happy bones

happy bones

 Augusta, Georgia, USA

Powerful vocals ,infectious groove ,strong melodies and hooks. Been playing since 1990 this singer/songwriter has come into his own the past twenty years.very dependable and proffessional . The music is ever evolving and improv is always in play. The sound has won over people across all lines . Member of AFM local musicians union 148-462


After 25 years of live performances, Happy Bones releases debut CD.
       Augusta, GA (17th January, 2016): Happy Bones has been entertaining audiences with his music since 1996. Happy Bones and his school friends created a band in Augusta, GA 25 years ago that eventually became known as simply Happy Bones. They have been performing live throughout the country ever since and plan to continue to do so all their life. This year they release their debut effort.             Happy Bones was inclined towards music since his childhood. “He was humming melodies before he could speak”, his grandmother recalls. To this day, Happy Bones continues to experiment with genres creating combinations that are completely unique. The resulting pieces are enjoyed by all, irrespective of their demographic origin or musical preference. His ability to keep his audiences captivated with his performance is remarkable. Live Performances of Happy Bones are a hit among people of all ages and places. "He could sing “Mary had a little lamb” and I'd listen”, says Mike Galaxy, Indie virgin records.       On the verge of completing the silver jubilee of his and the band’s journey, Happy Bones has decided to take a step into recording in the form of this CD. His fans have eagerly awaited this self-titled Debut CD for a long while indeed.To learn more details about the CD, log on to www.happybonesband.net .About Happy Bones:Happy Bones crosses all demographics. His genre is one of his own, mixing all types of music into one Happy Bones experience. His band is set apart by their ability to play to any crowd. Old, young, black, white, it’s quite amazing how Happy Bones can win over a crowd that has never previously heard or seen him perform. Happy Bones has been performing since 1996, hailing from Augusta, GA, home of James Brown.
    Happy Bones is a union member with AFM out of atlanta local 148-462Media Contact: Info@steampoweredentertainment.comWebsite: http://www.happybonesband.net


single-uncle joe released independently in 2000
Downrounboutdatwaydere-acoustic album released in 2002
Live at Kokopelli's- released 2002
Playing with the blastsheilds down- released 2003
songs played on jamwave.com internet radio

Set List

The bulk of songs are originals but I do love a few tasteful covers such as -
Robert Johnson,Beatles,Steve miller,Sublime,pink floyd etc.