Happily Rejected

Happily Rejected


we are our own alternative. we write and record music strictly from our own creative genius no matter how long it takes. We have 2 demo cd's recorded and about 150 more songs to record. We are a very energetic and feisty bunch and have been together since 1996.


Happily Rejected is a wild and zany bunch from wasuau wis. We were formed in 1996. we started playing clubs and venues in 97 and were able to record two full CD demos in 99. We took some time off so Jimmy could conquer the world with Beyond Therapy (but the world won) so we came back and regrouped the Happily's in 2005. We have a new style with the same old crazy creativity. Now were molding our sound to start another recording project and do some serious touring hopefuly in bigger cities and venues.

Our two CDs are very unique and have brought much acclaim from college news papers, and arts writers who wrote their impressive critique of our unusual style and expression. We will be distributing CD promo in the coming weeks on various web pages, ebay, and my space. com We are also looking to conquer the world with our own alternative, as we are seeking to find a reputable agent who will help to promote us to bigger venues.

feel free to write us at


or at
our cds are available upon request at the same emails

we will send them out to you with great regards and many thanks!


Hobbeldehoy is our first cd recorded in 1996. it has 13 origional tracks and caught the attention of many people in wisconsin at that time
the 2nd cd is a "white album" (like the beatles) where we topped off hobeldehoy with more origional tracks
cds are available upon request at wetsu2u@tznet.com
or at

we do have tracks available listed on z104 merril wisc. Our style is alternative. We can adapt to many genres of tunes but prefer to invent our own expression.

Set List

typical sets list varry because of show needs. but we do everything we can to make a show great. we have a general listing of 50 songs
we might add that if we are in concert mode, we won't do many covers. Then we will stick strictly to origionals.