Hanne Vatnøy

Hanne Vatnøy


My music is the result og my fantasy were everything goes the way I want. I am the captain who drives everything from my piano. I define my music as pop music who are inspired by musical and jazz. It indicates lots of colors, unpredictable rhythms, joy and energy. The music really sets us free!


Hi, this is me:) I started making songs when I was 11. First I wanted to become a film composer, but suddenly I wanted to sing as well. So there I was, making my way up the hill. I had small concerts sitting by the piano. Sometimes both, singing and playing, and times only playing. To entertain on stage with my music is one of my passions and I love to feel the expectations from the audience. Who owns who? In these days I am working on my debut together with Kato Ådland, which will be out for sale next year. Joho:) Besides that, I play together with several musicians, and I am much better live then in studio. Thats because I always get this kick by playing for fans. I have found my place in the gender of pop, were I would like to name my music "coulorful spring". There..s no rules and that makes me happy and releases my fantasy. I want to sing for the whole world, and I am ready for new possibilities that keeps knocking on my door!


None of my songs have been listed on the radio yet, but I have released one EP, another one for promo, and had one song on a cd going to China:

"Stay" 2001
"Lost in transformation" 2003
Volum 10: China 2008 (Boo Boo)

Set List

I play my own songs, and we do usually concerts from 40-60 minutes.
set list:
Invisible man
Captains little miss
tivoli time
pling plong
when the music keeps playin
silence is the key
running guy
Oh la la
Take me to Tokyo
In my head
Master of the playroom
Hasta la vista
Boo Boo