Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown


Hannah is a youthful and talented singer/songwriter, with an amazing voice and incredible ‘star’ presence. She has received a huge response from fans on her Myspace page, with over 12,000 hits! Her song 'Get To Me' has also aired on over 15 radio stations nationally.


Hannah Brown is the new and original sound coming out of Perth right now. With a unique voice, this singer writes all her own songs, and with 20 recorded songs under belt she is now looking to further her singing career.Born in Scotland, where she lived for 14 years, Hannah’s passion for music was established at a young age and has been growing ever since.Since moving to Perth, Australia in 2002 she has been working hard on her vocal abilities and her song writing techniques, working with a variety of producers and having vocal coaching at Cleaver Academy of Voice.


Cause A Commotion

Written By: Hannah Brown

I always have my reasons
For thinking I am right
I always have a purpose
For coming along for the ride

I know you’ve had your issues,
With people who sink your boat
There will be no negotiating
You either do or you don’t

Coz boy, it is time, for you to put your foot across the line

Come on tell us what you think,
Cause a commotion, cause a commotion
Baby won’t you let me in
Cause a commotion, cause a commotion
Don’t you let that chance go past
Cause a commotion, cause a commotion
Cause a commotion whenever you can
Cause a commotion, oh.

We’re all born individual
Then somehow we conform
I’d rather stay an original
Reeking havoc, causing storms

I am all for the notion
Mixing things up, stir the pot
Do you want to fit the mould,
Or do you not?



Coz life is meant to be a high
And I won’t stop til I’m satisfied
And you, you can join the side
That’s gonna put their whole bodies across the line

Oh, Oh, Oh, Yeah

Chorus 2X.


Get To Me
Cause A Commotion
Surrounding Me, Surrounding You
Don't Let Me Go
Have A Little Faith In Me
Beautiful Girl

And Many More...

Set List

My set list is flexible to suit the venue and occasion.

Usually I play a selection of my songs however I can also play a collection of cover songs if required.