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hannah pearl


hannah pearl- sweet bump and grind poet sings her tales of lust and loss accompanied by her acoustic guitar... original rythms, fresh catchy tunes and startling lyrics. website: hannahpearl.com myspace.com/hannahpearlmusic


Hannah Pearl

Hailing from the green hills of Nimbin, Hannah Pearl is a talented girl-rock poet performing a vibrant blend of original songs and artful covers.

With a lyrical edgyness and pulsing melodies, Hannah’s sound is all her own. But for the sake of categorising, lets say its an Acoustic Pop Rock influenced by the likes of KT Tunstall, The Divinyls, and Fiona Apple.

She has been touring the European circuit of festivals and concert halls for the last two summers, entrancing audiences and building up fan bases in Europe whilst promoting her recent release "fragments of a half-remembered dream in which..." and her debut album "Hannah Pearl".
She has played festivals in Austria (Pflasterspektakel 2006, 2007), Italy (La Ghironda 2007, Ferrara 2006, 2007, Santa Sofia 2007), Poland (Wroclaw 2006, 2007) Germany (Leipzig turbulence 2006) (pulsmacher 2008) (stramu 2008) (hildesheim 2008), and Macedonia (Skopje 2007) Switzerland (bern 2008)

Hannah has been writing songs and fronting bands for almost 10 years, beginning when she was just 17. Her first band, the all-girl Slippery became very popular in their local area, gigging constantly and winning a great many fans with their eclectic fusion of acoustic pop, rock and soul. The year 2000 saw them record their debut EP, win a place at Woodford Folk Festival and feature on the ABC’s the 10:30 slot.

In 2004 she lived and worked in Japan for a year as a professional Karaoke singer, and upon her return, recorded her debut solo album which has sold over 1500 copies and been described by one reviewer as;

“a compelling blend of clever lyricism, sultry vocals and catchy pop hooks that will infiltrate your mind and find you humming in the shower”

Hannah is currently touring europe and will be performing in germany, macedonia, montenegro, hungary, switzerland and italy.
For your chance to be a part of the action, check out the website www.hannahpearl.com
Or contact us at hannah@hannahpearl.com
Or call;
Spain +34 648 0777 07
Australia 0427 648 945



Written By: hannah pearl

I feel so funny when you come around me
I can't believe it Iím just so happy
I get this feeling you could get to me
I really dig it to see you smile, you should visit, come hang out for a while
You never know, you might feel so comfortable
You take off all your clothes


Don't be so shy, boy
Come over to my place
I'll cook you breakfast
Whatever you're hungry for
You would look so good
Asleep in my bed, hey

I'm so young and you're fine
I just wanna spend some of your time
But you donít even catch my eye
Gimme a minute and I'll make you see
There's something special between you and me
Boy you know you really get to me


You really get to me, oh yeah
Really get to me, oh oh
Really get to me

Chorus, then

Relax your head, what are you waiting for
Don't be so shy, oh, come on up, come on up, yeah
I'll make you happy, I'll cook you breakfast, whatever you request
Whatever you're hungry for


Written By: hannah pearl

Verse 1:

do you think you've got monopoly

on me, youre not listening properly

I aint nobodies, private property, no not me

So you should love me boy,

but be aware- Im dangerous

Pretty scary, if you wanna stick with me, boy

be prepared, to fly like the breeze and bend like a river reed


You dont have to be so serious

theres nothing here thats worth all that fuss

we're so young, and the world is brand new and

I just wanna be here, for a moment with you.

Verse 2:

So if youre up for it, lets explore it, we'll get it on, whatever,

but cut short, that thought that we belong together cos I, Im just a butterfly

And there are so many beautiful gardens I could lose myself in

I, Im just a butterfly


i just wanna be here, in this moment with you

just let me play here for a moment with you

maybe Ill stay here, in this moment with you.......


Written By: hannah pearl

I think about it all the time, maybe Iím dirty
Well I canít seem to clean my mind, mmm
I wanna taste the way you sweat, eat your kisses
Canít stop myself from getting wet, when you smile at me.

Sometimes I feel like I am kept, against my wishes
A slave to this feeling I canít give up, mmm
Then my cup overflows, and Iím so delicious, I
Want you to come and eat me up, come and eat me up
Oh yeah, come and eat me up


Cos sex is trapped in, under my skin, and I canít help but radiate
Please donít be confused, by the looks Iím giving to you,
My eyes are full of praise these days.

Sometimes I feel like I am blessed, to be so pretty
And have the world right at my feet, oh
Sometimes I feel like Iím obsessed, with living, cos
You look good enough to eat, good enough to eat
Oh yeah, good enough to eat



dont overlook me

Written By: hannah pearl

DON’T OVERLOOK ME © Hannah Pearl 2007

Verse 1: Am, C, G
I feel like Im invisible, when you look at me like that-
Like my body don’t even catch the light
Or send it bouncing back

Dm, C, G
Theres gotta be something I could do, to hit your trigger
Theres gotta be something I could say, to blow you away

Chorus: F, E, C, G
Don’t overlook me, im serious now
I got some serious fire , and its coming out
I hope youre ready for it,
Dm, Em, G
I hope you really feel it

Verse 2:
If you see me shine-
Do you avert your eyes, or
Do you look me in the face, and tell me im good
Want you to look me in the face, tell me that im good

Theres gotta be something I could do, to hit your trigger
Theres gotta be something I could say, to blow you away

Don’t overlook me, im serious now
I got some serious fire , and its coming out
I hope youre ready for it, I hope you really feel it
I hope youre ready for it, I hope you really feel it, I hope youre ready for it, I hope you, really, feel, it


fragments of a half remembered dream in which..., 2008
hannah pearl debut, 2006
skyjuice ep 2002
slippery ep 2000

Set List

120 minutes of original music interspersed with covers from sting, tracy chapman, the divinyls, carly simon, madonna, natalie imbruglia and other classic songs