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"HAPPY DAY - about the Band"

These three easy going punk rock dudes from Jakarta have been playing music since 1995. They formed HAPPY DAY after rejecting major label opportunities offered by their previous managers and have since become a major success in the nation's independent music scene joining the major local music festival A Mild Live Soundrenaline in 2004 as well as playing to enthusiastic crowds at the 2007 Jakarta International EXPO. After few years of playing local bars, clubs and colleges, HAPPY DAY recorded their first album on frontman Didi's label Fullblast Music in 2005-2006 and recently finished their English-material album Anthem of the Unsigned. - PACIFICTION RECORDS


Full of seasoned, yet carefree pop punk songs about music business, girls and taking life day by day, Anthem Of The Unsigned promises to be an uplifting and entertaining pop punk romp. "Kick Your Ass" opens the disc with bright distortion and controlled riffing. Describing the pitfalls of the record industry is "Long Way To Rock n' Roll." Seemingly in opposition to each other is the hormone driven "Uh-oh" and the more heartfelt "Wanna Marry You." "Life Must Go On" is a jumpy tune about pushing on while "Play My Music" is a melodic punk anthem about following your dreams. Rounding out the album is a set of their Indonesian language songs included as bonus tracks. - PACIFICTIO


1. "NA NA NA NA" - single featured in the compilation "BERPACU DALAM MELODIC", released by proTON Records, distributed by TRINITY OPTIMA PRODUCTIONS, Indonesia , 2005

2. "INI MUSIK GUE" - full length album (all materials are in Indonesian language), released independently through FULLBLAST Music, 2006, distributed nationally in Indonesia by major label KERAJAAN MUSIK INDONESIA, 2009

3. "ANTHEM OF THE UNSIGNED" - full length album (8 materials in English (previously Indonesian versions with lyrics rewritten) plus 4 bonus tracks Indonesian songs), released independently through FULLBLAST Music, 2008)



HAPPY DAY is a bunch of outspoken, easy going, happy, rockin' 3 dudes from Jakarta, Indonesia. They are Didi Priyadi (Vocal and guitar), Anton Cahyadi (Bass), and Andre Setiawan (Drums)...The story started when Didi and Anton met in 1995 and started a band that finally colapsed because of the inner conflicts and misdirections of previous band managers who ambitiously wanted to take them to major label music industry by compromising their ideas about their own music. After the band was torn apart, Didi and Anton remain faithful to their own call...to ROCK ! Now, with no interfere from so-called managers, music industry experts,etc... They got fresh blood new member, Andre. So in January 2004 this band of happy people was born ! After some considered time in the rehearsal; studio, they came up with the new identity HAPPY DAY, a band with a creed to play music, because they are happy playing it, with fun lyrics, a good positive attitude toward life, even sometimes it's bitter sweet ! These 3 dudes soon received their baptism of fire through local indie scene...pay to play in colleges, high school and small clubs, and in December 2004 they opened for A Mild Live Soundrenaline 2004 in PRJ, Jakarta, a huge music festival in the nation. In 2005 they contributed to a compilation pop punk record by proTON Record, entitled "Berpacu Dalam Melodic" with a single "Na Na Na Na". In between 2005-2006 they recorded they debut album, featuring 12 songs, entitled "Ini Musik Gue !!" and was released in June 2006 thru Didi's own record label "Fullblast Music". Recently they got a digital dirtribution deal with IM:port so that they can sell ringtones, mp3s and fulltrack song download via the website www.importmusik.com and they had reach on Number 4 Top Download ! Realizing that global music market is so huge and more prospective rather than the local scene, they had just finished their English-material album called "ANTHEM of THE UNSIGNED", and was released in January 2008. It contains 8 materials in Englidh previously released in their Indonesian album plus 4 bonus songs in Indonesian. This album now distributed internationally through PACIFICTION RECORDS, and can be downloaded online via www.fuzz.com and www.downloadpunk.com. They are now preparing themselves to tour Australia and Europe. They are committed to keep on going up up and away......to happily reach their dreams in rock n' roll !