Hannes Smith

Hannes Smith

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Mind's Draft


It is claimed that the genesis of his unique imagination of sound is based in an inborn malfunction of his left ear.
Immediately after his birth, this malfunction was surgically removed and the doctors advised his parents to strengthen his sense of hearing by musical stimulation. Hannes went to the music school and discovered his own vision of rhythm. His older siblings took care to educate him a good taste of music.
At the age of seven he listened attentively to the sound of electronic dance music from Berlin's „Love-Parade“ broadcasted by a German radio station.
It is quite possible that all these influences in his early childhood development led him start doing his own music. Now he uses every free minute to screw on new productions and DJ-Sets since he is in the age of 12. A rapid thumb 4/4 earworm of rhythm who beats in his head accompanies him in every moment of his life.
Elegance, deepness, lightness, individuality and perfection are the five big elements which describe his music best.
The last word brought him to Reykjavik. There he discovered the sixth element to not get stucked in his own mud of musical perfection: experimental.
Time, taste in music and love changes with every song written and played. But even if love goes by like it arrives it will remain his greatest inspiration.



2010/02/02 . Gartenlaube EP [Etoka Records (EKAR021)]
2009/12/22 . Gutenachtkuss [ETOKA Records (V.A. 2)]


Tomato Jaws - Dreamin (Hannes Smith Remix)
Bloodgroup - My Arms (Hannes Smith's Loosing Arms Remix)
Dominik Vaillant - Flash (Hannes Smith Remix)
Sykur - Rocketship (Hannes Smith Remix)
Kiasmos - 65 (Hannes Smith Remix)
Fabian Schumann - Enjomo (Hannes Smith Remix)