Hannah Fernie

Hannah Fernie


Piano based songs with infectious melodies influences from Blues/Pop/Jazz and folk.


Hannah Fernie's music is a little different, with infectious melodies and piano based arrangements each song innocently portrays a picture of life, love and anything else that pops into her view. Hannah started writing at the age of 15 and was finalist of Young Composer of the Year at the age of 16 which began her journey and cemented her passion for music. Along the way she has been inspired by the likes of Sia, Feist and Tori Amos which has culminated in a batch of new songs which she finished recording in 2008. Today Hannah gig's across London with the support of her band and continues to record, write and perform.


Always and Invisible played on BBC Radio Kent

Set List

Sets are normally 30 mins long 6-7 songs. Current set list - 1. Circles 2. Always 3. Its not you 4. All I want 5. My Shadow 6. Invisible.