Hansen and Redquest

Hansen and Redquest


Nothing Better in Canadian Roots and Bluegrass


Ernie Redquest is a premier guitarist and began playing professionally at age 15. He has toured with a number of groups in genres from rock to country to blues and has shared the stage with notables such as Natalie McMaster and Fred Eaglesmith. His Cape Breton Celtic roots and natural affinity for bluegrass show both in his superb guitar work and in his original compositions.

Bruce Hansen is also a leading guitarist with solid roots in folk and bluegrass that go back as far as performance at Purple Onion in Toronto and writing and recording for Beechwood - Capitol in the early folk scene. He adds fresh new songs,lyrics and instumental compositions to the Hansen/Redquest repertoire.

Writing and performing together for two years now, Hansen and Redquest have combined their experience to produce a unique approach in the combination of acoustic guitars along with a fresh repertoire of instrumentals and songs. Bob Balabuk (President of the Thunder Bay Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Guild and an award winning banjo player), when introducing Hansen and Redquest at a recent show, described them as extremely innovative and entertaining; none better in Canada.


Watch for the Watershed Series!

Set List

This material is typical of a Hansen and Redquest set list. There are plenty more pieces that might appear in a show including originals, country, bluegrass and even some sea shanties. With their experience Hansen and Redquest can pull up hours of material.

Typical Original Works

GLORY RIDER (Hansen and Redquest/ Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)
SLINGSHOT (Hansen/ Nelson-Superior/SOCAN)
RUNNING FAST (Hansen and Redquest /Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)
SAILOR’S LAMENT (Hansen/Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)
HONEY BEAR (Hansen/ Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)
B-SIDE COUNTRY (Hansen and Redquest/ Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)
FRENCH MOUNTAIN MEDLEY (Redquest/ Nelson-Superior/ SOCAN)

Typical Covers

JIMMY DIAMOND (Barker/Nelson-Superior/ BMI/ Arranged by Hansen and Redquest)
DARCY FARROW (S. Gillette/ Rumpole Dumple/ ASCAP)
HUCKLEBERRY HORNPIPE (B. Berline/ United Artists/ ASCAP)
NOTHIN’ TO IT (Watson/Arranged by Hansen and Redquest)

Traditional Pieces (Arranged by Hansen and Redquest)