Charles Green

Charles Green

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

When Charles sits down at the piano he has drawn comparisons to Tori Amos while his voice his reminiscent of Richard Marx. Oddly, his music feels like both a balm and an open wound. Maybe that's why it's so seductive and addictive.


Tucked away on Music Row, Charles has spent the last year behind a 1912 Steinway grand piano carefully crafting melodies and lyrics that continue to run through your head long after you hear them for the first time.

Charles’ songwriting craft has been influenced by those he has worked with and recorded at his music industry day job, including such legends as Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, John Prine, Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith as well as numerous other artists who have shaped modern music. For the last several years, Charles has worked with some of the world’s musical legends at Jack’s Tracks, a recording studio that has been home to artists of every musical genre. Most afternoons, Charles retreats to his office to work on a new hook or lyrics that have been haunting his daily routine. In fact, his office is an actual haven for creativity, a tree house built by Jack Clement, who was an original architect of rock ‘n’ roll at Sun Studios in the 1950’s. Today, Charles’ musical home is not located in a tree but reconstructed in a recording studio where he has been perfecting his songs for the last few years. And now, Charles has begun to share his songs with the world.

Music has always been at the core of Charles’s life. He started singing in church, moving to work in bands, stage shows, and classical performances. As he had through his earlier schooling, Charles focused his collegiate attention on intense studio work and singing demos while numerous industry figures developed an appreciation of his stylistic abilities and added him to their projects.

“Charles is a great natural talent,” says engineer Mark Miller (Garth Brooks, Olivia Newton-John, Richard Marx, KISS). “He is a strong and unique pop stylist whose vocal performances are fluid and guileless and come from the heart, not any training or studio tricks.”

“I’ve been looking for years for a young, enthusiastic singer with drive and talent” says producer Jan Pulsford (Cyndi Lauper, Thompson Twins). “When Charles walked into the studio and opened his mouth to sing I had the same reaction as when Cyndi Lauper came here to last someone who can really sing.”

Not often do we see such an innate and accessible talent in the pop music scene.



Written By: Jan Pulsford

How many times has love looked you in the eye
You moved out of the way to let it slip by
How many times have you hidden from view
Pretend not to notice love was looking at you

So hold on to this moment
Hold on to this thought
Are you afraid of faliing or afraid of being caught

Oh, somewhere out there
Someone is waiting for you
Oh, someday, somewhere
You’ll find me waiting there too

I reach for your hand but you push me away
Afraid of where it might lead and what I might say
I can tell there’s a place you hide deep in your soul
Missing a piece that makes you feel whole

You can cool the fire
But there’s one thing I know
Our love will steam like embers do underneath the snow

Repeat Chorus

So hold on to this moment, hold on to this thought
Are you afraid of falling or afraid of being caught

Repeat Chorus

Written by: Jan Pulsford
c 2005 Jalepu Music (BMI)

Pieces Of The Mystery

Written By: Charles Green/Margaret Harris

I’ve seen days so beautiful
I could almost cry
And nights so dark
The stars lose all their light
Do they really disappear
Or is it me
All these shades of sad
Wishing for more than what I have

If I could just remember
Life can be tragic and tender
We’re all walking a thin wire
We fall we learn to hold on
Out of our weakness we become strong
Until one day we see
We’re just pieces
Pieces of the mystery

Can’t say I’m unbreakable
Just look at my heart
I hurt, I heal
I feel it fall apart
On and on it goes
And I don’t know what page I’m turning to
Maybe it’s better that I don’t have a clue

Repeat Chorus


All this craziness
It’s no coincidence I know
Every step down every road
Took me where I had to go

Repeat Chorus

Written by: Charles Green & Margaret Harris
c 2005 Happy Charles Tunes(ASCAP)/Eran Publishing (ASCAP) admin. by Air Deluxe Music

Before You Wake

Written By: Charles Green

If my heart was a wishing well
Your secrets would be safe
I promise never to tell
I will take them to the grave
All your unspoken dreams
Wouldn’t you rather see what it means

To take a chance, unlock the door
Search the world for something more

One drop of gold from the summer sun
Reveals the blossom in everyone
Take my hand
Let’s walk discover the seeds of life
They’ll even bloom in the dead of night
Before you wake, before you wake

Hold me until the morning comes
I can feel you breathe
Hear whispers from a heart that needs
Solace and a place to hide
I will tempt your lips with a kiss so you will decide

To face the dawn, unwrap the day
Carve out a path, embrace your fate

Repeat Chorus


Petals will fall, the colors will end
A new flower grows
And the mystery of birth begins again

Repeat chorus

Written by: Charles Green
c 2005 Happy Charles Tunes (ASCAP)


1997 "Two Pina Coladas" - Garth Brooks
Sevens (Capitol Records)
- background vocals
1999 "Baby Jesus Is Born" - Garth Brooks
The Magic of Christmas (Capitol Records)
- background vocals
2001 "Wear Your Pride"
Pride 2001 (Centaur Music)
Mixed by DJ Julian Marsh
- Lead vocals, background vocals, co-writer
2002 The Christmas Dream (full length album)
- Lead vocals, background vocals, co-writer
2002 "Hold Me Now"
Party Groove : Pride 02 (Centaur Music)
Mixed by DJ Julian Marsh
- Lead vocals, background vocals
2002 "Empty Promises"
For the feature film "All The Way To The Top"
starring Audrey Tautou
2003 "Put A Little Love In Your Heart"
Party Groove : Pride 03 (Centaur Music)
Mixed by DJ Julian Marsh
- Lead vocals, background vocals
2003 DJ Julian Marsh Remixes EP (Centaur Music)
- Lead vocals, background vocals, co-writer
2004 "There Is A Place"
Party Groove : Pride 04 (Centaur Music)
- Lead vocals, background vocals, co-writer
2005 Oxygen & Love (full length album)
- Lead vocals, background vocals, co-writer
2006 "Good Ride Cowboy" - Garth Brooks
The Lost Sessions (Pearl Records)
- background vocals

Set List

1. Pieces Of The Mystery
2. Shine Again
3. Chasing Angels
4. Open Arms (cover)
5. Gravity
6. Oxygen & Love
7. Before You Wake
8. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (cover)
9. Someday
10. Saving Grace
11. Empty Promises
12. Kite
13. Hold On To The Nights (cover)
14. Falling