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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Acoustic




"Hannah Gill: Hannah Gill (Greene Street Music)"

Fans of The Cranberries might want to check out the debut EP from this Maryland native, who sounds like a young Delores O’Riordan. I say young because Gill is only 16, but with a voice and delivery that’s mature well beyond her years. The six songs include four originals from producer Brad Hammonds, plus covers of Kimbra’s “Two Way Street” and Christina Perri’s “Distance.” Hammonds leads Gill’s backup band, whose jazzy sounds provide the perfect complement to her ear-catching vocals. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how this promising talent’s career unfolds. - ExpressMilwaukee.com

"Hannah Gill: Hannah Gill"

This ep is the debut recording of a fresh sounding young lady named Hannah Gill. Her voice has a hint of the folksy bohemia of Melody Gardot, and she uses it in an eclectic setting with Brad Hammonds/g, Andrew Klein/b, Matthew Jodrell/tp, Francesco Ciniglio/dr, Bennett Paster/p-wurl and Reed Taylor/b. Hammond’s writes most of the material, and pieces such as “Whisper” and “Story of a Man” mix folksy guitar chords with bluesy piano and Gill’s well timed verse. Jodrell’s horn melds with the acoustic guitar well on the snappy “I Feel Awake” while some keyboards and electronic sounding muses create a sepia mood on “Medicine.” Impressive opening salvo. - Jazz Weekly Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde

"Hannah Gill: A Different Kind of Sweet Sixteen"

While most sixteen year olds look forward to weekends with high school friends, St. Michael’s Hannah Gill is more than likely to be found these days in a recording studio in New York City. Several times a month, Hannah catches the Amtrak to work closely with musician and producer Brad Hammonds for intense rehearsal and recording sessions before climbing back on the train on Sunday evenings.

This unlikely collaboration is the result of a Talbot County friendship between Brad’s father and Hannah’s dad and a desire for the two of them to work together. While Brad might have originally thought this was simply extending a favor to listen to Hannah a few months ago, it didn’t take long for him to realize, like everyone who first hears Hannah sing, this is was not your typical teenager.

The Spy briefly caught up with Hannah at her debut album release event at the Avalon last Thursday night - Talbot Spy

"16 year-old singer Hannah Gill has a voice and style that exceeds her age"

16 year-old singer Hannah Gill has a voice and style that exceeds her age in her self-titled EP. At times Gill has a subtle jazz tone in her voice in “Story of a Man” and “Two Way Street.” Her style clearly comes out in “I Feel Awake” with a playful innocence about it. The EP is produced by Brad Hammonds who also plays songwriter and guitarist on it. Gill is just beginning her career. This is a promising start for an emerging singer. For more info visit www.hannahgillmusic.com - FemMusic

"A Delight!!"

"Hannah is an impressive singer, surprisingly so for her age. The purity of her tone and the rightness of her delivery make her a delight to hear. Check out "Distance," in particular." - Downbeat Magazine

"Hannah Gill: Stunning new Voice!"

Stunning new voices. The type that make you stop, and listen, listen again. That is Hannah Gill, whose debut EP launches on March 4.

In this podcast we talk with this up-and-coming talent about how she found her voice and confidence, what she thought of Lorde at the Grammys, and what’s next for this extraordinary young woman. - Kadmus Arts

"Hannah Gill: Music to your ears"

if you guy’s are looking forward to some new music tunes, Hannah Gill is one of my highly anticipated favorites.

It’s so crazy to think that Hannah is only 16, and her sounds are those of more a fresh jazz vocalist, among those similar to Billie Holiday.
-Hillary Hahn - Chiffon Souflle

""Simply amazing!""

The Maryland-native, Hannah Gill, brings a voice to the mix that takes on vocal similarities to Beth Orton, Katie Melua, Adele, and Zero 7--to name a few. However, Hannah combines jazzy horns, folk arrangements, and progressive pop sensibilities with mature vocals that evoke feelings of happiness and contentment. The rather short EP contains six songs that showcase her talent quite well. The opener, "Whisper," is a fitting introduction to the album, but it is not a quiet song. It still is a pop song with some rock arrangements and a great melody. The next track, "I Feel Awake," follows in the same footstep, but it contains some jazzy trumpet and piano. The jaunty, cafe music-tune, "Story Of A Man," is a breezy little ditty that seems to evoke the French music of Francois Hardy, Carla Bruni, and other similar singers. "Two Way Street" is a song rooted in Adele's intimate vocal calisthenics and a vibrant progressive and experimental instrumental backbone. "Medicine" is a rock-infused tune with punchy power pop melodies. "Distance" is a more solemn ditty steeped in beautiful vocals and sweet melodies. Simply amazing! - Inside World Music

"Hannah Gill Self Titled 4.5/5 Stars"

Sixteen-year-old musician, Hannah Gill, has already released her first album. When music fans sit down to listen to the self titled album, it may come as a surprise that Gill is still at such a young age when her voice and musical compilations carry passion and express a tone of that of a much older musician.

Gill was singing around the house at very young age, she even sights some of her influences as Ella Fitzgerald and the Avett Brothers, which for a sixteen year old is impressive. That time spent growing up with music and embracing artists that focused on their voices and instrumentals plays a large part in the modern, fresh and grown up singer-songwriter style that can be heard on her album.

The album has a heavy influence of pop music and also a slight twist of jazz every so often that can be heard in the notes. It is interesting to see how more modern styles of music combine with classic elements like that of a Fitzgerald album or an old school jazz records.

Gill is willing to showcases her voice but not sacrifice who she is as an artist to become more mainstream, which will work well for her, her sound is something fresh and fans of music are always looking for something new.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Whisper," "I Feel Awake" and "Distance."

Gill does have the ability and the musicianship to become a major name in the pop music industry, she will be an artist that people keep their eyes on in 2014. - The Celebrity Cafe

"Amazing and Uber talented musician from the mean streets of Easton Md., Hannah Gill."

1. What inspired your interest in music? 1. I have been around music my whole life, my dad played the guitar and my mom would sing to me. They were sure to expose me to all music types to see what I liked. Music was in everything my family did.

2. How do you feel about people downloading rather than buying music? 2. I don’t mind that people download music, I mean I do it. Everyone does. Granted it does “hurt the artist” but I figure that if the people listening to my music want to support me with either buying an album or coming to see a show it makes up for a few free songs in the long run.

3. What do you bring to the music industry? 3. I would like to think that I am different than most of the pop singers out there I like bringing a nice jazz vibe into an indie genre. If you look around in the “top hits” you see that musicians are starting to bring a more acoustic sound into the mix and I would love to be a part of that movement but at the same time have a tone to my music that people could recognize as my own.

4. What are your career aspirations? 4. I love the idea of doing what makes you happy, what I want to do when I get older changes on a day to day basis, but I figure as long as I am happy with what I’m doing then there is nothing else I want to be doing. With that said I could easily see myself singing the rest of my life, it is something I really do love and enjoy.

5. Do you think cover artists ever get it right when doing original work? 5. I think that if they enjoy what they are doing then each to their own. I think that you can be a cover band and write a damn good original.

6. Who would you like to work with? 6. Honestly? I think it would be so amazing to do a duet with Adele her voice is amazing. I also would kill to harmonize with Amos Lee or Ray LaMontagne!

7. What genre would you consider yourself? 7. Indie? With maybe a touch of jazz? So indiejazz. Haha

8. What do you like and dislike about the music industry? 8. I like the fact that artists like The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons are getting more exposed with that said I dislike the fact that so many good artists have gone undiscovered. When I’m here in New York I have seen so many amazing artists that deserve to be in the top 100. When some artists aren’t quite up to par.

9. Is there anything you’d like to do over in regards to the start of your career? 9. Not at all. This whole experience is just so amazing. Not every teenager gets to do what I’m doing. I am so thankful for where I am and I wouldn’t change a thing. Whether my music fizzles out or makes it big.

10. What advice would you like to say to other girls your age? 10. BE YOURSELF! I know everyone says that, but trust me. I live in a small town and compared to everyone else I am a total wacko. But you know what? I don’t regret it. In the end it just makes people like me for who I am. And I would rather be remembered as the weirdo then the girl that was just like everyone else.

11. Are there any classes you take to help you with your craft? 11. Nothing outside of school. I mean my whole high school is about 200 kids. So nothing other than choir and the school musicals.

12. How long have you been doing music aren’t you only 16 now? 12. I have been singing since I was little. But I recorded my first songs here in New York last summer!

13. Bio- 13. I’m Hannah Gill, in 16 years old and a junior. I live in Easton Maryland and love everything about performing. It’s different then everything else. It’s one of those things that I could see myself doing the rest of my life and being perfectly happy about it.

14. Where can the fans find your material? 14. I have a Facebook, reverb nation and a twitter! Just type in Hannah Gill and I should pop right up!! I have an EP coming out around December too which is super exciting! - Virtually Loaded


Still working on that hot first release.



Maryland-based songstress, Hannah Gill, is thrilled to have released her latest EP, I Feel Awake, on January 20th, 2015.

At only 18 years old, Hannah's voice brings to mind soulful performers such as Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Kate Nash.

Her uncommon vocal talent combined with wisdom and maturity in her young age is what sets Hannah apart. With a sound that is alive, fresh and vibrant, and includes a jazz vibe that is crisp and modern - Hannah rises above the created and overdone sound that frequents today's airwaves.

It wasn't long before Gill paired up with producer and musician Brad Hammonds. As soon as Hammonds heard her, he understood that Gill was something special. Gill's vocal sophistication conveys deep emotion without resorting to histrionics or auto tune synthesized vocals.

They were soon on a roll as Gill, accompanied by Hammonds, along with a spare group of double bass, drums and trumpet crooned her way to the effervescent and sparkling sound.

In the studio or onstage, Gill is spontaneous. After all, she notes, "The whole point of music is to experiment."

Her live band – Hammonds [guitar], Mathias Kunzli [drums], Jason DiMatteo [bass] and Matthew Jodrell [trumpet] - brings a wealth of experience with them, ranging from work with Paul Anka to Regina Spektor.

Hannah herself has worked with successful music veterans including four-time Grammy Winner, Brian Vibberts, who produced her debut self-titled EP.

Hannah’s first single from I Feel Awake gained impressive reviews and after debuting through Earmilk is now featured on both MTV and VH1.

Her music video for single I Feel Awake featured in MTVu’s Freshmen competition where Hannah beat off stiff competiton from acts such as the hugely successful Sheppard. Her music video is now in full rotation on their channel.

Every journey begins with a single step, so the proverb goes. Hannah Gill has made hers into a giant leap.

Hannah Gill released her debut EP I Feel Awake on January 20th, 2015.

Email: gillgreenest@gmail.com

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