Happiest Lion

Happiest Lion

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Lyrical folk, each song crafted and nurtured. Passionate, but easy on the ears, unpretentious and inviting, sincere and brimming with contentment.


Happiest Lion is 19 year-old Boston resident Caleb Groh, who's been writing songs steadily since 12 years old, and recording them since 15.
He's released three records in the two years which have comprised Happiest Lion's musical promenade: Homemade('08), Caleb and the Caroling Caravan('09), and most recently, Mammoth Moon(2010).

Caleb writes stories, and dramatizes plots with banjos, mandolins, guitars, keyboards, and various percussion. Partially devastating, equally as jovial, none of his lyrics pertain to his life, but rather lives which may or may not have been led, in the future or in the past. He plays and records everything himself.

Caleb's first collection of songs, Homemade('08), was recorded at 16, and all seventeen songs are left stripped and lo-fi, with virtually no mixing. The record is an interesting collage of electronic and folk instrumentation.

Autumn of '09 brought about Caleb and the Caroling Caravan, a Christmas record with 9 folkified classics and original pieces. The Caroling Caravan was mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink, a friend and peer of the same age, who at the time was interning at Ultrasuede, a Cincinatti recording studio.

Caleb released Mammoth Moon in May of 2010, with 14 songs which proved more matured than the previous two releases. Chad and Caleb teamed up again, both seeming to have grown significantly in their chosen paths and passions.

Caleb Groh plans to release music until he is dead, and spread his songs to wherever they may be considered any good.


Lo, in the Leaves

Written By: Caleb Groh/Happiest Lion

Simple little fear, I felt it
But lo, in the leaves, ain't no hint of home
The sun will resign, say moonlight
Will you be a brother and lead me to the lake?
I've got to wash that sin away
Well my blood ain't right
I'm boiling
And my pores don't cry for no reason

Well I was sleeping in the mud,
Where I came from
When the dirt became a river and carried me away
And it felt so natural, my bloodline
We die like animals but we've got graves
Someone's got to mourn what goes away
So evergreen, will you cry for me?
I am washed up 'neath your needle boughs

I burst, my chest ablaze with light
I hate you, oh you know I do
But I wanted to go like you
Solemn 'neath the cruel moon
Stars you've seen us fall like flies

Harvester, Golden Gowns of Glee

Written By: Caleb Groh/Happiest Lion

Isn't it like them to perceive
The dullest, dark colours in a cornucopia of leaves?
We was dancing 'round the hills
In our Autumnal feast
We was dressed in scarlet foliage
When Summer had been bereaved

If the Winter seems barren and the solstice makes you feel alone
If the water from the creek don't satisfy anymore
There is a burrow in my chest, there's a home for your happiness
And when the harvest moon comes back, we'll weave our golden gowns again

There's a fire in the valley just be there 'round seven
We'll figure out what needs to be burned, but I just want your company
There ain't nothin cold as ice when you've come accomodated to heat
But we've warmth in our bodies, we've a steady 90-something degrees

Bring your king of hearts, your throne, your
Bring your keys, your cups, your coat, your
Bring your canons, bring your gold, your
Bring your mares, bath stone, marrow,
Bring your wicker rocker, ram's horn,
Bring your 'bacco, books, your hound

Sacred Valley, Holy Water

Written By: Caleb Groh/Happiest Lion

Mend my broke bones, holy water
Levi was the better man
He loved me like a brother and he shook my hand
And he jabs like a hero

Wandering pan man
Where's your mama?
I've followed your tracks from the barley stacks
And ever since we hit the brook I've known you're heading back
But they don't want you back

Hat full of ashes and a pail full of fool's gold

Clear my conscience, desperate measures
If I'd been a crook, hell I can't recall
'Cause I'd repented from my knees and was baptized and all
And that spirit shot through me

I went under at the bridge by the West road
I speak in tongues through your East bay window

Sacred Valley, speak your riddle
I read it in your hills at the twilight fade
And now I think I've got an answer from a motel maid
Your puzzle spells "no hable"


Caleb and the Caroling Caravan('09)
Mammoth Moon(2010)

Set List

I play acoustic guitar and harmonica, with Kelsie McNair's airy vocals harmonizing throughout the set. I usually shoot for six or seven songs, normally all original material.