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"Hannah O'Reilly a unique talent"

Hannah O'Reilly is an hour away from the stage at the Big Chill in Raumati... There is a chance for all to buy a copy of her new EP 'The Eve Sessions'. Though you really don't need much convincing, a mere 30 seconds of any one of Hannah's 40-something long repertoire of originals, and you'd have your hand in your pocket, keen to get a copy of this acoustic gem.
Hannah has a unique roll n rock story to tell. She's a Wellington girl who didn't take music seriously until she was 18. As a teenager she used her guitar to release a bit of teenage angst but her playing never left the bedroom.
Hannah became PRChick.com, her own company in Wellington which handled gig promotion. Her friends knew she had talent and in 2001 bullied her into playing a few tunes at the New Zealand Fringe Festival.
In 2003 Hannah packed up and moved to Edinburgh. Her reasons are quite sensible.
"In the New Zealand music scene I am known as a PR person, a publicist and a photographer and to change that image of myself was too hard. So I thought I'd go away and be a musician somewhere else then come back".
That is not to say that Hannah is back. She's in NZ at the end of a month-long holiday to catch up with friends and family. By the time you read this she will in fact be back in Edinburgh playing gigs at Cafes and bars at least every other night...
Meeting Hannah is a delight. She is always smiling (which was half nervous excitement and half happiness at the fact that she enjoys what she does). That comes across on stage. She chats between songs and she's witty, charming and sings with an angelic voice that cuts through you. Hannah is no angel.
A friend in Scotland told her she sings like a dirty angel which is true. Hannah's wings have been dirtied from living what life has to offer.
There are no boundaries as to where she will allow a song to go. Included in her set is a song that sees her climax in a vocal orgasm, and another is titled 'Killed a man' showing us her edges are rougher than they look. But Hannah always retains her sense of humour.
The EP 'The Eve Sessions' was recorded live in a pub in Edinburgh in 2004. It features six songs, all folk based - just Hannah and her guitar 'Audrey'. The mood and essence of the opening track 'Surface' has a sweet vocal melody with slightly sombre undertones over a steady folk guitar strum.
The guitar changes in 'Adam & Eve' are notable - in fact there are subtle changes in both her playing and singing in all tracks.
Hannah's vocals will change on a whim and is as similarly sweet as Jewel or Sarah Mclachlan, and as powerful as Ani De Franco.
The EP also includes interludes, small spoken bits from Hannah, little comments and giggles, that give the EP all the charm the real life Hannah has when you meet her.


- Jay Hollows (radio DJ & journo). - The Weekend Chronicle, Saturday, April 2, 2005

"New talent sings out"

Review of Out of the Bedroom- open mic night.
Panhandlers had to sift through a lot of dirt, rarely finding gold. The Waverley last night was hardly the Yukon, but at least there were a few nuggets there.
The event is a regular showcase for singer/songwriters of varying experience and quality....
Catherine Flint, Hannah O'Reilly, and Ross Galloway each had bags of talent, wit and their own style and are more than ready to move Out of the Bedroom. O'Reilly's 'Honesty' was probably the best song of the night...
All three made the night worthwhile.


- Martin Lenon - The Evening News, Friday 9 January 2004

"Bohemian rhapsody at Roxy music night"

It's like some enchanted cathedral. A work of extraordinary charm and grandeur. Candles twinkle in the hallway, while subtle blue and pink lighting enhance the feeling of serenity. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed - Bohemian almost.
Up on stage - on what was once the altar - are three up-and-coming singer-songwriters. You'd expect them to be strumming an acoustic guitar in some busy coffee house. Instead they're here at the Roxy Art House, a former church, playing their hearts out.
Black-clad, wearing no shoes, and singing straight from the soul, 24-year-old New Zealander Hannah O'Reilly, is a confident and charismatic performer. From the ethereal Blues Boy to the self-deprecating Stupid Girl, she is entrancing...


- Barry Gordon. - Evening News, Friday 21 January 2005


'Out of the Ten' - September 2003 (LP)
Streaming singles from that album are available on http://www.mp3.com.au/artist.asp?id=11668
'The Eve Sessions I' - June 2004 (EP)
This EP has had extensive airplay in New Zealand on Beach FM in 2005/6.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Having been a publicist for bands in New Zealand for 2 years, Hannah made the decision to head into music-land fully aware of the hardships that lay ahead. However, so strong was the pull to perform and lay down her divine and spirited vocals, that she ventured forth with the wild abandon that only a kamakaze musician has...

Two crazy years later Hannah has made her mark in the UK... making Edinburgh her home and taking the acoustic scene by storm. She has won the Acoustic Idol awards in Edinburgh two years running, and has played the Princes Street Gardens 'Ross Bandstand' to a crowd of over 2000 in the 2004 Fringe Festival.

In September 2003 she released her first album 'Out of the Ten' on a limited run, and it sold out within 3 days. In 2004 Hannah released a live-recorded EP called 'The Eve Sessions I', which she toured to New Zealand in February 2005 to rave reviews - "A mere thirty seconds, and you'd have your hand in your pocket, keen to get a copy of this acoustic gem" - Jay Hollows (April 2nd, 2005 Weekend Chronicle - NZ)

In mid 2005 she formed The Part Timers, the backing band born to fill out and emphasize her delicious vocals and powerful songs. Together they are currently preparing the material for Hannah's first full band album - to be called 'The Elemental Angel'... "I tell people it's about me moving to a foreign country and feeling a bit torn, like the elements... when in actual fact I just wanted an album with the word 'mental' in the title"...
Hannah and The Part Timers also played The Meadows Festival in Edinburgh and some big Festival Fringe gigs in 2005, and are planning a tour of Scotland once the new album is out. Hannah is also doing a small solo tour to Canada in December 2005.

Hannah is a truly unique talent, with a warmth and good humour that is shared with her audience willingly, and a knack for songs that inspire everything from haunting, to happy-summer memories, and from hilarious laughs to heartfelt sadness. Delivered to you from a down-to-earth Kiwi lass, who has a penchant for wearing corsets and just simply loves to sing.