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Hannah Rae Beale

Frankfort, Michigan, United States | SELF

Frankfort, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Hannah Rae Beale NM3 Live Magazine"

Like any person who attempts to play the guitar forthe first time, Hannah Rae Beale put the instrumentdown as quickly as she picked it up. However, shecould not deny that she had a powerful connection withthe guitar. Denying her love affair for over a year sheconfronted the instrument once again at the age of fifteen.This time however, the bond was sealed. Through patience,persistence, and inspiration, Hannah transformed herself intoan incredibly talented musician.Hannah played all over Western Michigan by sixteen, andwon the 2010 Manistee County Battle of the Bands, as asolo artist, at age seventeen. That same year, Beale begansharing the stage with Milwaukee Music- and WisconsinArea Music Industry-award winner, Ethan Keller. Hannahstated, “He recognized me as a musician before I ever didfor myself.” Since then she has shared the stage with artistssuch as Justine Blazer, Seth Bernard and Daisy Mae, LukeWinslow King, Zoe Muth, and Grupo Fantasma.In the spring of 2011 Hannah simultaneously released twoEP’s: Dirt and Hold Tight. She then co-headlined a summerMidwest/east coast tour with the Ethan Keller Group,performing for thousands at outdoor festivals in Michiganand Wisconsin, and showcasing for industry professionalsfrom Milwaukee to New York.Now 19, Hannah Rae Beale has nurtured her song-writingabilities to reflect her emotions and life experiences. Whenasked, “Which one of your songs is your favorite?” sheadamantly replied with, “What an unfair question. Everysingle one of my songs relates to a certain part of my life.They were all a favorite at some point.” Crediting love asher most powerful inspiration, Hannah classifies her style ofmusic as being adult-contemporary, Americana, and eclectic.Beale dabbles in everything from reggae to acoustic rock tohip-hop. One thing is certain, this young singer-songwriterhas no plans on slowing down. - NM3 Live Magazine

"Central Michigan University Interview"

Hannah Rae Beale has long been performing music behind a microphone, and now she’s learning the business behind the scenes as well.

Beale began working on the performance aspect of music as a sophomore in high school and has continued to sing and play while discovering the way the industry works.

“There are all of these contracts and a ton of things involved with it that are not music-related,” the Frankfort sophomore said. “Music is more important, but I really value education, so I want to learn as much as I can while I have the time to.”

“Being glued” to her phone setting up arrangements for recording or performing has been a challenge for Beale.

“It’s a ton of work, so I’m constantly on my phone emailing or talking to people while I’m also thinking, ‘Oh hey, I have to do my stats homework,’” she said.

She compares her music to Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat but refuses to categorize it into a specific genre.

Beale said most of her lyrics are metaphorical, with “bad boys” providing her the inspiration for her dual-released albums “Hold Tight” and “Dirt.”

“Mean boyfriends, good boyfriends, bad boyfriends,” Beale said “Basically anything any teenage girl would write about.”

Disregarding any professional lessons, the self-taught guitar player said, “I have come in contact with a ton of great musicians who have offered me as much advice as any lesson would.”

One musician who has helped launch Beale’s career is Milwaukee singer and songwriter Ethan Keller.

While on his solo tour in 2009, the award-winning pop artist noticed Beale playing on the streets of Manistee.

“I sat and listened to a couple of her songs, snapped a photo and put it on my blog,” he said. “A year later, I booked her for some shows in Wisconsin and had her open a show for me.”

After providing Beale with a band, Keller joined forces with her to record “Ain’t Nobody,” a song produced entirely over the internet because of distance.

“When I first met her, I knew she was a good singer and fearless,” Keller said.

The artists co-headlined a tour covering Wisconsin, New York and Michigan, playing shows for crowds of up to 5,000 people.

“She’s got a good head on her shoulders,” he said. “People are kind of naturally drawn to her music.”

Beale’s roommate Kelsea Kocan said she’s extremely supportive of her talent.

“Every time she comes out with a new song, I’ll put it on Facebook and tell all of my friends about it,” the Midland sophomore said.

Sharing walls with a musician is more fun than frustrating for Kocan, who said she sometimes tries to help Beale out with her songwriting.

“I think it’s awesome that she has a dream she is working toward at such a young age,” she said.

Sending the message of respecting true talent and true music is one goal Beale said she hopes to achieve.

“I know so many people who are 100 percent better than anyone on TV with so much more to offer, but people just don’t bite into that, because it doesn’t say anything about sex and drugs,” Beale said. “And I would love to change that.”

During winter, when the music industry focuses more on planning and recording, Beale continues to write music she said she hopes influences her audience.

“I strongly believe as long as you’re on this earth, you should achieve the highest goals you can,” Beale said. “As much as you should live your own life, you should also strive to influence the world.” - Central Michigan Life

"Hannah Rae Beale and Ethan Keller Group Tour"


Travelling throughout the Midwest and East Coast with Michigan’s Hanna Rae Beale

Milwaukee, WI June 29, 2011 – Ethan Keller, critically acclaimed Wisconsin-based musician, begins a summer music tour with Michigan artist Hannah Rae Beale on Thursday, June 30, 2011 and will end up as a headliner for Milwaukee’s Bastille Days Festival on Saturday, July 16, 2011.

Voted Best Solo Artist Award of 2011 by the Milwaukee Music Awards, as well as the 2011 Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Awards, Best Pop Artist Award, Ethan Keller is well-seasoned and ready to begin his summer tour alongside Hannah Rae Beale, nominated the Red Hot Best for up-and-coming artist in Michigan. The tour includes dates in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. Concluding the tour will be a live performance during the French-inspired Bastille Days in Cathedral Square Park on July 16 at 9p.m.

“I'm humbled by recent nods and awards, which I owe to my fans and musical peers,” explains Keller. “I'm blessed to call Milwaukee my home, and have lately been inspired by young musicians like Hannah Rae Beale.”

Ethan Keller’s 2010 release Profit currently receives heavy rotation at 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and also airs around the country on 200+ college radio stations. Keller produced and co-wrote Hannah Rae Beale’s first digital release “Ain’t Nobody.” Beale debuted her pair of EP’s Hold Tight and Dirt in spring 2011. Her album Hold Tight was called "intoxicating" and "emotive" by Maverick Magazine.

For more full tour schedule check out www.facebook.com/ethankellermusic and for more information about the touring artists visit www.ethankeller.com and www.hannahraebeale.com - Wisconsin News

"Chicago Music Seen Reviews Hannah Rae Beale"

Beale began her singer-songwriter career at the young age of 15. She is now 18 and juggling a busy college schedule along with playing gigs and summer tours. She toured last summer with Ethan Keller at music festivals mainly in her home state of Michigan and Wisconsin but this midwestern girl made her way also to the Big Apple. Her influences include Adele, Joss Stone, and Colbie Callait. After a listen to her two 2011 releases, Hold Tight and DIrt, I would also add Corinne Bailey Rae to this mix. It is most obvious to compare her to the music styling and sound of Callait. The song "I Never Told You" by Callait could have been on one of Beale's releases.

In Hold Tight, Beale sings about friendship in "Jeana", which she has included an acoustic bonus track, relationships, and broken hearts. The song "These Questions" in particular strikes a chord and reminds me of Corinne Bailey Rae (note they both have the name Rae!). Of the two releases, the songs on this one have a more similar slow tempo and an overall feel and tone of sadness. For these reasons I personally prefer the release Dirt which reveals a more playful side to Beale. On Dirt, "Call Me Pookie" has a reggae beat and another bonus track of this song performed with a swing jazz sound is included also. " Spring Fling" has a bit of an alt country rock sound with electric guitar riffs in the background. One of my favorites is the song "Peace" which demonstrates Beale's skills at word play a la Jason Mraz. Maybe not at the speed that he delivers it but nonetheless, great rhyming. One of the last tracks "Unreliable" is more of a ballad and allows for a good listen to Beale's vocal quality and talent.

Beale recently released her first single "Aint Nobody" which she co-wrote with Ethan Keller and is a great choice for her debut. This song is available for your listening pleasure on her website. Beale's vocals are interwoven with rapping by Keller. This is a great listen and I look forward to hearing this song on the radio and/or satellite soon. My husband independently heard Beale's CD while driving in the car (as it was in my carousel) and asked me later who she was and is convinced that he heard her before on satellite. I told him he likely is confusing her for Colbie Callait. Beale has accomplished a lot for someone so young having written 30 original songs by age 17 and simultaneously releasing two nicely produced CD's showcasing her talent as a singer and writer. Having not seen her live in Chicago, I look forward to the opportunity. Hopefully at my favorite singer-songwriter venue, Schubas. If you like Colbie Callait and Corinne Bailey Rae (so much rhyming...) you will be a fan of Hannah Rae Beale.
- Melody Perpich

"Hannah Rae Beale Review"

"Ever heard the expression "older than their years?" I usually take this to mean a person is at a level of excellence in some area or another that is a cut above what is to be expected of someone their age.

Hannah Rae Beale fits this definition. She soars and has a level of depth that is really impressive for a person young enough to be my daughter.

Ok, so now that I am completely depressed let me tell you that you should really listen to her music. She's got a relaxed vibe and a flair for the melodic that will be satisfying to your ears. No question." - Electric Inc.

"Hold Tight"

The vocals are the real star here!!!!

Hannah Rae Beale’s vocals are intoxicating and emotive. Her songs are heartfelt and moving, always sung and written from the heart. Although only eighteen years of age her songs are lyrically strong and her vocals echo someone a lot older in years.

Jeana that opens the album is a slow song, with the emphasis definitely on vocal ability and lyrical content. The backing instrumentation allows the song to flow along gently never obstructing the delicate vocals; it has a country-pop feel perhaps leaning more towards pop than country. Keep Talking is a stunning song with once again her classy vocals that take centre stage. I find it hard to compare the vocals

to those of any other singer, I guess there are hints of Jewel every now and then but that’s as far at it goes. The title track and is a lovely gentle song with a strong country vibe. Fallen Again is a slightly heavier country-pop song. Defined By A Phone Call is a great modern country song. At this point in the album the vocals seem to harden a little and the mood becomes heavier. These Questions is a moody country-pop song. Insecure follows on in a similar style and has more of a pop-blues feel about it. The album ends with the opening track sung in something of an unplugged fashion.

The rawness of the vocals makes it well worth ending the album with this glorious version of the song.

If you like songs that sound classy but not over done in any way then you are bound to love this delightful album. Although quite short it is definitely worth a close listen. Sara Hunt
- Maverick Magazine (UK)


Singles: "Ain't Nobody ft. Ethan Keller"
(Has Radio Play)

EPs: "Hold Tight" and "Dirt"
(Has Radio Play)

Moore Media Records Release: "Loving you in a song", "Lyrically Bound" and "Girl on the Ground"



Hannah Rae Beale is a singer and songwriter from Frankfort, Michigan. Composing and performing original music at age 15, Hannah played all over western Michigan by 16, and won the 2010 Manistee County Battle of the Bands, as a solo artist, at age 17. That same year, Beale began sharing the stage with Milwaukee Music award, and Wisconsin Area Music Industry award winner, Ethan Keller. Hannah Rae Beale's first single, "Ain't Nobody," co-written and produced with Keller, debuted on 88 Nine Radio Milwaukee early 2011, and garnered a grand amount of positive feedback. Hannah simultaneously released two EP's Dirt and Hold Tight in spring 2011. She then co-headlined a summer Midwest/east coast tour with the Ethan Keller Group, performing for thousands at outdoor festivals in Michigan and Wisconsin, and showcasing for industry professionals from Milwaukee to New York.
Hannah Rae's voice was called "intoxicating," and her songs, "moving" by Maverick Magazine (UK). Still only 18 years old, "her vocals echo someone a lot older in years." Listeners hear old soulful tones coming from a comparatively young soul. She is influenced by, and compared to artists like Adele, Joss Stone, and Colbie Callait. Hannah has appeared at prestigious venues like Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI, the Devos Place in Grand Rapids, MI and the Traverse City Film Festival, where her song "Keep Talking" was featured on the compilation CD. She has shared the stage with artists such as Brian Vander Ark from the Verve Pipe, Justine Blazer, Michael Fracasso, Seth Bernard and Daisy May, Luke Winslow King, Zoe Muth, and the Grammy award-winning, Grupo Fantasma. In December of 2012 she was selected to perform at a private event at the Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan alongside artists and comedians like Mat Kearney, Brian Vander Ark ( from the Verve Pipe), Lux Land, SuperDre, Larry Miller, Keith Alberstadt, and Rodney Laney.