drew me, was what I wanted to do. But there is so much more to the business than that. Now I actually spend the smallest amount of time performing and the biggest part preparing. But that being said, I love every facet of the business -- the writing side, the production side, I really love all of it."

Sonically, there is a bit of a difference to Never Ending Sky as well. "That was a very organic record, which was what we wanted it to be. On this record, I knew I wanted to play the game a little more, and I knew we had some great commercial songs and some melodies that were current with what was going on at country radio, but different enough to have an individual identity. We experimented with a lot of different guitar tones and different sounds in trying to create a familiar sound that also had a unique sound where I'd never heard it that way before. We really wanted to make it sound a little different."

The first single from the album is "You Wanna Be My Man," which she wrote with David Meyer, who plays guitar on the track as well. "I can't wait to share it with people, and I just hope they like it. We sat down to write and actually weren't even planning on writing. He just started playing the opening riff of the song. I started humming along, and we recorded it."

Another track that Bethel thinks fans will gravitate toward is the personal "If You Felt Like I Did," which she co-wrote with Matt Vrba. "He called me with the idea for the song. He said, 'I have this great idea. The hook of it is "if you felt like I did, I wouldn't feel like I do." Do you want to write it with me?' I said, 'Oh my God, yes.' I just fell in love with the hook instantly. I think a couple of months went by before we could finally get together, but once we did, we wrote it really fast. At the end of it, we were both in tears because it was such a special song. It was something that I personally have experienced, and it was very intimate and personal in that way." - Billboard

"2015 Album Review Hannah Bethel - Never Ending Sky"

There have been quite a few records released lately that have been solid listens from start to finish. One album that can be added to that list is Hannah Bethel’s Never Ending Sky. The Michigan native, and Nashville resident’s, fourth independently released album arrived in October of 2014. Never Ending Sky incorporates lap steel, ganjo and piano, as well as electric guitar, into songs with character. Its eight well-crafted songs were all co-written by Bethel, who at a young age has a hand for classic storytelling; weaving detailed scenes into her songs that come to life as you listen.

The first track, and current single, “You Wanna Be My Man,” has her airy vocals and ganjo merging into an up-tempo chorus about being head over heels in love. Personal favorite, “Frigerator,” revolves around something as simple as using that every day appliance to talk about a relationship on the decline. “You shut me off like I’m a stranger/But what happened to the nights we didn’t sleep/Cause I miss your hands on my waist/In the kitchen when we couldn’t wait/But now the only thing turned on in this house is the frigerator.”

“The Lie” begins like a ballad but then the tempo increases with extremely clever lyrics telling the story of being continually wronged by the one you love. “In the end the shot that kills is not the crime, it’s the lie.”

The insanely catchy “Tumbleweed” speaks to the wandering spirit and being in a place where one will “never have to wonder about the things we never tried.”

“If You Felt Like I Did” is a too good for words duet with Brennin Hunt which tells the story of the end of a relationship from two points of view. While she questions “what the hell went wrong” he explains how he couldn’t be with her for the rest of his life “if you felt like I did.” Sad and lovely at the same time.

The twangy “Watching the Sky” finds her wondering if her love will ever return while the solemn “Come Back Down” deals with loving, and letting go of, someone with an addiction. “What can I do to save you without killing me/Cause lately I’m tired of waiting alone on the ground…..I’m afraid we ain’t gonna make it when you are high in the clouds.”

The album closes with “The Way Back Home” on which her vocals, and the cadence of the song, bring to mind traveling or searching, whether it be away from or to something. “I still look for what I couldn’t see, I guess blindness runs in my family”

Hannah Bethel is a strong addition to country music and if this release is any indication, then the sky certainly could be never ending for her and her music. - The Daily Country

"2014 Never Ending Sky review"

Sometimes you just know, by the very first notes delivered, that an artist has that special sound and presence that stands out among so many others. Hannah Bethel was born to share her light through music. Never Ending Sky is her latest calling card, a selection of eight songs written or co-written by Bethel. Like so many songwriters today, Hanna drew from her life experiences and wove her stories to reflect an authentic woman’s heart and soul. The influence of Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert and Willie Nelson are evident by her emotional interpretation of each song, a blending of iconic sounds with Hannah’s own eclectic stamp.

Hard to find a favorite out of this eight song line up, there is so much good to offer the listener. You Wanna Be My Man is the lead song and my first thoughts was how easy it was to sing along with Bethel. Good one to start off this fantastic CD. Tumbleweed is delightful, foot tapping tempo and has an infectious hook. For a good ole straight up Country song, give Frigerator a spin. A story of love gone cold, with descriptive lyrics that remind us we have all been there in some way. “Only thing turned on in this house is the Frigerator.”

Excellent, intelligent songwriting, production and musical performance for Never Ending Sky. It would be challenging to choose one for single release.
You are going to enjoy all eight selections. - Digital Rodeo

"2014 Never Ending Sky review"

Never Ending Sky CD Review

When you sit down for the first time to listen to somebody’s new CD, you really don’t know what is going to happen. It can be quite daunting. When I was face to face with Nashville singer/songwriter Hannah Bethel's brand new CD release, "Never Ending Sky,” I was excited by the artwork and intrigued by the title.

Then the adventure began. Hannah took me up and down on a roller coaster of emotions with this musical work of art. This lady is a true artist in every sense of the word. From the upbeat, “You wanna be my man,” to the tongue in cheek, “Tumbleweed,” to the dramatic, "Come back down,” every song is its own kind of diamond. This CD is seriously GEMSTONE material and I don't say that lightly.

The physical CD looks like a mini album. This CD will really attract female listeners but the men should like it too because Hannah paints so great moving pictures and we all know that guys like moving pictures. Every song tells a story.

There are 8 Priceless Gems in this package.

1- You Wanna Be My Man

Adorable sentiment and wonderful to sing along too, this is appropriately placed as the first song on the CD.

2 – Frigerator

A really cool way to sing about the end of a relationship reminiscent of something Jewel would write and then it pops into total country mode. You’ll see what I mean when you hear it. Absolutely Fabulous.

3 – The Lie

This song has a great grove. Fun, fun, fun and thought provoking. The intelligence shines through on this one.

4 – Tumbleweed

This one gives you such specific visuals, play on words and has great harmonies and a great old country feeling to it.

5 – If You Felt Like I Did

Great duet, think Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus on this one.

6 – Watching the Sky

Lots of lyrics and you can’t wait to hear what she sings next. Repetitive hook and you will find yourself singing along very quickly. Damn good.

7 – Come Back Down

Angst on a mission, this song is about a woman who is in love with a man who is lost.

8 – The Way Back Home

Interesting tune and a great end to a fabulous musical treat.

To sum up this CD review, everything about this CD is spot on. The lyrics, the music, the production, the vocals, the melodies, the harmonies, the mixing and mastering are all spot on. Hannah has a beautiful voice that takes you on a journey into her Never Ending Sky. You will find yourself listening to this CD over and over again. She is the whole package. If you are only going to buy one CD this year by a female artist, I can’t think of any CD that can hold a candle to this one. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars but the system doesn't go any higher than 5 Star.

Follow HANNAH on Facebook. - Examiner

"2014 Never Ending Sky review"

When I received a copy of the new Hannah Bethel CD in the mail, I opened the packaging and was immediately impressed with the beautiful cover. All I thought was if the cover is an indication of the music, I am in for a treat.

I can say that I was not disappointed.

The CD itself looked like a little mini album - black on the top and grooved. I was ready for where ever the musical journey would take me.

Song 01- You Wanna Be My Man

This song is well recorded and nothing short of great. The instruments cut through, the lyrics pull you in and I found myself grooving along to the tune. I was especially impressed with how the lead guitar section kicked in.

Song 02 – Frigerator

Well crafted and the little percussion sitting nicely under the beginning and first verse is nothing less than cool. I can feel myself falling into the background as I started singing along. That’s what a good song should do.

03 – The Lie

This song felt like an old friend from the start. From a nice slow start to a double time beat as the chorus started. There is a sexy emotion to this song. I can’t explain it. Listen to it and you’ll feel it.

04 – Tumbleweed

The acoustic guitar is nice and open and the feel is laid back and builds gradually up as one after another the instruments are added to the mix. It’s got some interesting harmony parts that slide and play off one another like liquor off the ice in a glass of whiskey.

05 – If You Felt Like I Did

The music is nicely layered and the words paint a very vivid photo into the listeners mind. It tears at the heart. It is the only duet on the project and it needs to have airplay. Are you listening radio?

06 – Watching the Sky

The song is lyrically intense but you still manage to hang on every word. It has a repetitive hook and you will find yourself singing along very quickly.

07 – Come Back Down

This has a nice feel and the acoustic guitar plays well off the electric. The pedal steel and harmonies all work to make a piece that should be enjoyed by anyone regardless of genre preference.

08 – The Way Back Home

This was the perfect song to put last. It leaves the listener looking for more and that is the way you want to end a project. The song was arranged for her voice to breathe.

As you listen to the CD you’ll have a hard time finding any weakness. That isn’t something you can say about some of the major label releases out there. Musically the CD stands on its own. Lyrically it is brilliant. Hannah’s voice soars over the musical landscape. This is a rare album that can just be enjoyed as a piece of art or dug into and felt like a true poet. If you don’t have this CD in your collection I have to ask you why not? To get to know Hannah, follow her at Facebook. - AXS

"2014 Hannah Bethel's Never Ending Sky"

CMJ’s Patrice Whiffen has a chance to chat with one of our favourite country music junkies (not to mention, an incredible singer/songwriter), Hannah Bethel!

Since we caught up with Hannah in Nashville back in June, she’s released her new album, “Never Ending Sky.” Hannah talks about the record, her evolving sound, and the stories behind the music.

Check out the exclusive interview with Hannah Bethel, here! - Country Music Junkies

"2014 Never Ending Sky Review by Music Arts Monthly"

Hannah Bethel grew up on country music and classic rock in the backwoods of Northern Michigan. At a young age, it was apparent that Hannah was a natural entertainer. She sang for anyone who would listen. She loved to make people laugh and think and feel the emotion of the songs. At fourteen she picked up a Squire acoustic guitar that her younger sister had ditched and soon after she was traveling the Upper Midwest, performing original music at fairs, bars, talent shows, coffee houses, shopping malls and country and western shows. Hannah self-released her first record at 17 and the following year she moved to Nashville, Tennessee.In 2011, Hannah connected with producer, Andy Sheridan, who is currently touring with Hunter Hayes, and the two started work on what would be Hannah's third studio project, "The Freedom EP". This record brings Hannah's catchy, unique sound into full light; traditional country music with a quirky, organic pop twist. "The Freedom EP" sparked worldwide attention and rave reviews for Hannah. She received acclaim from such renowned music industry critics as Robert Oermann, "She has a very cool Appalachian vocal style. The upbeat tune is produced perfectly with plenty of open spaces between the fiddle, dobro and steel lines...The accomplished singing is as impressive as the fact that she wrote or co-wrote all five of the EP's fine songs."Hannah is an avid writer and co-writer. She has written with some of Nashville's finest songwriters, from big names to newcomers. One of those newcomers is Momentum Label Group artist, Rachele Lynae. Hannah had her first song cut in 2013 with Rachele's sophomoric single, "Fishin' For Something", which received extensive radio play across the US.Hannah has spent the last year touring the United States, performing shows from Alaska to New Jersey and everywhere in between. Hannah is working on a new record to be released in Summer 2014.Hannah has recently been named one of CMA Close Up's Who New to Watch in 2014.This girls got really big talent and will be the next big star out of Nashville. We are really amazed that every country station from Nashville to San Bernardino isn't playing her music as we write this! You just wait and see (but if you can't wait then listen to her now and pick up her songs on her website). - Music Arts Monthly

"2014 Hannah Bethel incorporates her social media accounts to reveal upcoming new album artwork"

Whimsical country singer / songwriter Hannah Bethel is ready to show her fans the brand new album artwork day-by-day for one full week on her socials. - Music News Nashville

"2014 Nashville Fridays: Songs From My Couch with Hannah Bethel"

Nashville singer-songwriter Hannah Bethel grew up in Houghton, Mich., in the northern part of the state’s Upper Peninsula. She began singing and playing guitar at age 14 and released her first record at 17. The next year she moved to Nashville, attending Belmont University to study commercial voice. After finding some early success, she dropped out of school to pursue a music career full time. She released her second record in 2010 and, the following year, put out “The Freedom E.P.,” what she calls her first fully realized recording. She then embarked on a grueling tour that has taken her all over the country. Now 25, Bethel has a growing fan base and hosts the biweekly web show “Every Other Thursday.” Her forthcoming album is produced by fellow singer/songwriter and “X Factor” contestant Brennin Hunt. It comes out later this month. - The Washington Post

"2014 CMA Fan Fest with Hannah Bethel"

While down in Nashville for the CMA Fan Fest, CMJ’s Patrice Whiffen had a chance to chat with country music singer/songwriter, Hannah Bethel!

Roughly one year after our last chat with Hannah, she was able to fill us in on the details of her upcoming album, featuring 8 original songs, and a new fun vibe. Hannah also talks about the music video for her song, ‘If I Don’t Love You Anymore,” and her crazy summer touring schedule. - Country Music Junkies

"2014 Country Female Newcomer Hannah Bethel"

Check out Hannah's great new interiview with Dawn at Rockin’ Country Radio! - Rockin Country Radio

"2014 Best Independent Music & Album picks of 2013"

Our favorite pick for Country CD is: The Freedom EP by Hannah Bethel. You can find out more about Hannah and hear samples of her CD at her website. - Examiner

"2014 Chassell native makes a name for herself in Nashville"

It's not that far from Chassell, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee, relatively speaking, but it's a big leap for an aspiring country singer from this Upper Peninsula town to move into the inner circle of musicians and songwriters in this country music Mecca.

Hannah Bethel of tiny Chassell, near Houghton, has made that leap. Her new album, The Freedom EP, was recorded in Nashville with some of country's finest musicians, people who have performed with the likes of Big & Rich and Josh Turner. However, Bethel couldn't have found herself in such heady company without talent of her own.

"Hannah's voice is stellar when she pushes it here," (in the song "Medicine" off the new album), writes Donna Nolan-Wilson, music critic for the Nashville Nightlife Events Examiner, "and you can feel what she is trying to convey."

Bethel is one of those people most of us envy. She knew what she wanted to do at a very young age and pursued it like a hunter going after a big buck in the U.P. wilderness.

"I always knew I wanted to perform in front of people," says Bethel. She recalls the support she received at a young age from her parents, who could have suggested a more conventional way to make a living.

"To this day they're my biggest supporters," she says of her folks. "I don't know if I could do it without their support."

Chassell, which hovers around 2,000 residents, has proved to be as good a place as any for Bethel to launch her music career. She says she gained a lot of experience and exposure playing at county fairs, weddings, school fundraisers, and malls--anywhere she could bring her guitar, piano and energetic voice.

"The U.P. was a wonderful place to grow up," she says. "I couldn't wait to get out, but now I miss it like crazy," she says. "I'm always excited when I get to go back up there."

The music biz these days isn't all about singing and songwriting. It's as much about the business of promoting your work and finding ways to earn revenue to keep the dream alive. Declining CD sales have depressed profits, though digital sales remain strong, says Bethel. She says concerts are a good revenue generator, as is the sale of merchandise.

"I came here (to Nashville) to make music, but I do it least of all," Bethel says with a sigh. However, lately, she's been able to farm out some of the business side of things by hiring a manager, Rikk Feulner, a man who has managed Alison Krauss, the Eagles, Patty Griffin and other stars. She has also started using a PR firm to help promote her CD and concerts. Still, she has the task of managing all of her bookings and a multitude of other business-related activities.

If Bethel keeps going like she is, it won't be long before she can play more music and let someone else deal with the entire business side of things--and her fans should like that.

"I found myself really wanting more Hannah Bethel," says Nolan-Wilson, of The Freedom EP. "You know the old adage in show business, 'leave them wanting more.' Hannah accomplished that goal to perfection with this CD."

Check out Hannahbethel.com to stay up to date on the singer's tour schedule, YouTube videos, and where to buy her CDs. And, of course, you can buy her album and singles on iTunes. - Upper Peninsula's Second Wave

"2014 Hannah Bethel answers Digital Rodeo's questions"

Hannah has recently been named one of CMA Close Up’s Who New to Watch in 2014.

Below read Hannah Bethel 's answers to Digital Rodeo's "Inquiring Minds Want To Know" questions:

1. In the last year what is the one thing you accomplished you were surprised by?

I was recently selected as one of CMA Close Up’s 2014 new artists to watch. I have been watching this list for a long time and I am very excited to be included in this group!

2. In the upcoming year what are your top three goals musically that you want to accomplish?

I am a very goal oriented person. I am constantly assessing my game plan to best serve my ultimate goal, which is to reach as many people as possible with my music! But I’ll narrow it down to my top three goals I am currently working…

1) To continue to grow and learn as a songwriter and entertainer.

2) I am in the studio working on my fourth studio project, so I want to make an amazing record!

3) To inspire the heck out of people with the new record.

3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get off a tour?

When I finish a tour I am usually exhausted, so I’ll order an enormous amount of Chinese food and then sleep for 10 plus hours next to my beagle, Jake.

4. What is your current challenge personally you are pushing yourself to achieve?

To keep writing better and better songs! This is constantly spinning around my mind in everything that I do.

5. Who would be your “dream artist” to do an opening act for and why?

This is a hard question, but I will have to say Willie Nelson. I am a huge fan of his songs and story and I would be beyond honored to have the opportunity to share the stage with him.

6. Who was your most influential artist in your early years?

When I was growing up, my Daddy had a series of amazing iconic records that he played on repeat in the garage while he worked. One of them was “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac. This record had huge impact on me and I continue to study it. I hear new things with every listen.

7. Do you have hobbies that keep you busy when you are not on the road/in studio?

Hobbies? What are those? Just kidding… :) I love to hike and fish and read!

8. What is at the top of your bucket list besides music?

Backpack the Pacific coast of the US.

9. Do you have a “lucky charm” you carry on stage or a routine for good luck you do before you go onstage?

Since I was 13 years old, before every show I will say a little prayer to myself that is a quote by Arthur O’Shaugnessy, “We are the music makers and we are the dreams of dreams, yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever it seems”.

10. What is your favorite comfort food?

Ice creammmmm. - Digital Rodeo

"2014 Hannah Bethel Medicine is #11 on Belgium Radio in Europe"

We're excited to announce Hannah's song Medicine is #11 on Belgium Radio in Europe. - Radio Beiaard 106.3 fm Belgium

"2014 CMA Magazine Who New To Watch Artist"

Hannah has been named one of CMA Magazines Who New To Watch Artists for 2014 - CMA Magazine

"11/2013 Hannah Bethel prescribes a healthy dose of Medicine for country radio"

Edgy and vibrant songstress, Hannah Bethel has been making waves in the music industry with her last release, No Where Left To Roam. This eccentric country singer is back again with an upbeat and bubbly single, Medicine, which hit radio today – Tuesday October 29th. This single is on CDX #582.

Medicine, which is written by Hannah, shows off her youthful vibrate personality along with her quirky pop twist to traditional country music. This song is off of her recent album, The Freedom EP. This album also includes 4 other songs either written or co-written by Hannah.

You cool me down when the feeling gets hot, ‘cause you know I’m burning cause I like you a lot. You make me feel better when I’m under the weather, boy, like a spoon full of sugar and I’m feeling alright…doo doo doo doo doo doo…you’re my Medicine.

Mixing sounds and styles from an array of musical icons from Fleetwood Mac to Willie Nelson, this vintage country artist adds her own unique touches and brings an organic taste to her eclectic approach to country music.

“She has a very cool Appalachian vocal style…” - Renowned music critic Robert K. Oermann, Music Row

“…Hannah shows that she has the vocal chops and writing talent to make it in country music…” – MAVERICK

“Medicine” has a ‘bubbly’ disposition to it, but much more soaked in country roots verses a beachy temperament.” - Target Audience Magazine

Hailing from Northern Michigan, Hannah got her big break after being a contestant on the hit Fox reality show “X Factor USA” in 2011. Since then, her talent has been noticed by many and she even secured four songs on the debut album of Momentum Label Group’s Rachele Lynae, including Rachele’s current single Fishin’ For Something, which was written by Bethel and Lynae. For more information, visit www.HannahBethel.com and www.youtube.com/HannahBethelMusic. - Music News Nashville

"11/2013 Effervescent Country Artist Hannah Bethel Prescribes A Healthy Dose Of Medicine For Country Radio"

Edgy and vibrant songstress, Hannah Bethel has been making waves in the music industry with her last release, No Where Left To Roam. This eccentric country singer is back again with an upbeat and bubbly single, Medicine, which hit radio today - Tuesday October 28th. This single is on CDX #582.

Medicine, which is written by Hannah, shows off her youthful vibrate personality along with her quirky pop twist to traditional country music. This song is off of her recent album, The Freedom EP. This album also includes 4 other songs either written or co-written by Hannah.

You cool me down when the feeling gets hot, ‘cause you know I’m burning cause I like you a lot. You make me feel better when I’m under the weather, boy, like a spoon full of sugar and I’m feeling alright…doo doo doo doo doo doo…you’re my Medicine.

Mixing sounds and styles from an array of musical icons from Fleetwood Mac to Willie Nelson, this vintage country artist adds her own unique touches and brings an organic taste to her eclectic approach to country music.

"She has a very cool Appalachian vocal style..." - Renowned music critic Robert K. Oermann, Music Row

“…Hannah shows that she has the vocal chops and writing talent to make it in country music…” – MAVERICK

“Medicine” has a ‘bubbly’ disposition to it, but much more soaked in country roots verses a beachy temperament.” - Target Audience Magazine

Hailing from Northern Michigan, Hannah got her big break after being a contestant on the hit Fox reality show “X Factor USA” in 2011. Since then, her talent has been noticed by many and she even secured four songs on the debut album of Momentum Label Group’s Rachele Lynae, including Rachele’s current single Fishin’ For Something, which was written by Bethel and Lynae. - Music Industry News Network

"11/2013 615 Spotlight Hannah Bethel"

With the holidays just around the corner, Hannah Bethel remembers her very first public performance. It was Amy Grant's classic "Tennessee Christmas."

"That was my very first solo when I was in fourth grade," she recalled to Billboard. "I had cowboy boots on, and I was really nervous. It was a big moment for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've always loved entertaining people."

That moment was definitely the start of something as Bethel has been making an impact on audiences ever since that moment. Ironically, though she sang about a Christmas season in the Volunteer State, Bethel's grew up far away from the Tennessee hills – Chassell, Michigan.

"It's in the upper peninsula," she says of her birthplace. "It's in the very northern part of Michigan. It's next to Canada. There are a couple thousand people there, but it's pretty secluded, and the scenery is so beautiful," she says.

Bethel, who has just released a new single, "Medicine," from her latest release "The Freedom EP," says she has always been drawn to country music. "It feels like home," she admits. "I've experimented with a lot of other kinds of music, and love listening to rock, blues, and pop, but country always made me feel that I was coming into something that fits me just right. It's always been where my heart was at."
Now, her heart belongs to Nashville. She moved to Music City to study at the famed Belmont University.

"That was an incredible experience," she relates. "I always knew I wanted to come to Nashville, then I found Belmont and their commercial music program. So, I studied there for two years, and learned a ton about music. I made some great contacts, and really developed as a writer and an artist. Towards the end of my second year, I became very involved in the songwriting community, and playing in Nashville, and I decided to make the transition to being a full time musician."

"The Freedom EP," which is Bethel's third studio project, represents a creative departure for the singer. "It's the first project I have worked with another producer on," she says, speaking of her collaboration with Andy Sheridan. "Prior to this, I have produced all my other projects myself." Writing wise, Bethel's words are all over the disc, as she either wrote or co-wrote every track on the set.

The project has received airplay here in the United States, as well as Belgium and New Zealand, and her videos have received play from CMT.com, GAC.com, and The Country Network. Critics have also been raving about the female vocalist, including one that is a little bit tough to impress – Robert K. Oermann.

"I was so humbled by that," she says with a smile. "We were nervous to submit to him for a critique. But it came back very positive, and he was very encouraging. I was very humbled."

As a songwriter, Bethel admits she is always on the lookout for inspiration, as she knows it can come from anywhere at any time. She stated that she tried to pick the best songs she had written for the project. "Most songwriters agree that there is no one way that you go into it. Things can hit you at any time. I was writing for almost two years before I selected the songs for this EP. I just tried to pick the songs that most fit who I am as a person and who I am as an artist. I wanted something that was very much country, but also a little bit different from what's going on right now."

Bethel's talents as a writer were noticed recently by acclaimed tunesmith Skip Ewing, who invited her to a songwriter's workshop in Wyoming that he is involved with.

"That was a really huge deal, and so incredible. I got to spend a week on this horse ranch, working with some of the best writers in the business – with Skip being one of them. Deanna Bryant, Kent Blazy, and Clay Mills were the four mentors. We got to ride horses with them, and learn from their experiences, and work with them one on one on our songs. It definitely had a profound impact on me as a writer. I had a lot of a-ha moments as far as learning the Nashville way of writing and song structure." She said it was a very intimate experience. "There were eight of us that were invited. It was pretty cool to get that one on one time with so many great writers." - Billboard

"Hannah Bethel returns to the Copper Country for a Hometown Performance December, 2013"

CHASSELL -- A rising country music star in Nashville is the Copper Country’s very own, Hannah Bethel.

After to moving to Nashville three years ago, Bethel produced multiple albums, music videos, and toured the country from Alaska to New Jersey.

Home for the holidays, Bethel is spending time with her family and friends reflecting on the past year.

“The highlights from this past year have probably just been all the traveling I’ve been able to do,” said Bethel. “I’m very blessed in having a very busy tour schedule this past year.”

On top of performing nearly 100 shows, Bethel was featured in Billboard magazine’s, "615 Spotlight," had her music video, “No Where Left to Roam,” featured on the Country Network and CMT.com, and even hung out backstage at the Country Music Awards.

When she isn't busy performing or producing her biweekly web series, Every Other Thursday, she writes songs, books concerts at various venues, and meets with producers.

“I got to meet a few big producers this year: Chuck Ainley and Frank Liddell, who have produced all of Miranda Lambert’s records,” said Bethel. “Just recently, I wrote with Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers, which was pretty cool!”

Though she’s enjoyed traveling and writing new songs, Bethel admits the music business isn’t always as glamorous as it seems.

“You probably spend the least amount of time performing, which is, you know, why I got into this,” Bethel said. “I spend an enormous amount of time working my social media sites, meeting with my publicist, deciding on what events we need to attend.”

But Bethel said she has a strong support system to keep her going, including her family, who has been her biggest team of cheerleaders from the start.

“For every hundred things you try, you might get a hundred no’s back,” she said. “Without the support of people that I love, it would be really difficult.”

Looking ahead to the future, Bethel said she’s preparing for the release of her fourth album next summer, along with adding more tour dates to the schedule and a new music video.

For now, she said she’s anxious to spend time with her family for the holidays and perform again in the town it all started.

“I always look forward to coming home and doing a show here,” said Bethel. “I’m always just so humbled by the turnout, and I’m hoping to see lots of people again, and I look forward to making music for you guys.”

Hannah Bethel will hold a concert this Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock along with sisters, Myiah and Wynter. Tickets are $10 at the door, and merchandise will be available for purchase as well.

For more information about Hannah’s tour dates, visit her website, hannahbethel.com. - The Upper Michigan Source TV 6

"10/29/13 The Freedom EP Review"

Northern Michigan might not be a center for aspiring Country singers, but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the region wasn’t. After all, Country Music seems to transcend all areas – inspiring artists from all over.

One such performer is Hannah Bethel. After performing Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” at her fourth grade Christmas recital, she knew that music was where she wanted to take her life -and she does a really great job at achieving that feat with her second EP.

Bethel proves herself to be quite the dynamic vocalist on cuts such as “Nowhere Left To Roam,” where she shows her wide eyed and innocent side to the ultimate level. The song has such a fresh and bouncy beat, and Bethel sounds like she is having the time of her life on it. “Little Blue Flowers,” shows how well she can slide around the areas between contemporary and traditional -and be a little bit of both. She puts on her groovin’ shoes on the fun filled romp “Medicine.”

Having either writing or co-writing every cut on the album, she shows her talent best when telling a story – whether is be “Hellbent & Southbound,” a backwoods story of love gone wrong, or the emotional range of “If I Don’t Love You Anymore,” Bethel serves notice that Nashville better make a seat for her at the table, because she’s going to be front and center very soon!

For more information, log on to www.HannahBethel.com - Music News Nashville

"7/26/13 Hannah Bethel performs off of "The Freedom EP""

Hannah Bethel performs off of The Freedom EP - WZTV FOX 17 Nashville

"10/22/13 Music Row/Robert Oermann"

Writers: H. Bethel; Producers: Andy Sheridan/Hannah Bethel; Publisher: Hamywyn, BMI; Freedom (track)

-*Jaunty, bopping, good-natured and sung with verve. The jazzy fiddle solo is cool, too. - Music Row by Robert Oermann

"10/19/13 Hannah Bethel The Freedom EP CD Review"

When you look at the CD for the first time is looks earthy and attractive. Nice colors, flowers and a great feel, something about it makes you remember that mother earth is a good thing and still with us. The CD is in a nice “wallet” style which means it is somewhat Eco friendly with no plastic case to end up in a land fill. The credits are sparse and well done. It somewhat reminds the person looking at it of a folk or acoustic rock album cover from the sixties or seventies. I found myself wanting to get it playing, so without further making any more small talk, here are my thoughts on this CD.

01-No Where Left To Roam (3:21)

This song leaves me with a feeling that Alison Krauss was coming from the speakers. It is pure good feel country music the way that many of the majors have seemed to forget how to do. In short, it had me tapping my feet and humming along well before it was very far into the tune. The arrangement was good and all the instruments and voices had a space to fill and that job was handled quite well.

02-Hellbent & Southbound (3:44)

This tune reminded me a lot of what might be deemed an outlaw style tune. It is just full of a lot of attitude that just pops right out of the speakers. This is one of those songs that might make it hard to keep your vehicle at the speed limit if you have it playing while you are driving. You can easily imagine this song on a major Nashville release.

03-Little Blue Flowers (4:01)

The rhythm behind the song at first seemed a little too complicated for the tune. But it actually fits it quite well. It’s a tune that has some quite unique twists in it musically with some counter melodies working with the main melody and actually makes a very interesting arrangement that kept on popping into my ears even after the track was over. Hannah does some nice vocal licks on it. I liked this one a lot.

04- If I Don’t Love You Anymore (4:14)

The acoustic guitar at the beginning just puts you in a mood for heartbreak. I sat here letting the song pull my heart along with and in to it. An interesting chord progression and the underlying sweetening of the other instruments has you imagining good old country music in its heyday and I could envision this one coming out of any old jukebox as a couple slow danced and the smoke swirled. This is what good country heartbreak is all about.

05-Medicine (3:20)

This is just a good feeling song that leaves you feeling happier. It has a nice cohesive backbeat that simply defies you not to listen, hum and tap. Hannah’s voice is stellar when she pushes it here and you can feel what she is trying to convey.

You can tell from listening that the whole album was done with love. Everyone that was involved in this project loved it as much as Hannah and it really shines through in the end product. Any lay person can tell it is a good sounding package and will want to listen to it over and over again.

Any musician would be impressed by the fact that it was recorded at Sony Tree Studios and Ocean Way studios. That extra care shines through in the final recording.

This CD can stand up quite well against the major label releases.

Through Hannah’s music you discover she is a free spirited girl that has a lot of hippie in her. I enjoyed this CD immensely and I found it nice and refreshing.

I do have one complaint about the CD that I would be remiss if I did not tell the listener. It is way too short! I found myself really wanting more Hannah Bethel. You know the old adage in show business, “leave them wanting more.” Hannah accomplished that goal to perfection with this CD.

You won’t be disappointed with this CD and it deserves to be in your collection. For more on Hannah Bethel go to www.HannahBethel.com - Examiner.com

"10/19/13 The Country Start Page/Netherlands"

Check out the new interview with The Country Startpage from The Netherlands - The Country Start Page. Netherlands

"10/09/13 Hannah Bethel The Freedom EP"

Upon first glance, this album seems like it’ll be quite easy to review; five songs, a singer I’ve never heard of, a simple title, etc. If I could be so lucky it’d be nice. After the last few nights of writing, editing, formatting, and putting together digital files, not to mention the publisher meetings and readings I’ve been busy. I’ll soon see.
Hannah, I hope she doesn’t mind me calling her that, after all it’s only our first date. No Where Left to Roam opens it up. Hold on a minute. Let me readjust my volume. Our blind date has seemed to get off on the right foot. Forget about an easy home run, No ‘wham-bam thank you ma’am,’ this may be a little more difficult than I thought. I’m giving it to a really big critic, and I don’t do this for every review I write. But after my first listen I can tell Ms. Bethel is a lady.
Yup, the critic agrees. My seven year old daughter even tried to sing along with her first listen. The song opens up with an acoustic. There’s a fiddle that slowly pushes, guiding it a long with strong vocals and a solid bass. I’m not about to rush to judgment. Who knows? She may be a ‘one hit wonder’.
Hellbent & Southbound is driven by the fiddle. It has that evil sound that rings throughout the vocals. You know that “Devil Comes Down to Georgia,” feel plus that galloping guitar made famous by Chet Atkins and The Man in Black himself. Little Blue Flowers is completely different than anything else on this album so far. Okay, maybe I’ve only heard two songs, and I’ve never heard anything from her before. But, that deep country twang has made a leap over to almost a different pad altogether. It almost seems to be leaping into the pop music realm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still there just a bit softer.
If I Don’t Love You Anymore is one of those late night drowning in a glass of bourbon songs. The kind where the lights have come on and you’re the only one left. It could also be one of those, ‘oh, I fked up songs.’ And, Medicince picks up the mood again. It’s a good way to leave the album. For my own taste, medicine is a bit too boppy.
Altogether, the album, for the amount of songs displayed, is a good mix. It really shows a lot of talent. After listening, I went and checked her out online. Her website itself has your normal biography and press release sections. The one thing that I found out that was different than most other albums is that the lyrics for each song are on it. My advice to readers is try to listen to the album if you can, and then go back and check out the pictures, videos, etc. The only reason I suggest it is that you can really get an appreciation for the rhythms, vocals, and lyrics. Don’t just take Ms Bethel as another pretty face. Trust me, the whole package is there.
I’d have to recommend this album as just a teaser about what’s to come during her career. No Where Left to Roam and Little Blue Flowers are definitely my favorite songs here. If you don’t want to take my word for it, she has a video for No Where Left to Roam on YouTube. I suggest you check it out.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International - Country Music International

"9/18/13 The Freedom EP - Album Review"

We were first introduced to the unique style of Hannah Bethel in 2011 on the hit reality show, The X- Factor, but her list of accomplishments did not start there. In 2010 she self produced and released her first EP while gaining recognition from some of Nashville’s top songwriters. Now, Bethel’s drive and determination has landed her back in Nashville with a new album entitled, “The Freedom EP“.
Her current single, “No Where Left To Roam“, immediately unveils Bethel’s raw and distinct voice. It sets the tone for this album, which is bursting with personality.

“You’ve got a smile like summer honey and I’m a busy bumblebee”. She brings each word to life as you can sense the smile behind her voice.

Just when we think it is all sweet and innocent, Bethel brings out the sass with “Hellbent & Southbound“.

“So I’m driving like the devil with a lead foot on my pedal ‘Cus I can’t find no mercy in my head For any man who’s got nerve enough to go running around on my love, While I’m busting back to put butter on his bread”.

She gives her man a fair share of warning of what the consequences will be if he does her wrong. The rage builds through each verse and it is perfectly clear how this love story ends.

Her vulnerable side peaks through with “Little Blue Flowers“, while the most powerful ballad that appears on the album is “If I Don’t Love You Anymore“. We feel the hurt and longing in her voice as she is holding on to her past through an emotional love affair.

Feeling a little under the weather? Bethel will take care of that with “Medicine“.

“You cool me down when the fever gets hot, But you know I’m a burning ‘cause I like you a lot”.

One listen is the only dose you will need to put a smile on your face and get you up on your feet.

Bethel proves that she has no limits on what she will bring to her music. No two songs are the same and you get a little bit of everything. As an incredible lyricist, vocalist and performer, Hannah Bethel has all the makings of a successful artist.

For more information on Hannah visit www.HannahBethel.com - Got Country Online/ Kristin Whyte

"8/04/13 Country musician returns for Rock Camp"

It’s been five years since Houghton High School graduate and Chassell native Hannah Bethel left for Nashville.

Now, as she’s done every year for the last four years, Hannah has returned to be an instructor at P.J. Olsson’s Rock Camp.

“I work with the kids on things that I kind of specialize in — vocal training, rhythm guitar, songwriting and stage performance,” says Hannah. “They’re just incredibly talented kids and really inspired and just exited to be making music so they are a joy to work with.”

Rock Camp puts young musicians through two weeks of intense training and experience of what life is like in the music business, including performing in a full rock concert at the Rozsa Center on August 10th.

“It’s going to be a huge rock show, this is not a choir recital — no offense to choir recitals — but this is a huge show. It’s going to knock your socks off,” promises Hannah.

With her popular single and music video for “No Where Left To Roam” gaining momentum…after Rock Camp, it’s back to work.

Hannah says, “For me, I’ve just been working away in Nashville promoting my record, The Freedom EP, and we are just about to release the second single from the record.” - ABC 10/CW5

"7/15/13 Rising Country star Hannah Bethel to play concert at The Blue Lagoon"

FAIRBANKS — She competed on “The X Factor,” has released two EPs and is touring across the U.S. Now, country musician Hannah Bethel is bringing her “traditional country with a quirky pop twist” to The Blue Loon.
Bethel’s set at The Blue Loon will be acoustic featuring just her and her guitar. “I’ll be playing some new material, stuff from my record and some cover tunes as well,” Bethel said.
Bethel began writing music and singing while growing up in Michigan. As a teen, she performed at fairs, festivals, bars and coffee houses throughout the upper Midwest. She credits her parents as the biggest influence on her music.
“I was always really passionate about performing,” Bethel said. “My parents were supportive every step; even when I’m sure it didn’t sound good.”
When she turned 18, Bethel moved to Nashville to pursue a music career and attended Belmont University, studying vocal performance and business. After two years, Bethel took a break from college and produced a four-track EP in 2010 titled “No Stopping, Standing, Parking.” In 2011, she auditioned for the first season of “The X Factor” and made it to the top 30 female contestants.
“It was a crazy experience,” Bethel said. “Non-stop being thrust into the totally foreign world of reality TV.”
Since then, Bethel has released a five-track EP titled “The Freedom.” The lead single, “No Where Left to Roam,” has been played on the radio across the U.S. and around the world, and she’s filmed a music video to accompany it. Both albums will be available for purchase at The Blue Loon. All the songs on both albums are written or co-written by Bethel, who has also written songs for Alaska-raised country artist Rachele Lynae.
“I’m inspired by everything,” Bethel said about her song writing. “Every day I’m coming up with an idea whether it’s melodic or lyrics.”
She’s been writing a lot and plans to start recording a new album later this year. “I might just do another short one, or maybe combine them,” Bethel said. “I will definitely be recording this fall.”
Bethel’s tour has taken her across the nation from Arizona to Ohio, with stops on the East Coast planned for this fall. She’s been to Alaska before, visiting relatives when she was 11. She hasn’t been back since, but when her relatives invited her to visit, she said yes and decided to play some shows during the trip.
“I had quite a few friends play at The Blue Loon,” Bethel said. “They said it was a total blast to play. I’m super excited for the show to play for a fresh set of ears.”
But it won’t all be work. While she’s here, Bethel is looking forward to experiencing Alaska.
“My family has plans to take me fishing and gold panning,” Bethel said. “I’m excited to do all the Alaska stuff and have it not be dark at night.” - Daily News Miner / Fairbanks Alaska / Julie Herrmann

"6/20/13 Home Town Country Music Mike Carrol with Hannah Bethel"

I discovered Hannah Bethel a few months ago after hearing her catchy song No Where Left To Roam on new music disk, so I was pleased she had time to sit down with me for a few minutes to talk about her budding career. Here is what the tall songstress had to say...
For full interview go to Review URL below! - Home Town Country Music

"6/06/13 Album Of The Month "Hannah Bethel Freedom EP""

Hannah Bethes Album The Freedom EP, is a collection of 5 songs, all of which were written or co-written by Bethel herself. This young singer has unbelievable promise. Her vocal is full of personality and is extremely distinct... - PS Power Source Album Reviews by Jack Nelson

"6/20/13 The Freedom EP is definitely a "Keeper" Digital Rodeo"

Hannah Bethel comes from the backwoods of northern Michigan, where at a very young age, she knew music was her calling after making a debut solo performance at her fourth grade Christmas recital...
Read the rest of this review at the "Review URL" below. - Digital Rodeo

"6/06/13 PLA Media Announces Addition of Newest Client, Vintage Country Singer/Songwriter Hannah Bethel"

Award-winning public relations and marketing firm PLA Media is pleased to announce the addition of vintage country singer/songwriter Hannah Bethel, to its roster. She is joined alongside PLA’s many accomplished clients including Grammy, ACM and CMA award winner Lynn Anderson, the Johnny Cash Museum, The Oak Ridge Boys bearded baritone and celebrated painter William Lee Golden and twelve time Grammy-award winning country/folk icon Emmylou Harris’ second annual WOOFSTOCK event.
“There’s something very recognizable in Hannah’s vocals…something earthy and sincere with a freshness of the young artist that she is, yet grounded beyond her years,” said Pam Lewis ofPLA Media. “Plus, I love her hippy retro-styling. Wish I could look that good in a headband!”
Hannah brings a taste of the organic style with her eccentric approach to country music. “It’s vintage with a quirky, organic pop twist,” smiles Hannah. She mixes the sounds of her influences, which include Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert, and Willie Nelson while throwing in a twist all her own.
Hailing from the backwoods of Michigan, she knew music was her calling at a very young age after making her debut solo performance at her fourth grade Christmas recital. She got her first taste of the spotlight in 2011 when she became a contestant on the hit reality FOX show “X Factor USA,” and her fan base exploded.
Since then, she has teamed up with manager Rikk Feulner at RSF Management and her newest project titled The Freedom EP includes five songs written/co-written by Hannah, including earning the coproducing slot on the album.
Her current single No Where Left to Roam, is quickly gaining popularity at country, Americana, and college radio and her music video is being played on CMT.com, GACTV.com and TCN.
Her hard work as a songwriter is paying off after securing four songs on the debut album of Momentum Label
Group’s Rachele Lynae, including her current single Fishin’ For Something. - PLA Media

"5/30/13 Digital Journal Interviews Hannah Bethel"

Interview with country singer Hannah Bethel from Digital Journal
Posted May 25, 2013 by Markos Papadatos
On May 25, up-and-coming country singer-songwriter Hannah
Bethel chatted via telephone with Digital Journals Markos
The Michigan darling opened up about her single “No Where Left to
Roam” from her new EP entitled “The Freedom.” She either wrote or
co-wrote all the five songs on the album and she co-produced the
project with Andy Sheridan. “‘No Where Left to Roam’ is the first
single from my new record. We released it to radio and it has been
getting airplay in the United States, as well as in France, England,
Scotland, Australia and Japan. We also released a music video for it
that we are really proud of that got picked up by many networks,” she
said. “I knew exactly what I wanted and I had a great producer to work
with, Andy Sheridan, who plays for Hunter Hayes. He totally backed
my vision and we created something that I am so proud of.”
Hannah shared that her greatest musical influences include country
living legend Willie Nelson, The Beatles, as well as modern country
artists as Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town and Kacey Musgraves.
She noted that she is a fan of country and folk songstress Emmylou
Harris and listed “Red Dirt Girl” as her personal favorite song of hers.
Presently, she is filming her latest music video for her new single and
she revealed that it will be quite different than most country music
videos. “It will be in the same vein as my first music video and it will
have an artists and organic vibe to it,” Hannah added.
This summer Hannah is expected to be travelling a great deal and write
new songs. “Those things will take up most of my time. I will be
playing and getting my music to as many people as I can,” she said
Particularly impressive about Hannah is that she appeared on the hit
reality Fox competition “X Factor USA” in 2011 and she also co-wrote
Rachele Lynae’s current single “Fishin’ For Something.”
Next month, Hannah noted that she will be playing during the week of
the CMA Music Festival in Nashville at the Hard Rock stage on Friday,
June 7 at 4 p.m. - Digital Journal

"5/11/13 CMA welcomes its newest member, singer and songwriter Hannah Bethel"

Hannah Bethel signs up for CMA membership on May 6, 2013.
CMA welcomes its newest member, singer and songwriter Hannah Bethel, who stopped by May 6, 2013 to sign up for membership. This up-and-coming artist is gaining momentum with her current single, “No Where Left to Roam.”
With a vintage Country sound, Bethel’s first spotlight appearance came in 2011, when she was a contestant on the television show, “The X Factor.” Since then, she has released her EP titled The Freedom, which has five songs she either wrote or co-wrote.

Bethel’s hard work is paying off, and she says she is excited to join CMA. “I’m so happy to be a part of this musical family,” Bethel said. “There are so many great artists, songwriters and musicians that are a part of this community and I already feel welcomed into this community." - CMA Close Up Magazine

"4/25/13 Review by Robert K Oermann"

4/25/13 - MUSIC ROW Review
Nashville Music Industry Publication
Review by Robert K. Oermann
HANNAH BETHEL/No Where Left To Roam
Writers: H. Bethel; Producer: Andy Sheridan and Hannah Bethel; Publisher: Hamywyn, BMI, HB
-She has a very cool Appalachian vocal style. The upbeat tune is produced perfectly with plenty of open spaces between the fiddle, dobro and steel lines and restless, relentless brushed drumming. The accomplished singing is as impressive as the fact that she wrote or co-wrote all five of the EP’s fine songs. - Nashville Music Industry Publication

"4/22/13 Maverick Magazine gives "The Freedom EP" FOUR STARS!"

Maverick Magazine Review (March – April 2013)
Hannah Bethel – The Freedom EP (self released) ****
A relatively new young Nashville based mainstream country act, Michigan-born and raise Hannah Bethel shows that she has the vocal chops and writing talent to make it in country music on this, her second self-released EP. All five songs are self-penned and naturally enough explore youthful romantic entanglements with verve and passion.
Hellbent & Southbound finds her in full flight as she tells current boyfriend exactly where he stands. She shows a softer side with the catchy Little Blue Flowers, a co-write with Rachele Lynae another Nashville newcomer, with a great fiddle-driven arrangement.
Co-produced with Andy Sheridan, this is a classy little disc and well above the normal self-released projects.
- Maverick Magazine

"4/20/13 Save The Music America"

April 25th is proclaimed as SAVE THE MUSIC AMERICA Day in Hendersonville, TN.
Please Download and Share Music Responsibly. Join us and take the pledge at www.SaveTheMusicAmerica.org. - Save the Music America.Org

"3/08/13 The Gilroy Neighborhood Pub: Hannah Bethel is game for Nashville's game"

CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — Lanky limbs, dewy skin, three dots of glittery aqua eyeliner at the corner of one of her brown eyes: singer/songwriter Hannah Bethel, 23, looks game for the game of Nashville. And the Nashville singer is bringing that energy to Clarksville at 7 p.m., Friday, March 8.

That’s when she will perform The Gilroy Neighborhood Pub, 140 University Ave., with her guitar, two backup singers and another guitarist, performing her country songs with a pop twist.

Bethel’s voice is airy and warbling. It carries with it a plaintive rise and fall that is part coffee shop singer and part country.

“It’s traditional country with a quirky, rootsy twist,” she said of her style in an interview a few days before the Gilroy show.

Even when she throws in a few covers — which she will probably do on Friday — she tries to “use older songs and put a bit of a modern spin on them,” she said.

“I do a bit of Willie Nelson, the Beatles,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll do Fleetwood Mac and make it kind of a country thing.”

Bethel looks like a country hipster wearing a black Beatles T-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. She accents the modern country ensemble with two Native-American- style necklaces and oversized peace symbol earrings.

But Bethel’s musical inspiration is old school. She grew up listening to “a lot of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline” along with Fleetwood Mac and early Aerosmith.

During Bethel’s Gilroy performance, she will play mostly original songs, most of them from “The Freedom EP,” her new album, including her latest single “Nowhere Left to Roam.” To get an idea of Bethel’s sound visit www.hannahbethel.com.

Bethel looks forward to taking the stage at The Gilroy.

“Music is such an incredible way to relate with one another, to sympathize with each other … about good times, bad times,” she said. “I love that way of connecting with people.” - TheLeafChronicle.com

"2/01/13 Top 10 Finalist in the CMT Listner's Choice Award"

Hannahs song, Little Blue Flowers co-written with Rachele Lynae, has been selected as a top ten finalist for the CMT Listeners Choice Award in NSAI 13th Annual Song Contest. - NSAI/CMT

"1/16/13 CDX Radio Release"

Hannahs song No Where Left to Roam is featured on the new CDX Radio release this month. CDX distributes a CD of the latest Country songs to all of the Country Radio Stations around the USA. Hannah is in good company on this CD, with other artists like LeeAnn Rimes and Miranda Lambert. - CDX Radio Release

"Hannah Bethel releases The Freedom EP"

Country had one of its best years to date, with acts like Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line topping the charts, it is no surprise that it's cool to go a little country.

Up-and-coming country artists are capitalizing on this mainstream success and releasing their own music. Hannah Bethel has released her first country EP, The Freedom. Bethel has a unique vocal style which echoes that of more classic country music training, instead of a more modern pop feel.

Songs off of the EP have a few clear influences, including Miranda Lambert, but that helps to make the album feel current and modern with Bethel's classic vocal delivery.

The EP is fun, upbeat and feels like it could do well in the current country music landscape.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Hellbent & Southbound," "If I Don't Love You Anymore" and "No Where Left to Roam." These tracks are memorable because fans can really feel the passion that Bethel put into the tracks when she was recording them. It has the country attitude that fans love and the musicianship that helps to make an EP great.

With the country music genre only getting larger and more popular, unknown artists like Bethel will soon be discovered by country fans looking for a new and fresh sound.

Bethel will be an artist to watch in 2014. - The Celebrity Cafe.com

"Bethel set to perform Tuesday"

ATLANTIC MINE - Fresh off an appearance on "The X Factor," Copper Country native and current Nashville resident Hannah Bethel is returning home for a concert Tuesday.

Bethel will be performing at Brownstone Hall in Atlantic Mine from 7 to 9 p.m., and will bring a few of her friends with her.

"I'm going to have my sister Wynter opening for me," Bethel said in a phone interview. "I'll be playing with Mark Lucier and Kevin Maki, who are great musicians in the area that I played a lot with growing up."

The singer/songwriter has been keeping busy over the last couple months, slowly growing her name and popularity in Nashville.

"I've just been writing a ton and playing a ton," Bethel said. "I've been talking with some publishers and kind of searching for a professional songwriting deal.

"I'm working really hard to promote myself as an independent artist."

Part of that promotion will culminate in a new YouTube show Bethel will put on titled "Every Other Thursday." Starting today, Bethel will debut episodes on her YouTube page with original songs, covers, skits, guest artists and updates on her career.

"It's going to be a variety of things," Bethel said. "There will actually be several Christmas episodes before Christmas; it's beginning more than every other Thursday just to get it kicked off. ... They're going to keep it real and be exciting and fresh."

Some new music is also in the works for Bethel, as she will hit the recording studio when she gets back to Nashville after the holidays.

"It'll be sort of like an EP, an online-only singles release for iTunes with five songs," Bethel said. "I'll be working with a producer named Andy Sheridan, and this will be the first time that I have worked with a producer, so I'm super excited about that."

Bethel's show Tuesday will have a $5 cover charge and she will have CDs for sale.

For more information about Bethel, visit hannahbethel.com, on her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter at @hannahbethel. To view her YouTube episodes, visit youtube.com/hannahbethelmusic. - Daily Mining Gazette ~ Houghton, MI Dec. 2011

"Looking for your Vote"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Hannah Bethel needs the public's help.

The singer and songwriter from the Copper Country who moved to Nashville, Tenn., a few years ago to pursue her music career, is participating in the Maurices Hometown Sound Contest.

"This is the first phase of it," Bethel said in a phone interview Monday evening.

The first phase of the competition is based on online votes, Bethel said, and currently, she's in 14th place out of 800 artists.

"I was really excited to see that," she said.

The artists are vying for the top place where they will perform on a Maurices-sponsored stage at the South by Southwest (SXSW) music and film festival in Austin, Texas.

"They'll also get the opportunity to film a music video in Los Angeles," she said.

At the end of the first round of voting, the top 50 bands will move on and be reviewed by a panel of esteemed music industry judges, who will select the top four bands, she said.

These bands will have their music featured in Maurices stores and on the Maurices music site during a seven-day period, eliminated by votes until the final artist is determined the grand prize winner.

The contest started Thursday and lasts through Jan. 23.

To vote for Bethel, visit mauricesmusic.sonicbids.com, facebook.com/hannah.bethel.artist, youtube.com/hannahbethelmusic and twitter.com/hannahbethel.

"You can vote every day," she said. - Daily Mining Gazette ~ Houghton, MI

"Fdl native appears on "The X Factor" November 21, 2011"

Hannah Bethel knows what it’s like to sing in front of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

The 22-year-old former Fond du Lac resident appeared on the U.S. debut of “The X Factor,” a singing competition that airs on Fox and stars judges Cowell, Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger.

Bethel moved to Nashville three years ago to pursue a music career. The singer-songwriter has released the country album, “Watch Me Fly,” and EP “No Stopping, Standing, Parking,” which are available on iTunes.

She said she tried out for the show “on a whim” while walking through a Nashville mall in April. About a month later, she received a callback, she said.

Bethel said she auditioned before the judges in Dallas in June, where she sang part of “Let Him Fly” by Patty Griffin and “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall.

“That was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life,” she said.

She received unanimous approval from the judges and moved on to the next round in Los Angeles. She performed Rascal Flatts’ “I Won’t Let Go” with Mathew Slovacek, Tim Cifers, Thomas Wells, Jeremy Easley and Kingston during boot camp in the sixth episode. Practicing and competing were exhausting and stressful, so many of the competitors supported each other and formed bonds, she said.

Bethel said she made it into the top 65 artists before receiving the ax during the second elimination round.

Her attitude changed during the show. Bethel said she knew it was a reality show more than a talent contest, and didn’t expect much to come of it. But after a week of hard work — and successful stints in front of the judges and producers — she wondered what it would be like to win.

“You start to want it really bad,” she said. “You’re there. It’s possible.”


Bethel admits she’s a little disappointed that she didn’t make the cut, but she’s forging ahead with her music career.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself as an artist, and I understand that rejection is part of the industry,” she said. “You get told ‘no’ every day. This is just a huge ‘no.’”

She said she entertains almost daily at venues in and around Nashville.

She described her style as traditional and modern country with a bit of pop. She normally performs her own songs but chooses non-country genres when she sings covers because it’s unexpected.

Bethel is preparing to release a series of singles. She’s also launching a web show on her YouTube channel, HannahBethelMusic. She said it will feature covers and original songs, updates and guest artists from Nashville. It should debut in the next few weeks.

Her goal is to land a record deal in the next three years.

“I feel like every step that I’ve taken has brought me to the highest point yet,” she said. “I feel like I’m in a very good place right now to achieve my goal.”

- The Reporter Fond du Lac, WI

""Local singing sweetheart gets national exposure""

Nashville, Tenn.--The Copper Country's own singing sweetheart is getting more exposure to the world, this time in the form of reality TV....Hannah Bethel moved to Nashville, TN 3 years ago from the Copper Country to share her love of music and was recently featured as a contestant on the singing show The X Factor. - The Daily Mining Gazette Friday October 28, 2011

"Hannah Bethel to perform concert"

Local singer/songwriter Hannah Bethel will perform a concert featuring songs from her new CD "No Stopping, Standing, Parking" from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Keweenaw Brewing Co. in Houghton. Bethel resides in Nashville, Tenn., where she is pursuing her music career. For more information, visit hannahbethel.com. - The Mining Journal

"Bethel to perform at KBC"

HOUGHTON - Hannah Bethel has just released a new studio project and she's bringing her tunes back to the Copper Country.

Chassell-native-turned-Nashville-artist Bethel will perform various songs from her new extended play CD, "No Stopping, Standing, Parking" from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Keweenaw Brewing Company in downtown Houghton. The CD was released last September.

Bethel will be in town for a few weeks before returning to Nashville to continue working toward her dream.

Bethel will perform songs from her new CD as well as various other songs. Her EP - which means it's not a full-length album but is still of album quality - consists of four songs.

"It's a really good representation of where I am at right now as an artist," she said.

The band Bethel has been working with in Nashville is heard on the recording. She created an EP rather than a full album to be able to have something short and sweet.

"It's some cool, modern, movingforward country music," she said. "I wanted to take my four very best songs at the time."

From start to finish, the project took more than six months to complete.

"The songs I recorded first were 'Walk Away,' 'Mr. Dependable' and 'Forgetting to Forget,'" she said. "After the recording was done, there was a lot of time spent mixing it and balancing out the sounds to get it to the sound you want."

Bethel was also finishing her last semester at Belmont University in Nashville at the time then headed back to the studio. She produced the album herself and worked with recording engineer Lee Groitzsch, who is a fellow Yooper.

"He is actually from Ontonagon and now he is down in Nashville and is Rickey Skaggs' studio manager," she said.

Groitzsch has worked on the albums of such artists as Martina McBride, Shania Twain, The Beach Boys, Reba McEntire, Britney Spears, Emmylou Harris, Kenny Rogers and Alison Krauss, among others, Bethel said.

"He gave me a really good deal and I was able to record at Ricky Skaggs' studio," Bethel said.

Her latest accomplishment was being selected for Skip Ewing's Horse & Writer 2010. She was one of eight out of thousands of applicants who were chosen to attend the elite songwriting retreat. The attendees spent a week on a horse ranch in Wyoming being mentored by four professional songwriters from Nashville who have had significant success in the industry, Bethel said. They include Skip Ewing, whose songs have sold on nearly 80 million records (Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Bryan White and Kenny Chesney), Deanna Bryant (Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Reba McEntire and Heidi Newfield), Kent Blazy (Garth Brooks, Chris Young and Kenny Chesney) and Clay Mills (Darius Rucker, Trisha Yearwood, Lady Antebellum and Diamond Rio).

"No Stopping, Standing, Parking" is available on iTunes, cdbaby.com and at Good Times Music in Houghton. It will also be for sale at the release show Sunday. For more information, visit hannahbethel.com. - Daily Mining Gazette

"Guitar Girl ~ Local woman pursues Nashville dream"

The 19 year old Fond du lac native is pursuing a singing career in Nashville, and released her first CD last year. The album, "Watch Me Fly" contains 11 original country songs performed on guitar. The album is available at digital music stores, Mad Hatteur Music in Fond du lac and BFG's in Oakfield.

Hannah Bethel's album is also available at other music stores in the midwest & online at iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon & amny others.

for more of this story visit:
www.fdlreporter.com - The Reporter

"Unveiling new local talent/Copper Vein Records release CD#2"

"Copper Vein Records owner JFK has been working hard to compile CD number two"... "One singer and songwriter that JFK sought out is Hannah Bethel". - Daily Mining Gazette

"Hannah Bethel to play Seafood Fest"

"Popular local entertainer Hannah Bethel is part of the musical lineup at this year's Seafood Fest, during the annual Bridge Fest celebration." - Daily Mining Gazette

"Bethel performs at the Moose Jackson Cafe"

Seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter Hannah Bethel will be performing at the Moose Jackson Cafe in Iron Mountain on Friday from 11:30am to 1pm.
Bethel's music is acoustic Americana(a country, folk, blues mix).... - The Daily News, Iron Mountain-Kingsford, Michigan

"Hannah Bethel Releases Debut CD"

....The 11 song compliation of Hannah's crisp voice and guitar playing was entirely by her.
.... The vocals, confidant and reminiscent of modern country music newcomers Miranda Lambert and Julie Roberts, describe life, love and sometimes hit close to home. - The Daily Mining Gazette

"Hannah Bethel Soars"

....Hannah Bethel performed passionately at her CD release party.
....At only 17, Bethel released her first CD titled "Watch Me Fly", named after the first song she ever wrote. The song and album, are about pursuing your dreams and never giving up. - Michigan Tech Lode

"Hannah Bethel: Local singer is ray of sunshine before storm"

Hannah Bethel might have ended her performance at the Houghton Waterfront three songs early Saturday, but even as torrential downpours intercepted a chorus of Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man" not even a thunderstorm could dampen the spirits of this teen turned the next-big-thing.
...Bethel kept the crowd well focused during her performance.
- Daily Mining Gazette

"Nashville Bound"

Local teen singer/songwriter will be performing at the Houghton Co. Fair this weekend.
...performing has always come natural to Hannah.
...I get this indescribable bliss and sense of accomplishment when I'm performing.
...especially when your audience is really into it. - Daily Mining Gazette "Happenings"

"Get the Buzz/ Features...Hannah Bethel"

Songs of life, love and following her dreams. Eighteen-year-old Hannah Bethel sings about what's real. "The way I write is not always a very specific cutout story," Bethel says. "I use words that evoke those emotions about love and pursuing my career." Following graduation in May, Bethel will set out for Nashville this fall pursuing a degree in commercial music with a performance emphasis at Belmont University. "I'm really excited. I'm planning on making it a life-long career." "Knowing that I'm going to Nashville...I'm going to work my connections. I'm going to make it work." Until then Bethel is sticking around for regular gigs like the Chassell Country Western show, the Houghton Spring Art & Music Festival and Seafood fest.
Raised on classic rock and country, Bethel said it's hard to classify her style of music. "Acoustic, country, soulful, folk."
...see more in the Daily Mining Gazette/ Houghton, Michigan. - Daily Mining Gazette


Never Ending Sky- 2015

Produced by Brennin Hunt and Hannah Bethel

The Freedom EP- 2013

Produced by Andy Sheridan and Hannah Bethel



Hannah Bethel grew up on country music and classic rock in the backwoods of Northern Michigan. She spent her teenage years traveling the Upper Midwest performing at fairs, bars, talent shows, coffee houses, shopping malls and country western shows. Hannah self-released her first record at 17 and the following year she moved to Nashville, Tennessee. 

Hannah has released three more records since her move to Nashville, “No Stopping, Standing, Parking” in 2010, “The Freedom EP” in 2012 (named Independent Country Album of the Year on Examiner.com), and “Never Ending Sky” in 2015. All of these projects have received international airplay. Her music videos have been featured on The Country Network, ZUUS Country, The Nashville Network, GACtv.comCMT.com and hundreds of retail outlets across the US. 

Her folksy-country meets groovy-pop style has lead her to receive acclaim from such renowned music industry critics as Robert Oermann, “She has a very cool Appalachian vocal style. The upbeat tune is produced perfectly with plenty of open spaces between the fiddle, dobro and steel lines… The accomplished singing is as impressive as the fact that she wrote or co-wrote all of the EP’s fine songs.” Of Hannah’s most recent single, Oermann said, “[You Wanna Be My Man is] pert and perky, with a girlish sweetness…Well sung and well produced.” Hannah was named one of CMA Close Up’s Who New to Watch. 

Hannah has spent the past few years touring the United States, performing shows from Alaska to New Jersey and everywhere in between. She has shared the stage with such artists as Joe Nichols, Rodney Atkins, Trisha Yearwood, Charlie Worsham, Buddy Jewell, Frankie Ballard, Canaan Smith, Nine Days and Leigh Nash. Hannah is currently working on her next project. 

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