Hans The Double

Hans The Double


Indie without the pretense, emo without the whining, alternative without the sordid personal lives. For fans of: Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World, Far, Hum, Deftones, Failure, Weezer's first two records.


Formed in Philadelphia early in 2006, Hans The Double has already endured a lifetime of ups and downs. They have played with major-label acts at some of the most infamous music venues in their home city, and they have played in dive bars and coffeeshops across three states, to apathetic crowds of ten. They have met some of the loveliest and some of the most despicable human beings the universe has to offer. They have sent at least a million e-mails, made a thousand phone calls, and slept on a dozen different floors. They have lost a founding member, and found themselves as songwriters and musicians. They have recorded a full-length album and have just released a new EP, Vessels. They have given their all every time, and will continue until they have nothing left to give.

The band plans to sell out in March of 2009.


Dossier - 10 tracks, self-produced and released August 2006.

Vessels - 6 track EP, self-produced and released December 2007.

Various tracks have received airplay on: WYSP-FM, Philadelphia; WJSE-FM Atlantic City, NJ; and Y-Rock on WXPN-FM, Philadelphia, in addition to various college FM stations and webcasts, including St. Joseph's, Stockton College of New Jersey, and Rowan University, as well as the Philadelphia City Paper's "Local Support" podcast.

Hans The Double has played some of the most illustrious live music venues in Philadelphia, including the Khyber, the North Star Bar, the Pontiac Grille, the Trocadero, and the Fire, as well as all-ages venues across Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey. The band is beginning to extend their range towards North Jersey and New York City, as well as the Jersey Shore and into Delaware.

Hans The Double draws equally well in all-ages venues or clubs.

Set List

Hans The Double is an all-original band with a 45-minute set.