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Hanzo The Phantom

Denver, CO | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Denver, CO | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hanzo The Phantom - Beat Killa"

HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans

Hanzo The Phantom: What’s good! My name is Hanzo The Phantom, I’m 22 years old, and I like to murder tracks. Graduated from the illustrious Tuskegee University in 2014. Currently based out of Seattle, WA where I own Trackyon Music and Entertainment along with my business partner Swift/Silky Linens. Trackyon Music is music that touches you faster than light. I aspire to be a respected as a great lyricist, artist, business mogul, scientist, and philosophic mind within this generation.

Hanzo The Phantom: Well let me start by saying, I am a huge nerd. I think of myself as a pretty well-rounded person, but if there’s anything I’m proud of its being a nerd. When I got serious about writing and being an artist I started out just as “The Phantom”. I got the name Phantomfrom an anime I saw called “Phantom: Requiem For the Phantom”. Dope show, very well written, but this particular anime was assassin themed. I’ve got this motif where I kill beats, kill tracks. So It just stuck. My homie Yung would just call me Phantom. So that’s who I was. But I felt like it was too bland. It lacked umph. So I came across the name Hanzo a few times in things I like, whether its video games (Mortal Kombat) or various shows and the name Hanzo was just so dope to me. So I researched who are all these people alluding to? So I google the name and HattoriHanzo shows up. Wikipedia of this guy that existed in Japan during the Sengoku era. Famous samurai, a fantastic tactician, and credited with saving the life of Shogun Tokugawa. Essentially led people into a new era. His nick name was Demon Hanzo. He was feared on the battle field. So equating it to how I wanted to be on the mic, I want to be known for bridging the gap, introducing a new era, and be a lyrical assassin. I want people know when I hop on the microphone, it’s gonna be heat. There are also numerous other connections to that name, but this is how I initially settled on Hanzo The Phantom. Hanzo is my name, The Phantom is my title. It resonates with my spirit.

HHO: Where are you from?

Hanzo The Phantom: I’m originally from Denver, Colorado. The Mile High City. I did all my growing up there. I have roots in the south from Louisiana through Texas. I have a very big family, but Denver is home. That’s the city I put on for. Mile High, 5280 Stand up!

HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Hanzo The Phantom: So many different influences, but growing up, for me, music starts in the house hold. My father plays keys, my brother is the illest drummer, my mom plays like 12 instruments. So they have a lot of neo-soul, gospel, funk influences. Al Green, The King (Michael Jackson), Maze, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Boyz II Men. As I grew up and got my exposure independently, I’d definitely say a heavy West Coast influence. Talking Tupac, Ice Cube, Snoop, Dr. Dre, and anything that came from Cali. Though, my roots down south I got a lot of OutKast, DTP, Trill Fam Ent, UGK, and whatever else my cousins would put me on.

HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Hanzo The Phantom: Real shit, I listened to Word of Mouth probably like 12 times a week front to back. I was young too so I know it wasn’t a good influence. Ludacris got mad bars though! Used to listen to Get Rich or Die trying super tough. Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liqour easily over a hundred times. The Carter III was another big one I was on tough through high school. Trying to pick good ones because I was all over the place at one point.

HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting?

Hanzo The Phantom: The current project I am promoting is called “BackYard PostCards”. This is a free mixtape so I can break into relativity and generate a buzz.

HHO: How did the record come about?

Hanzo The Phantom: So growing up in Denver you can always see the mountains when you face west. Everyday driving to school with my mom she would always look at the mountains and say “Boy don’t you know you live in a Post Card?! Just look at how beautiful it is! You can’t have a bad day starting with that.” Til this day whenever I got back to Denver, and I look at the mountains I think that. One day I’m kickin with the homie and he’s got this phat backyard. It’s a piece of art. We’re just chillin back there doin what we do. Catchin up and talkin bout everything. And I said “Man you know your backyard looks like a postcard”. Then it just clicked. It rhymed, and so I jotted it down and said “This is gonna be the name of my first project.”

HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Hanzo The Phantom: I want to collaborate with so many people. I gotta separate it for rapper and producer. First and foremost though, if I had to choose just one to start, I’d love to work with Childish Gambino. That guy is just the man. Out of all the things I’ve listened to he’s the one that I think took me to the next level. Working with him would be everything. In addition, I just have to do a cut with Dr. Dre. Like that’s a must. Dude is a legend.

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

Hanzo The Phantom: Currently booking shows by the month. The month of February we’ve got 3 shows coming up. Two of the shows in Seattle, Washington, the other in Portland, Oregon. Looking to hit everything hard and with the support I’ll gladly tour in a heartbeat.

HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been?

Hanzo The Phantom: Haven’t got to many DJs, although the people who have been supporting us love it. Every show we’ve done there’s always great feedback and support. We even got asked to do an encore once. Recently since promoting this tape, I had a girl tell me it was the best she’s heard come out of our college so far. I feel really good with the reaction of everything.

HHO: What artists do you listen to the most?

Hanzo The Phantom: I listen to a lot of Curren$y, lots of Drake, tons of Gambino, Lots of Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, Big KRIT, and Lupe Fiasco.

HHO: What are your plans for 2016? What are you doing that others are not?

Hanzo The Phantom: Got a lot of plans for 2016. The goal is to take over playlists. As I mentioned earlier Trackyon Music and Entertainment is my baby, I have a team of dope artists lined up to drop some real heat. My bro Swift aka Silky Linens is dropping his project Stab Wounds and Tattoos in May, my brother Walter Strumm (he also is responsible for the lovely engineering on PostCards) is dropping an EP titled There’s Always Tomorrow sometime in the summer. Then, I’ll be releasing another mixtape titled The Coexist to help promote an EP titled Back To The Grind. This is a joint project with Walter Strumm. In the short term, I’ll be putting out a few singles here and there making sure there is great content to fill the gaps in between. We’re also going to take Seattle’s nightlife scene by storm.

HHO: What are you doing that other's aren't?

Hanzo The Phantom: What I am doing versus others is systemizing my moves. Not just gambling and working hard. I think I’m working smart. Everything has to have a purpose and place for the greater synergy. I do everything concept based and try to reason and maneuver around that to provide a clear focus point for my hustle.

HHO: How can your fans reach you?

Hanzo The Phantom: Fans can follow me on instagram and twitter (hellfirejaq7/HellFireJaQ7), like and post on my facebook Page Hanzo The Phantomwww.facebook.com/HanzoTP, soundcloud,www.soundcloud.com/hanzotp. You can navigate also to my personal domain www.hanzotp.com. You can also find me on Trackyon’s domainwww.trackyonmusic.com .

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Hanzo The Phantom: Yeah I gotta put on hard real quick. First things first, shout out to the Trackyon Team, We Simply Are, No beat is Safe, F$#* the establishment, we make it happen. Shout out to my older Brother Cedric. Shout out to the family JQNevels. I see you cousin. Shout out to the home team, where I got my start, Urban Street Productions, USP. That’s Mister, Spin Macgee, Bamboo, Splasha, and Ariel Saree. Shout out to the Big Bros Tex, and G.O.A.T reppin’ Jedi Life. Shout out the Big Bro Oreon. Shout my dude Yung Reeper, Covu, of 46 Musik for my dudes down in the Tuskegee makin it happen. Shout out CFT my brother Byrd, Analyrical, holdin’ down in Philly. Shout out to Hoodie Boy T, Abstrak, Marnay Bagnerise, good friends of mine in Denver getting it poppin, keep grindin. Shout out to Rio Suave of Dop3 Music Group. Shout out Classic Kings Media to big homie B.Moore and Keith Hickman Jr. Shout out to the Owlz, Zzzzzz. Shout out GGs, take what we want, leave what we need. Shout out LE. This is everyone who keeps me rooted and hungry. These are various music groups and people constantly believe in my work and music. They keep me honest, keep me rooted, have encouraged me. It goes a long way. Not too many people wanna see you go get it. They’re constantly working on their craft too. It wouldn’t be right to leave this without a thorough shout out. Just watch me work. - HipHopOverload


Still working on that hot first release.



Take the grooviest smoker tunes, and add punch lines equivalent to haymakers. What do you get? You get Hanzo The Phantom. Hanzo is a new recording artist located in Seattle, Washington. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Hanzo The Phantom balances a focus on intellectual lyricism with some slick gab about his preferred lifestyle. Not to mention his insatiable hunger to kill beats. This guy is a problem on the mic.

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