A Happy Death

A Happy Death


If a bi-polar, Joy Division, The Cure, Pixies, Rudimentary Peni and Sonic Youth were on a plane and crashed landed on a deserted island with only instruments and a barrel of vodka, you'd get us. Mix in two parts creative boredom, one part mental anguish shake and serve cold.


A Happy Death began on a cold and rainy night on February 27, 2004. Just having endured the death of his fiancée, guitarist, Rick Espinoza turned his painful loss into inspiration to form a band. After months of writing, Rick was joined by female vocalist/bass player, Jenn Kitner and on drums, by punk drummer, Jeff Hendricks.

Drawing from the influences of seminal acts such as Pixies, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four, The Cure, and Joy Division, A Happy Death employed the minimalist approach to their music. But the true consolidation of their sound came from the bi-polar, loud/soft blue-print. Tapping into the power of improvisation, they drew upon the song-writing technique to incorporate a more loosely-based, natural structure of deceptive simplicity. The songs that began to develop, utilized simple riffs, mixed with layered parts to produce a unique sound. The final balance came with the addition of heavy distortion to offset the use of beautiful yet often gloomy melodies.

With their newly released demo E.P. they are beginning to enjoy airplay in clubs, college, and independent radio stations across the country, as well as Europe and Japan. In January of 2006, A Happy Death was nominated for "Best Punk" at the Southern California Music Awards, sponsored and hosted by Indie 103.1 FM. They have since teamed up with, Anthony Arvizu (engineer/producer: Capitol Records, Sublime, David J of Bauhaus fame, Rocket From the Crypt, etc...) along with "The Compound" studios to record their first EP single. They've also been featured in American Songwriter Magazine, The LA Weekly, and The OC weekly. A Happy Death has performed at local hotspots such as The Scene Bar, The Anarchy Library, The Long Beach Warehouse, Zen Sushi, Vinyl Fetish records, Showcase Theater and various underground venues were a host of eclectic fans gather. A Happy Death has supported and opened for dozens of national touring acts, and always eagerly await to hit the road.





Jewel Among Thieves

Written By: A Happy Death

Jewel Among Thieves

In my ivory tower the walls are made of glass
And silver bullets come dressed as red elastic hearts
And my mother says to me, “don’t you worry at all”

In another place and time you’d be my jewel among thieves
Saints and sinners line the walls of every poor man’s dream
And my father says to me, “hope will be your fall”

I have done far too much without moving one dead soul
I told myself when I died, “you’re worth your weight in stone”
And my brother says to me, “you’re worth your weight in gold”

We walk around with broken parts. If we’re lucky one day we’ll meet
Sew the seams of broken hearts, and begin to fix each other
And my lover says to me, “together we’ll grow quite old”


Written By: A Happy Death

An empty shell of a man is all that was left when she died.
I live that moment everyday, when I look in the mirror I cannot hide

Heaven and hell exist on earth,
a plan designed, assigned from birth
But if I had a choice, I'd choose hell just to see you smile one last time

Heaven was six years of things I’d miss.
If my life was night, the dream sheer bliss

So broken were you that God could not fix,
I wish I could take back the 26th

At 12:22 a child was born
But at 12:22 my heart was torn

Up a few floors a family mourns,
The cycle of life left me forlorn

Letter to the Dead

Written By: Rick Espinoza

My dearest one
All is well down here
But sometimes it seems
Like I can't go on
And thats when I close my eyes
Takes me to the place I met you.

I wonder if it will all go black when I die
But I guess I'll know that when I see your smile
Happiness comes in brief moments
I want to tell you I love you
and I miss you terribly

I lost my way
...can't find my mind.

New-Clear Winter

Written By: Rick Espinoza

Started as a monkey and now I'm born a human
I read the preface of my life, and I really didn't like it
But I'm a creature of habit, so I read, read, read again
These consequences seem to get the best of me
The voices in my head tell me what to think and say
What will they say to you?

Nothing really matters as long as you've got jesus
The martyr died a lonely one, he really aims to please us
I was so scared, but there was no one there to hold me
So I crawled to the corner and held the dirty wall

When I was a child my small bones began to ache
I went to the ward to learn more about myself
I left the sanctity of my own sanity
To find the security in insecurity
The voices in my head tell me what to think and say
What will they do to you?

Nothing really matters as long as you've got jesus
The martyr died a lonely one, he really aims to please us
I was so scared, but there was no one there to hold me
So I crawled to the corner and held the dirty wall

(added to last chorus)
Then I walked on the bowels of the lonely king
With silly gait of a drunken jester


Written By: Rick Espinoza


The sun’s warm embrace is all I really need
When the saprophytes begin to feed
My limbs made of calloused silk
Taken so as mother’s milk

I’ll ride a cloud of hopes and dreams
In the dark my heart will gleam
I now begin to fall in fate
As a cloaked form with a scythe awaits

My arms will rest on my chest
Neatly folded, on my quest
I’ll find my way among the rest
As maggots be invited guests

Bottom feeders begin to feast on flesh
Return to the womb, I must confess
Will you consecrate my grave?
End of harvest, winter’s slave…


Self-produced demo EP.
First EP out December 2006
Full Length to be recorded Spring 2007

Set List

30 minute barrage of the bi-polar, soft/hard dynamics mixed with some somber, "pretty" songs and heavy, "harsh" songs.