Hanz Erik and the Hims

Hanz Erik and the Hims


Urban Rock and Soul


In early 2005 George Lucas and Ollie Bauer had finally had enough. Lucas sent a curt cease and desist letter to band leader Hanz Erik for trademark infringement and Bauer stepped down as the band’s drummer. All this in the midst of what was to be HanZsolo’s second release. Pausing for exactly one month of utter despair and angst, Hanz Erik realized the only way out was up. He enlisted drummer George Marich (12 rods), renamed the band, and booked studio time for the completion of the album. Eight months later the newly formed band, Hanz Erik and the Hims are debuting their CD. It represents two and a half years of Hanz’s writing and arrangements by Hanz Erik and the Hims. The album, entitled Copay has a decidedly different sound, leaning less on the singer-songwriter idiom and pushing more into electric pop-rock with classic soul flavorings.


Closet Pop - 2004 (As HanZsolo)
Copay - 2006

Set List

Trying Not to Fall
Fresh Invention
Potential Energy
Girl Up In My Mind
I Wish I Were Your Hair
Turn Your Eyes to Mine
My Dreaming Eyes
Love Looks Best On You
Friends With Benifits
Love is Letting Go
Kissing Princes
Just Love
Harm's Way