Hanne Tveter - CruXando Fronteraz

Hanne Tveter - CruXando Fronteraz

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Hanne Tveters new album "CruXando Fronteraz" (Crossing Borders) is a musical journey through rhythms, joy, temperament and melancholy. Hanne Tveter is truly crossing borders with this new album. One CD is based upon traditional Spanish and Latin American folk music and one CD is with her interpretation of these songs with Norwegian Lyrics, added with a nice selection of Norwegian folk songs. It’s definitely inspirational and Hanne proves that there really aren’t any musical borders.


Hanne Tveter is an acclaimed Norwegian artist, with two previous solo albums. “Elements” in 2001 and “My Letter To The World” in 2008. She has seven year of education from the “Barratt Due” Institute of Music in classical, jazz, bossa nova, and music pedagogy. Hanne is engaged in a variety of musical and theatrical productions and has a broad experience as a singer in the Latin field and jazz. She is also the lead vocalist in the Brazilian jazz band Borboleta. After all her visits to Portugal, Spain and Latin America, she has definitely developed a Latin American soul. Her new album “Cruxando Fronteraz" (Crossing Borders) is produced together with famous Norwegian pianist Sverre Indris Joner. The album presents traditional music from Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Spain. Hanne and her musicians cross the borders between Latin American folk music, jazz and flamenco. The music reaches out to both the Norwegian and Latin American audiences, and contributes to a new direction in Norwegian World Music. Hanne sings both in Spanish and Portuguese and the songs are also re-poem into Norwegian.
Crossing borders is about adventure and trying something new!

Mexican television (TV Azteca) did a news report from one of her live performances in Oslo, spring 2009. Here she was presented to over 80 million Mexican viewers. In January 2011 Hanne went to México City for more interviews with daily newspapers and magazines.

The band:
Hanne Tveter - vocals
Sverre Indris Joner - piano and accordion
Torbjørn Sandvik - guitar, jarana and tres
Antonio Torner - drums, cajon, perc
Hildegunn Øiseth - goat horn, trumpet
Celio de Carvalho - percussion
Vidar Ytre-Arne - fiddle
Roger Morland - bass


"CruXando Fronteraz/ Å krysse grenser" ( Double album released 2011)
" Wedding Song" (Single released 2009)
" My Letter to the World" (Album released 2008)
" Elementer" (Album released 2002)