Hans Stockenberger
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Hans Stockenberger

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Hans Stockenbeger "Shine""

I hear people lament about the lack of talent in Houston all the time, and I always have to look at them like, "what are you talking about?" Houston is teeming with great talent; just stop watching NCIS for a night and get out to see a show. I was listening to local singer/songwriter Hans Stockenberger recently and couldn't help but think that artists like him, and the countless other awesome bands out of Houston, debunk that myth.
Hans has performed locally and internationally, from Saudi Arabia to Italy to Boston to Houston. He's a multi-instrumentalist, with his primary instrument of choice being his voice. On Shine, his latest full-length release, Hans explores the singer/songwriter genre with ten songs' worth of rousing ballads and a few uptempo tunes that showcase his powerful and dynamic vocals. With a touch of early John Mayer, Shine incorporates touches of country, rock, and even R&B. Ultimately, Shine is about Hans and his guitar and the stories he belts with each rousing chorus. (Dremaceo Giles // 07/22/09)
(self-released; Hans Stockenberger -- http://www.myspace.com/hansstockenberger) - Space City Rock


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“I just wanted to make a genuine album that the listener would enjoy,” says Hans Stockenberger talking about his first solo studio album “Shine”. Hans recorded “Shine” at the famous Sugarhill Studios, the oldest operating studio in Texas, over a 5 month period and worked side by side with Grammy winning studio Engineer, Andy Bradley (Beyonce, Willie Nelson) to craft a full bodied folk-rock experience. From beginning to end, this 10 song album is a journey into personal relations and the metaphysical. From old Southern-Firewater blues like “Ain’t Good Enough” to the smoky unrequited ballad of “Close Your Eyes” and artistic rebellion against Immigration Laws in “On the Fence”, this album blends poetry and rock musicality into a coexistence of artistic defiance and the search for the aesthetic.

The album invokes music and ideas as far flung as the artist himself. Having lived in the South, the Northeast, and even Saudi Arabia, Hans Stockenberger paints a picture from his experience around the world and “Shine” burns brightly with the promise of hope and his experience in Rock/Jazz/Operatic studies provides the strength needed in his voice to carry the album. Listeners will enjoy the musical and poetical quality this album has to offer and they will be reminded to continue to shine."