Hans Blix

Hans Blix


The music of Hans Blix is its' first and only performance. No overdubbing, second takes, or charts are used. Their complex sound is produced live through the use of effects and electronics. It is an improvisational stream of consciousness, captured in its' entirety from beginning to end.


Hans Blix formed out of loose improv sessions through Brooklyn's raw and underground "Center for Improvisational Music" (CIM). The trio of guitar, sax/bass keys, and drums soon realized that their concept of improvised music was unified by a similar musical language, allowing them to improvise full pieces from scratch that defied the normal trappings of freely improvised music. Recorded rehearsals above a tire shop in Brooklyn lead to the band's first album "What's the Highest Number You Can Think Of" which was mixed by electronic artist Elijah B Torn. The album received positive press from indie sources such as ghetto blaster (4 out of 5 stars). Since then the band's sound has evolved into a tight and cohesive unit that eschews easy genre classification. In 2007 they scored a short film by french film maker Chris Degouray. In 2008 the trio went on a west coast tour which included residencies at several colleges where the band gave workshops in "new improvisation". Recently the band recorded a large amount of new material at Man Made Music in NYC.


"What's The Highest Number You Can Think Of?" 2007. 300 Dollar Records (full length - self release). "State" 2009 (EP - self release). Tracks are streaming both at hansblixband.com and myspace.com/hansblixband. "State" 2009 is available for free as a download off of the main website and includes two additional tracks remixed by Elijah B Torn and Fatty Acid (Jon Sheldrick from Rope-A-Dope records). Tracks have been featured on East Village Radio.

Set List

All of Hans Blix's music is improvised, but the sets are actually quite structured. A typical set list consists of 6-7 "tunes" which are rough sketches of mood/atmosphere/vibe, tempos, keys/modes, and perhaps a few lines or arrows. Each tune is from 3 - 8 minutes long.