Hannah Lindroth

Hannah Lindroth

 New York City, New York, USA

Soulful songwriter, singer and producer Hannah Lindroth (New York/Austin/Stockholm) performs and records regularly with various artists and musicians.
She is also the co-founder of Parlodor (Music & Entertainment).


MUSICIAN AND PRODUCER HANNAH LINDROTH was born into a family of artists in Stockholm, Sweden in 1978.

Influenced by everything from British 60s pop to artists like Bonnie Raitt to Talking Heads, Lindroth moved to New York City in 2000 to pursue a career in music.
Her debut album, "Dangerous Love" was released in 2002.

Lindroth performed regularly in the clubs around New York with her band, and in 2005 she signed a record deal with a small label in Los Angeles.

Her second solo album, "Piece of Magic" (2007), featured musicians from the Bonnie Raitt Band, among others, and was produced by legendary trumpet player Steve Madaio.

Shortly after releasing "Piece Of Magic" the label went out of business. Lindroth kept in touch with the musicians in L.A. however and continued performing with her band in New York.

In 2010 she moved to Austin, TX, where she co-founded Parlodor Music & Entertainment and collaborated with musicians in the Austin music scene.

During this period Lindroth mostly focused on studio work and also began to write music for comedy, film and television.

She currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

For updates please visit http://www.hannahlindroth.org or http://www.parlodor.com.


Over And Out

Written By: Hannah Lindroth

I'm thinking about
our time
my love
but I'm over and out by now
Over and out

Maybe I'll find us
in another place
where I can see you in another life
Over and out

Like Colonel Taylor found
a world being run by
another kind
Over and out

I'm thinking of you
when I fly
my dear
I'll always be here on the other side
of the sky


And I believe that I
will be with you again
in a better world


Over and out
Over and out
I'm thinking about
No, no
I'm over and out
Over and out


Dangerous Love, 2002
Piece Of Magic (acoustic 5 song EP), 2005
Piece Of Magic (full length album), 2007

Set List

Mostly original material, occasional surprises.