Hanne Hukkelberg

Hanne Hukkelberg

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Staggeringly original.


Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg's 2005 debut album Little Things was an impression of life in Oslo, notable for its imaginative use of found sounds and eclectic array of instrumentation. Her elfin but idiosyncratic persona coupled with a lazily seductive voice drew comparisons to everyone from Nina Simone, Joanna Newsome, Bjørk and to Radiohead and Billie Holliday.

Her sophomore album Rykestrasse 68, her first since signing to Canadian label Nettwerk, is a tribute to the six months she spent living in Berlin and is far less whimsical, with a moodier, more widescreen production. Like her debut, it was produced by Kåre Vestrheim at Propeller Studios in Oslo and features contributions from the cream of the Norwegian music scene, including members of Jaga Jazzist, Mari Boine band, Dinosau and Shining.

After concluding a successful string of live shows in Europe and USA in the spring of 2008, she got invited by director Andrew Adamson to contribute a song to the Narnia: Prince Caspian soundtrack and DVD. Her song, Lucy, captures the mood and mystery of the C.S. Lewis story.

Hanne’s third album, Blood From a Stone, will be released world wide in April 2009. On this album Hanne takes yet again a big step in a new direction.

2009 will be an active year for Hanne. She will be touring Europe and North America in the spring, and will then be playing various festivals in the summer. In the fall she will again take to the road and cover areas she did not cover in the spring.

Hukkelberg started singing and playing instruments in her home town of Kongsberg, Norway at the age of 3 and later played in various rock, jazz and free jazz bands including a high school doom metal band called Funeral. A graduate of the Norwegian Academy of Music, she has also gained a reputation as a powerful live performer, her shows full of typically Scandinavian absurdist humour.



Blood From a Stone -- 2009
Rykestrasse 68 - 2006 (Europe/Australia 2007 - N.America 2008)
Little Things - 2004 (Europe 2005)
Cast Anchor EP - 2003 (Europe 2005)

Set List

Our will typically last for approx. 90 minutes.