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Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
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""…elegant, intuitive, and delightful.""

Hans York’s first English release is elegant, intuitive, and delightful. His many years of global musicianship pay off richly in these engaging and diverse songs. He has assembled a band of players equally sensitive, and together they offer up the distinctive, brilliant music that is the perfectly produced Inside Out.

One of the most compelling traits of this music is its intimacy. York’s vocals are smooth, clear and seductive, reminiscent of Michael Franks. He easily captures your attention alone or in his perfect pairing with the similarly wonderful Elke Diepenbeck. Together they are unstoppable, a sweet force of nature.

There’s a great mix of genres and influences sprinkled throughout the CD. Some flawless waltzes (the definitive “California Waltz”), jazzy pop songs with Brazilian influence, and several eclectic ballads make for a potpourri of perfection. Guest artists are well placed throughout; check out Orville Johnson’s slide guitar work on “Miss You,” and the amazing harp solo on the haunting standout track “Listen to the Moon.” Pardon my rave, but Hans York’s lovely first English album is simply stunning, that’s all there is to it.
- Indie-music.com

""...if fate rewards excellence...""

Hans York is yet a little-known singer-songwriter both in his native Europe and his adopted American homeland, but if fate rewards excellence, this will change. York is a songwriting genius who has discovered surprising chordal resolutions and rhythmic grooves on "Inside Out" which hook you from hello.

In the past, York has made a name for himself as a DADGAD acoustic player, but the Celtic melancholy of that tuning does not come through at all on "Inside Out." Instead, these are upbeat jazz-pop masterpieces more akin to those of Sting, Al Stewart or Stephen Bishop. In fact, his vocals, though ever-so-slightly accented from his German heritage, sound as if they were cloned from Bish on "Listen to the Moon." The title track and "Lives Apart" feature great acoustic guitar riffs that cascade from open strings characteristic of finger style, yet are dovetailed perfectly into a pop framework instead.

I found myself checking the credits to see who that great bass player was... York. On piano?... York. Obviously talented as a multi-instrumentalist and writer, York's production skills too hover impressively in the same higher ground. "Inside Out" is one indie release that the labels should heed.
- Minor7th.com © Alan Fark

"As lovely as an opal"

With Young Amelia, Hans York enters fresh musical pastures, ones painted in soft pastels, for a gentle set shimmering in love's bloom. The entire album is themed around matters of the heart, and its introspective nature will resonate with anyone who's been touched by love's waves. Relationships are built and crumble within, for even when York is in the grip of amour he finds it difficult to let go of the dark shadows that lurk round the corner. Is he emotionally distant, as one lover claims within? The lyrics here certainly suggest otherwise, but, and there often seems to be a but impeding his relationships, a certain cool detachment occasionally clouds the sunny skies. Perhaps York is just over thinking his relationships, refusing to unleash his feelings so they can reach their true depths. Which isn't to suggest that Young Amelia is a bloodless affair, in fact, the set is infused with warmth, found not only in the singer/songwriter's sweet tenor, but also in the album's music, atmospheres, and production. The music itself is sublime, as gentle as a summer's breeze, one can easily lose oneself in its serene beauty, but listen closer and one discovers a complex world of sound. On the upbeat, Latin lashed "Tell Me Why" and Americana meets classical "Lifeline" it's easy, for York's amazing finger picking is showcased. But check out his exquisitely delicate work on "The Garden" and "Snow", his subtle bluesy licks on "Invocation" or laid-back playing on the jazzy "Been in Love" to glimpse the breadth of his style. On "Love Is Here" York even pushes into pop. Supported by a cast of excellent musicians Young Amelia is a luminescent jewel of a set, its milky atmospheres as lovely as an opal. - AMG All Music Guide

""...pure, full, energetic, lushly-produced happiness.""

I fell in love with this music. The lyrics are in German, so I have no idea what he's saying, but with music that is pure, full, energetic, lushly-produced happiness, Hans York can sing whatever he wants.

York knows how to set the stage. The opening track fades in, sounding like an orchestra tuning up, and I just feel that something magical is about to happen. Then "Liebe tut so Gut" begins with the pounding drums, and suddenly I'm listening to a dance track with a world music vibe and a horn section. And I'm feeling very, very happy listening to it. I want to play this music while relaxing on a New York City rooftop at midnight, admiring the skyline, sipping champagne. And tapping my feet.

These songs are sophisticated without being pretentious. They are warm, seductive, and inviting. For tracks like "Ich Dreh Mich Nicht Im Kreis" and "So Gut," take everything you love about Steely Dan and translate it to German. On "Karaware," have fun trying to figure out if that crazy-cool, wailing crooning sound punctuating the verses is a human voice or some kind of wind instrument. It's intriguing, and I never did figure it out.

In every song, York's voice feels as smooth as an FM-Jazz announcer and pulls me right in. It's the perfect voice to front such richly-textured music. He's a true Renaissance musician, skilled in many genres, knowing exactly how to blend them and sweep me off my feet.
- Indie-Music.com

""Hans York - that DADGAD sound""

"Hans York is a man of vast musical talents and one of the best songwriters around." - European Weekly

""...from Donald Fagan, to Sting to Brian Wilson.""

Good independent music requires a world community to make it. Otherwise, it all just starts to sound alike. Anyone who’s ever read my rants in the past knows that there is a particular brand of music that I just can’t stand, and it tends to operate on a formula, and it sells millions of records. It doesn’t really require talent to perform either. Fortunately, I’m continually rewarded by things that do require skill and talent. For instance, I’ve got a nice CD spinning in my truck that was sent to me by German super talent, Hans York. York now resides in Seattle, and this guy works hard. His 2005 release, Inside Out, is a testament to his ability. Hard work created that skill. If you’re fan of smooth jazz, Latin rhythms, pop, or just damn good musicianship, give this CD a try.

My first comparison-like impressions ranged from Donald Fagan, to Sting to Brian Wilson. Not just anybody gets compared to one of these guys much less all three. You gotta be good to grab that kudos. Therefore, let me say that the musicianship on Inside Out is outstanding. In fact, York is so confident in his ability that he tosses the vocal reigns to a fellow German on one cut, “Safety is Soulless.” This tells me that I’m listening to a musician who is totally into the music, its arrangement and ultimate production. Sort like a perfectionist, maybe? I think it is almost more appropriate to call York “producer” first and “performer” second. He enlists a number of talents to write, arrange and perform on this disc. The result is a smooth, well crafted piece of work that deserves to be listened to with a bottle of wine that has been given as much care as York’s creation; maybe a 2001 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon? That’s how I’d do it. - Stave Magazine

""...smooth like raindrops gently falling...""

Very upbeat and progressive guitar work by the award winning Singer-Songwriter Hans York. In a way, in addition to his extraordinary guitar playing, his voice brought back images of Paul Simon in his prime. Hans is a multi talented musician and performer who has preformed extensively touring the country and the world. Hans accompanied Robert Palmer on German TV and toured as bass player with the New York Broadway Ensemble. Additionally, he performed with the US National Scottish Fiddle Champion Jamie Lavel all over the US and Scotland and has performed with many other great and award winning artists

Hans had both German and Brazilian roots and he spent six months in Rio where he studied Samba, Bossa Nova and popular Brazilian music. This experience inspired him to write and record his first solo album when he returned to Germany. This solo debut was titled "Hazzazar" and its follow up was titled "Sau Gut."

Now, with his first American album, "Inside Out" Hans York precisely performs his material with a smooth and appealing blend of musical styles. This is inspirational material and a pleasure to listen to as each and every song is different and involves the various influences he’s picked up in his musical journeys around the world. Beautiful songs such as "Listen to the Moon" and "Empty Tin" that are, both, melodic and smooth like raindrops gently falling on a warm spring shower. His clear and pleasing voice contributed delightfully to these songs providing it own unique appeal.

Then Hans has his more intricate material such as "Spirit of the Land" and "Lives Apart" where his great skill and total control of his instrumentation shine in various points of the songs. Again, this material is accompanied by his soothing vocal style.

Hans York is an obvious talent whose music is a delight to listen to as each song has its own distinctive appeal. If you enjoy music with a soothing quality and appeal, you’ll surely enjoy Hans York. - Northeast In-Tune

""York is starting from scratch""

Call Hans York a jazz musician or a singer/songwriter. Either way, you're correct.

"I was inspired by all types of music," said York, a German-born Seattle resident, during a phone interview. "My uncle is a jazz pianist and he would play at family gatherings. I grew up listening to him play Bill Evans and other jazz standards. My mother is a classically trained piano player, too. And I always heard that music in my home.

"But when I started thinking about my own career, I was young and wanted to be a rock 'n' roll star. I wanted to be in Led Zeppelin."

As York matured, he came to like the sensitivity of jazz.

"It was a very fascinating format for me," he said. "It allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn't with rock music. And I have always had a problem being stuck in a box. I feel the need to get out and mix things up."

While York is a relatively unknown artist in the United States, he is nothing short of a superstar in his native Germany. He is an in-demand session musician who has appeared on 40 albums. He also has released two solo German-language albums and performed with the late Robert Palmer, the New York Broadway Ensemble, master harpist Rudiger Oppermann and the Ars Quittilinga Chamber Orchestra. He also co-founded the German worldmusic band Moka Efti. So, when he made the move to the United States seven years ago, he had to rebuild his career from scratch.

"I had to start over," he said. "There are many people in the United States. And most of them don't listen to foreign music. Also, when I started touring, it messed my mind up, because this is a big country.

"I just completed a West-Coast tour, and that was more than 4,000 miles," he said. "When I tell my friends in Europe how far I travel just to tour, and translate that into kilometers, they think I've lost my mind.

"But I can see no other method of connecting with audiences but through grass-roots efforts," he said.

However, the hard work doesn't dampen York's spirits. "I'm happy I can do what I'm doing. I am making music."

Last year, York released his first English-language album, "Inside Out." The album has been gaining rotation on jazz stations across the country.

"I started the album four years ago," said York. "I had ideas for songs and recorded six songs. I left the project for a while because I didn't feel any motivation to do it. Then I went back to the songs a few months later and I chose three of them to appear on the album. Then I recorded new songs because I had the inspiration to go for it."

York likes to play his music live. "Live music is something to be appreciated. People need to hear it because it heals. I think the world would be a better place if people left their TVs behind and went to see some live music being played."

- Desert News, Salt Lake City, UT

""Hans York is slowly taking over the world ""

"Hans York is slowly taking over the world "

A great way to tell if you like a new album is if you start trying to sing along the first time you hear it and have no idea what the lyrics are. You sound like an idiot with a mouthful of marbles but at least you are entertained. With a post office box in Seattle and passport stamps from all over the world, Hans York has collected enough influences to mash into his new release, "Inside Out," to turn me into exactly that idiot.

With the first few bars of the first track, I was hooked. The words that I didn’t know to sing were these: "I can breathe against your noise, I can feel it in my skin, There’s a pulse that warms me over as another breath begins from the inside out." Brilliant and hooky as heck. The turkey wasn’t done yet. The second song is as strong as the first and for that matter, so are the third, the fourth and the fifth … and the sixth and the seventh … I imagine that you get my point but in case you have the attention span of a gnat, let me put it plainly. All of the songs are good and none of them sounds the same.

To give you a loose idea of what Hans York sounds like, imagine if Andy Partridge of XTC and Joe Jackson could be distilled through a filter of Jonathan Brooke with just a pinch of Joao Gilberto and the clean guitar of Bruce Cockburn. Shake and serve cool. - Seacoast Online


Hans York "Heard or Herded" (2012)
(Vocals, Guitar, Composer)

Hans York & Steve Ono CD “Music in Teak” (2010)
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(co-producer, bass)

Steven Franz CD "Skins & Shirts" (2007)
(producer, guitars, keys, percussion, vocals)

Hans York CD "Inside Out" (2005)
(vocals, guitar, bass, piano, composer, lyricist, producer)

Eric Goetz CD "Present and Accounted For" (2005)
(producer, bass, guitar, vocals)

Evo Bluestein CD "OFF THE TOP" (2004)
(guitar, vocals, composer)

KING FRIDAY CD "Mestre Pinto Flies The Kite" (2004)
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Vira Lata EP "Flor Amarosa" (2001)

Fillmore Slim CD "Other Side Of The Road" (2000)
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(vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, composer, producer)

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Michel Wack Blueshimmel CD "Gefallene Engel" (1998)
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Hannsjoerg Scheid CD "Sau Gut" (1998)
(vocals, guitar, bass, composer, lyricist, producer)

Gregglers EP "Self Titled" (1998)
(composer, guitar, bass, vocals, programming)

Hannsjoerg Scheid CD "Hazzazar" (1997)
(vocals, guitar, bass, composer, lyricist, producer)

Moka EFTI CD " Pangaea" (1997)
(bass, voice, composer)

Die Traurigen Piraten CD "Honululu" (1997)
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Pino Gulino CD "Gioia" (1996)

Daniel Tochtermann EP "Self Titled" (1996)

Jan Beiling/Paul Lynch CD, Musical "A Spell Of Time" (1996)

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Bernd "Hammond" Drechsler CD "Do you like Jazz?"
(1994) (bass)

Rüdiger Oppermann CD "Unchain My Harp" (1993)

Club Supreme Band MC "CSB" (1993)
(bass, composer)

Moka Efti CD "MOKA EFTI" (1992)

"Inside Out" is currently featured on the following Radio Stations

The Mountain KMTT Seattle, WA
KBCS 91.3 Bellevue, WA
WOMR 92.1 FM, Provincetown, MA
KSER 90.7 FM, Everett, WA
KHUM 104.7FM, Ferndale, CA
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Acoustic Fuel Radio, Royal Oak, MI
Buzz Radio, Milwaukee, WI
Indie Café, Los Angeles, CA
DJ Manusa , Los Angeles, CA
New Artist Radio, Pleasent Grove, UT
WDAB Independent Artist, Saint Paul, MS
WDAB Wide Variety, Saint Paul, MS
All Original Music - Pipeline, Los Angeles, CA
Fiddles & Frets, Alphretta, GA
Smiling Stranger Radio, UK
The Promise, Tusti



From evocative ballads to rousing roots rockers: With Heard or Herded, singer-songwriter Hans York navigates a deep spectrum of bluesy grooves, sparkling atmospherics, punchy horns and wailing background vocals to illustrate his slate of 13 compelling songs. “Why don’t we do a little shaking baby?” invites Hans in “Dance Away.” It’s an enticing proposition that mirrors the music’s upbeat energy, celebratory rhythms and propulsive authenticity.

These songs are populated by a vivid cast of finely drawn characters, from the “middle-aged mom, living with Houston with her youngest son,” in “Momma Won’t Go For That,” to “Mrs. Sunshine,” a woman who is a beam of light in the darkness of her surroundings. And Hans name checks a legendary blues diva with the lines, “Oh Lord what’s with that Mercedes Benz, that you promised Janis just to get into her pants?” on “Whose Gonna Trust You Now.”

An accomplished producer himself, for Heard or Herded Hans made the decision to be the artist. Producer Evan Brubaker, who was behind the board, assembled a band of Seattle rockers whose hard-hitting musicianship is an ideal compliment to the endeavor. “It was instant love,” marvels Hans. “We recorded this whole project in two days.” And while he acknowledges his acoustic roots, he balances this exquisite melodic simplicity with tough guitar-driven roadhouse reveries and seductive pop, as the music casts a wide-screen panorama that is multi-dimensional and inclusive.

Over the past three years Hans has navigated non-stop across the U.S. on a continuous tour of clubs and concerts. Captivating audiences with his confiding voice and easy charm, he has made lifelong friends while witnessing the vast territories of the country that has become his adopted home.

This love affair with America is long-standing. German-born Hans says that the tepid local pop music of his youth was no match for the sensational rock of the UK and the states. Although he didn’t yet speak the language, he would improvise lyrics, knowing that his audiences didn’t understand them. Growing up near Ramstein Air Force base, headquarters for the United States Air Forces in Europe, Hans left home at 18 and began playing and living with American musicians. “After a short period I was dreaming in English,” he says.

While he subsequently performed everything from theater to classical music as a bass player, it was as the co-founder of the German World Music cult band Moka Efti that Hans made his mark as an artist with three CD’s. But he knew there was a wider world panorama, and he explored it while living for six for months in Brazil.

Hans returned home to Germany and recorded his solo debut, Hazzazar and a well-received follow-up, but his creativity demanded movement and motion. And so with only a smattering of contacts, he moved to the United States.

His first American release, Inside Out, established him as a masterful storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and a producer with a deep musical palette. As one writer said, it introduced an artist who was “… delicate, expressive and highly evocative.” His next release, Young Amelia, was a natural progression as Hans was lauded for his “sweet, comfy tenor and expressive acoustic guitar work that place him in the upper echelon of music makers.”

With Heard or Herded, Hans settled down Dallas, Texas. Energized by the camaraderie of a band, he anticipates enlisting a strong group of players to animate his songs.

The sound of Hans York is the sound of a man at peace with himself, and remarkably interested in those around him.

“There’s movement in the heavens where the winds have taken shape
Swirling dust and devils, dragons that awake
And they rage through crowded streets, leave nothing behind
Only the weak, the opened hearted kind”
-“Walk This Way”

“The heart space is what’s important,” he concludes. “ The more that an artist can find that in himself, the better then that the art transcend