Hans David Rearick

Hans David Rearick


John Mayer meets Brad Pitt in a basement during fight club. aka. Singer/Songwriter with a soft side but loves to rock as well. Sometimes nice, sometimes mean.


As a youth Hans David Rearick was nicknamed “Tigger” after the bouncing, energetic tiger from Winnie the Pooh. His music reflects this same energy and unexpectedness—sometimes surprising you but always lovable.

Only his guitar has the ability to channel the energy that seems to never end. Are you ready for a trip down untraveled roads with a modern day minstrel as your companion? Then play the CD and see what I mean. Hans David Rearick projects a nonchalant bad boy image while delivering heartfelt lyrics.

His persona fills a room and you know he belongs on stage before you see or hear him utter a lyric. Long red hair, rugged jaw, lean surfer ripped appearance, “… reminds you of Jack Johnson mixed with a little bit of Van Morrison” says June of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion.

He’s “…like a fresh young child with an ancient soul.” his emotions run deep and his mind calculates how best to present them.

Whether Hans is playing alone, to a summer pool-side party or a packed house he delivers his message as if he is speaking directly to you.


Beautiful Life e.p 2007
Pages from My Songbook 2009

Set List

Mind's Eye
Lightning in a Bottle
Backpocket Boyfriend
Ain't no Sunshine (Bill Withers)
Silent Thoughts
I shot the Sheriff (clapton version)
Beautiful Life
Learning to Fly (Tom Petty)

We start off rockin, add in some covers, I do a solo set and bring the band back to finish strong!