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Leeds, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Leeds, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Hannah Trigwell 'Not Enough' Review"

Every once in a while (and usually when you least expect it) you discover something special. A huge (but entirely selfish) part of you wants to keep it for yourself, assuming that if the rest of the world knew about it, that it would somehow get ruined.

So around 2 years ago when I happened to chance upon a 17 year old busker playing acoustic guitar on stage at the Brudnell Social Club in Leeds, I felt comfortable that I wouldn't be concerning myself too greatly with that particular dilemma on this occasion.

However I was in danger of being proved hideously wrong, as beautiful song after beautiful song floated from the stage. The packed venue fell diligently silent throughout, and the obviously nervous young girl grew in confidence as her set progressed. All of the songs were lyrically mature and incredibly accomplished (more accomplished than any 17 year old had any right to be), and in the short time it took to complete the set, you know you seen someone who, whilst might not make it big, certainly had an immense amount of talent. (If you can find it "Old Fashioned Stuff" remains one of the few 'Love Songs' that to this day, still summon a lump to my bitter and cynical throat.)

So what has happened to Hannah Trigwell in the last couple of years? 2 EPs, 2.5 million hits on YouTube, worldwide subscribers and the kind of attention that seems far removed from support slots at small acoustic gigs, and playing to shoppers on their way to Argos. So I wonder - Has my feared prophecy come true? Is the rest of the world ruining that special discovery?

"Not Enough" opens with "Pieces", a slow burning, heartfelt epic. An assured development in Trigwell's song writing, but one that holds on to the nucleus of acoustic innocence and beauty. This development is pretty much demonstrated in this song alone, from the opening verses of simple vocals and string picking, seamlessly growing into a full on (radio friendly?) coolness.

"Headrush" follows closely behind, and follows suit. Whilst the melodies remind me a little of Taylor Swift, this may well be the track to break her to the wider public. This will be on a film soundtrack by 2012 and will be played in the scene when the leading couple are going through a semi-breakup before the finally realise that they are perfect for each other. (At the point of writing I'm not sure what odds you can actually get for this prediction...)

"Call Me" marks a slight departure from the previous tracks and whilst not shifting genres, again demonstrates that Trigwell has moved beyond '1 girl + 1 guitar'. I must admit this was not an instant favourite, but further listens has allowed it in and is, to rent a cliche a 'grower'.

"No Way Back" slips back into form, and is probably as stripped-back as Hannah Trigwell will get now. A simple enough 'breaking up' song, but constructed with a real level of wisdom and thoughtfulness. The bitter and cynical throat will have to get used to more lumps.

So as with many great discoveries, perhaps they only truly become 'great' when more people get involved and validate those thoughts that you originally had. So consider this your invite, go out and listen to Hannah Trigwell, the world's best-kept secret. - Leeds Music Scene

"Hannah Trigwell @ The Beatsurrender"

Everytime I get a bit bored with the latest media darling to be pushed into our faces, music has a way of reminding us that if you are willing to dig a bit deeper then you can unearth some real talents that deserve the column inches and acclaim much more.

That statement applies to a lot of acts these days who are quietly doing their own thing and slowly but surely winning themselves a captive audience by hard work, great live shows and generally displaying the right attitude, but it fits perfectly with a young talent from West Yorkshire who I think has a major future ahead of her.
Hannah Trigwell is her name and she launches her debut EP on the 13th May at the Hi-Fi club in Leeds, she's a mesmerising live performer, an angelic, yet emotive voice and intelligent use of her acoustic guitar and looping to build tracks that will sound just as good in the future being played on the radio as they will on your iPod. - The Beat Surrender

"Hannah Trigwell: Meet Leed's own YouTube singing sensation"

Published on Wednesday 19 May 2010 11:53

Hannah Trigwell was brought up in Morley and now lives in Hyde Park, Leeds.

Although she's just 19, last week she released her debut EP after becoming an internet sensation on YouTube.

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After starting out playing the flute, she gravitated to the guitar and started busking on Briggate when she was barely out of school.

Rod McPhee found out more about the singer/songwriter.

"The thing I'm most proud of has to be my career. I started when I was

about 17 posting videos of myself playing my guitar and singing on YouTube and it all took off from there. I was so embarrassed at first I didn't even attach my name, I just did them anonymously. But they did really well.

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"The most successful was my version of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car which has so far got over 185,000 viewings. It really helped to build up my confidence and give me the drive to take my songwriting to another


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"The last time I cried was last week at the official launch of my EP, Hold my Heart, at the Hifi club. There were so many people there and everyone was so supportive – I just couldn't believe it was happening.

"My parents have always been completely behind me and I had a wonderful childhood. I can't think of anything really bad that happened to me. I grew up near Morley and was always a really outdoorsy girl, into nature. I was always collecting caterpillars and flowers.

"The thing that might surprise a lot of people is that I'm really into biology and I'm going to study it at university next year. Although I've always been into nature, they're usually surprised because it's a science and think of it as a contrast to being creative.

"Everyone just assumes that if I go into higher education it will be for music college or something like that. But I'm really into ecology and understand the importance of looking after the environment – that said another thing that might surprise people is that I quite like cars. I always watch Top Gear and if I could have any car in the world I'd probably have an Aston Martin DB9.

"The best thing about Leeds has to be the people. I've met lots of different types busking on the streets of Leeds and everyone is really friendly and interested in what I'm doing and I don't necessarily think you'd get that in many other cities. Busking can be a bit scary at first, especially when you're standing on your own in the middle of somewhere like Briggate with hundreds of people around you.

"My spot is usually just outside the top of Victoria Quarter. Passers by are generally quite nice to you – it also helps being a girl as well.

"I'm also lucky in that Leeds is quite a music-orientated place, people know their stuff and there's a pretty good scene going on with lots of bars and venues hosting performers which is great, particularly from my point of view.

"The one thing I couldn't live without is my black lace-up boots. I got them for Christmas and haven't stopped wearing them because they're just so comfortable.

"My first job was as a waitress in a carvery. I worked on a Saturday and the place was so understaffed. It was just incredibly pressured but at least it put me in good stead for busking – however daunting it is to stand up in the middle of a street and sing to strangers it can never be as stressful as that job.

"The best advice I've received has come from a lot of people actually and they all seem to say a similar thing: do your own thing and don't try and imitate other people. If you listen to lots of different artists it's really easy to get fired up by them and slip into sounding like them when you produce your own work, but obviously you want to sound distinctive. So although I love certain people I try not to just repeat what they do, I like to keep them as just being inspiration.

"Missy Higgins is one of my biggest inspirations, she's an Australian musician who's done a lot of acoustic stuff, I would love to meet her. I'd also like to meet Nizlopi actually, they're the group who released the JCB song that nearly got to the Christmas number one a few years ago.

"I saw them perform once and they were amazing, unfortunately they've split up recently. But if I could meet anyone it would have to be Nelson Mandela, his story is really inspirational.

"When I want to relax I just write or perform or listen to acoustic music, maybe burn some incense or candles. I've also started doing exercise which I find is a great way to de-stress.

"My philosophy on life is live and let live and look out for those you love.

"My first crush was on a guy I thought was really cute. I can't name him, but I was about ten years old and we were in our first year of high school. He was a drummer and, of course, that was one of the things I really liked about him. I'm pretty sure he knew how I felt about him but nothing really came of it. It's quite good having had all these experiences though because it really does help you with your writing.

"Everything I do genuinely does come from the heart and I draw on what has happened to me for a lot of my songs.

"A joke: What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? Nacho cheese." - Yorkshire Evening Post

"Track 164: Plastic Pop"

Can’t resist. Must post. Just. Too. Good.

Have I mentioned that sooner or later there has to be a cover fail in the Hannah Trigwell Cover Sessions? Rhetoric question. Yes, I have. Guess what? Not this time. On the contrary, the bar keeps rising.
I didn’t know Ed Sheeran’s song about plastic men architecture. So I went into this newest cover video by the insanely talented Leeds lass with no expectations whatsoever. A minute into it … read my lips: l-o-v-i-n-g i-t. This is up there with my favourite covers by Hannah.

Cover EP? Please? - Never Mind The Buzz Kills

"Headrush - Hannah Trigwell"

When someone captivates me as much as Hannah Trigwell has done since I found out about her, it would be stupid of me not to pass her on to you. It has been a while since I have been taken back by a female singer/songwriter, but it did not take me long to be mesmerised by Hannah’s endearing talent.As all great meets in the last year, I encountered Hannah via Twitter as she asked me to listen to an EP she had made. That EP is called ‘Hold My Heart’ and when I first heard it I became enraptured in what she had produced. Understated, emotional melody that I became enthralled with instantly. To put it simply I was hooked, then I get told she is only releasing her debut single, ‘Headrush’ on the 11th April, would I like to hear it? I don’t jump at chances too often, but I was at the ready with a ‘yes send it to me please’ kind of reply.
What you find with Hannah is that her music is very expressive, it is not just about the song itself but the process she takes to get there. A lot of musicians talk about journeys, but this rarely comes across in the music itself. With Hannah it is all there, open hearted and her soul bared for all to feel and wonderfully enjoy. Headrush is a touching introduction to what shall hopefully become an illustrious career for the young singer/songwriter. A song about how powerful that passionate first meeting between two people can be. As difficult as it can be to explain such a joyous moment, Hannah gets to the core of it and pours out every last drop of elation that is humanely possible. All wrapped up in striking piano and acoustic guitar, with nods to Jewel, it’s her beautiful and amazing quality to her voice that will have you enchanted from start to finish.
- Sourmash Music

"Futuresound Competition - LIVE GIG REVIEW 2011"

The annual Futuresound Competition has become a mainstay of The Cockpit's July schedules over the past few years. With the incentive of a Leeds/Reading Festival slot, it has managed to go beyond the typical 'battle of the bands' format and become something of an important showcase for bands from around West Yorkshire. Each heat guarantees variety and a fresh audience for all the competitors which always makes for an interesting night's music.

First up in this year's second heat, Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles boast a lineup that covers a huge array of instrumentation for a a six-piece band. As well as the traditional guitar-bass-drum combo, there are also brass, woodwind and string sections that provide a rapidly varying musicality. The songs range from upbeat ska-backed intros to slower, heartfelt melodies. The enjoyment and mutual respect of the band members is clear to see and it is an accomplished opener to the evening.

Hannah Trigwell's rapid rise through the Leeds music scene makes her a perfect candidate for an event such as this. Now backed with a four-piece band, her songs are given a bigger, more commercial sound. The key to the performance, however, remains Hannah's voice, flowing through octaves with frightening ease and adding real soul to her lyrics. The style is unashamedly pop-rock and although it isn't always groundbreaking, there is no doubting this is a class act that will surely attract a broader audience sooner rather than later. - Leeds Music Scene

"Airship + Middleman + Hannah Trigwell LIVE GIG REVIEW. The Cockpit 2011"

Some of the best emerging talent this country has to offer formed a tremendous free-gig at the Cockpit. Two local Leeds acts took to the stage followed by a four-piece from Manchester, Airship. Worldwide wonder-woman Hannah Trigwell hit her homeland prior to the release of "Not Enough", her second EP. Middleman soon followed as they took a brief break from their summer festival tour while Airship prepared for some German festivals and an album launch.

Trigwell, famous for her undeniable talent and huge stockpile of acoustic covers was a warming company as the first act. Her sweet, affecting tone was expressive, open and heart-rending. "Give It Up" was the highlight of the set as the emotive, tearful lyrics sent trickles up my spine. The tempo changes in the track are magnificent and gratifying. This young artist's extensive touring will definitely pay off as she releases more infectious material.
- Leeds Music Scene

"Hannah holds on for a hat trick"

Leeds singer-songwriter Hannah Trigwell has stayed on top of the Chart for a third week with Come Home Soon, making sure that she matches Paper Planes’ Amazing Radio Chart record of most weeks spent at Number 1. She recently announced that she’s recorded a new single, set for release early next year, so keep an eye on her amazingtunes.com profile in the coming weeks. - Amazing Radio

"Hold My Heart Launch Gig Review"

Hannah Trigwell isn't someonme who doubts herself publicly and having spent the last few years busking on the streets of Leeds as well as gigging around West Yorkshire, is clearly no stranger to getting up in front of a crowd of people she doesn't know and singing.

Yet tonight it feels like something unique is happening and as I enter the venue five minutes before she's due on stage (yep we missed Gary Stewart i'm afraid to say)....you get the feeling as obvious as it might sound that this really is the start of a very special evening for her and inparticular her career.

It's her EP launch so yes obviously it's a big night for her, but there is a good crowd in the Hi-Fi Club and the big difference is that the stage is set up ready for a full band to play with her, something i'm pretty sure has never happened before,certainly when i've seen her in the past and when she played for me recently it was Hannah and her trusty acoustic guitar.

After a brief introduction and thanks from her tireless and hard working manager Natasha, Hannah comes onstage a little warily...and I wonder if she'll cope with everything that tonight means to her. she eases us into the night with just one other companion on stage with her and we're off and running.

After a couple of bars of the first track her confidence clearly grows and she's settles into her usual groove for what proves to be a very successful and enjoyable evening's work from her, one that leaves the crowd wanting more at the end of the 35 minute set and which is obliged with a quick encore track for us. Before we dash straight to the end of the set though, it's worth pondering over the rest of the set and performance. Having got the first track out of the way she is clearly a lot more comfortable and proceeds to play a breathtaking array of tracks that suggest she can take her sound in whatever direction she wants.

She gives us foot tapping pop elements that are nearer to the likes of KT Tunstall (who I think is underrated myself), we get the majesty of hearing the tracks played with the full band including all four EP tracks and we get the more delicate folky moments.

Her delivery is excellent and from the heart and when you consider her age and the fact that she writes and arranges her own songs, it hits home to you tonight just how lucky Leeds is to have such a talented musician in our midst....at least we have until she spreads her wings further afield in the coming years.
. - The Beat Surrender

"Artist of the Day"

Our Artist of the Day for today is Leeds artist Hannah Trigwell.

Hannah is well known both in Leeds through busking and gigging and also worldwide thanks to her plethora of covers and original songs on Youtube which have attracted a lot of attention. She creates beautiful Pop and Folk Rock tracks that stir the soul.

Following on from the launch of her debut EP ‘Hold My Heart’, Hannah plans to release her debut single later this year.

There is also currently a campaign going to help Hannah raise money for her next tour. Basically on the website likeyourmusic.com the artist with the most ‘likes’ wins some money. It would be absolutely amazing if Hannah won so she could spread her musical love, so please get involved and head on over to likeyourmusic.com and just click on the Hannah Trigwell graphic, then just click the Like button which is integrated with Facebook… Simples!

Congratulations to the mighty Hannah Trigwell on her success so far and we’re very excited about the forthcoming single release .

- Leeds Indie Radio


Hold My Heart - Debut Ep
Went to #6 in Singer/Songwriter Charts on iTunes in first week of release. All tracks had local airplay.

Come Home Soon - Free download
Number 1 for 9 weeks on the Unsigned Charts via Amazing Radio

HEADRUSH - debut single
April 2011

Not Enough - EP
Went to #10 in Singer/Songwriter Charts on iTunes in first week of release. All tracks had local airplay.



Hannah Trigwell was born 28 October, 1990, in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She started her musical career at the age of 17 and took to the streets of Leeds to play her music for anyone that cared to stop and listen. Now, just 20, she has gone on to amass thousands of fans all around the world.

Hannah has a huge online following. Her YouTube page, containing videos of live versions of original songs and covers has gathered over 2.5 million views and gains 10,000 hits per day!
In May 2010, Hannah released her debut EP, ‘Hold My Heart’, which reached number 6 in the iTunes Singer-Songwriter album charts. She also held the No.1 spot for 2 weeks on The Unsigned Chart (Amazing Radio)

Throughout the remainder of 2010, Hannah went on to become the second most gigged act in Leeds as well as playing sold out shows at London Scala, Birmingham O2 and Manchester Academy whilst touring with Boyce Avenue. In November 2010, Hannah was invited to be part of the BBC Two documentary ‘Young Inspirational People’ for her success in music so far. Hannah has been featured numerous times in showcase radio performances on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Raw Talent and Radio Aire.

Hannah’s debut single ‘Headrush’ was released in April 2011 and was celebrated with a sold-out launch party at The Cockpit, Leeds. Off the back of the success of the release, she again joined Boyce Avenue on the UK leg of their 2011 European Tour, playing Birmingham HMV Institute and Leeds Cockpit.

In summer of 2011, Hannah Trigwell won Best International Unsigned Act 2011 at the St. Helier Cider Online Music Awards. She was also a finalist in a FutureSound competition taking place 4 June at The Cockpit in Leeds.
In August 2011, Hannah released her highly-anticipated second EP, ‘Not Enough’. ‘Not Enough’ was welcomed with an incredible response from fans and gained great plaudits from the press.

Having played Limetree Festival and Kendal Calling in 2011 - 2012 is all about Original music and Summer Festivals!