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"Happy Ron Spanks"

Comedic singer-songwriter Happy Ron – aka Ronald Hill – recently attended a weeklong “How Music Really Works” seminar/retreat in Canada.

“On one of the last days,” says Hill, “I had the opportunity to perform my song ‘All She Needs Is a Spankin’,’ and I was a bit concerned that people might be offended by the rude lyrics, especially this one serious-looking lady.”

(Sample lyric: “Something no man would give her/ Something that made her quiver/ A little smack on the butt/ And she’ll no longer be a nut.”)

“After I finished, the lady I was worried about jumped up and said, ‘I teach this kinda stuff, does anyone want a spanking demonstration?’ I told her that I’m generally the spanker, not the spankee, but a braver man than I volunteered to be the spankee, and suddenly this serene mountain paradise was transformed into a bizarre class in spanking. It went on for ten more minutes!

“The leader of the group turned to me and said, ‘Your songs sure have an interesting impact on people.’ It wouldn’t have been so funny if these were a bunch of swinger types, but they were all fairly typical, normal people who suddenly threw an impromptu spanking party in the woods.”

Happy Ron’s upcoming album Terribly Happy includes his ode to spanking as well as “The No Tantric Woman Blues,” “Sick of Her S**t,” and “Dickless Wonder.” He appears Tuesdays at Cosmos Coffee Cafe in La Mesa.

By Jay Allen Sanford - San Diego Reader

"Every guy in the English speaking world needs a copy of Happy Ron's Terribly Happy"


Listening to Happy Ron will make you Terribly Happy
Local songman's CD is a must have!
by John A. Rippo

Local Music Treasure Happy Ron is a very odd duck; a guy so obviously full of soul that he has to sing in order to explain his own depth of feeling to himself and perhaps make some sense of his life and relationships with women, and, as he freely admits, he's a guy who doesn't know sharp from flat and doesn't much care about that, either. Maybe that combination is what makes his music unforgettable and an absolute must-listen, especially to guys who've been around the block with too many women and who have the scars to prove it.
There are twelve cuts on Terribly Happy and echoing the twelve descriptive images of the Stations of the Cross, these describe an entire lifetime's journey of angst in the misadventures with women from Happy Ron's point of view. Every emotional roller coaster smack-down gets its airing; from the fruitless pursuit of wanton, manipulative strippers in "Sick of Her Shit" to the incredibly funny "Mean Therapist Blues" where Happy Ron battles for sanity against an unhappy, manipulative female therapist to the hands-on therapy dished out in "All She Needs is a Spankin" to the ironic title cut and the more serious and hearfelt "No Angel" that tells of staying with one you chose, even when temptation comes along. Ah, yes, we've all been there...
Happy Ron's vocals are brilliantly backed by the Pacific Coast Horns and a brace of female vocalists who add perfect nuance, pitch and drama to the cuts. Though Ron himself seems to lack some of these qualities, his charm and innate wisdom more than makes up for it; his music is the tuneful version of the bits of brilliance that sometimes get dispensed from the guy propped up at the end of the dive bar, and the insight he displays is more than that of too many guys who got educated instead of drunk one too many times. After all, how many clear-headed white wine drinkers are there who can rattle off the critical similarities between gold-digging strippers and female shrinks? Ron has em pegged though; the strippers are the ones that cause too many problems, while the shrinks are happy to share the news that you're really unhappy if that's what it takes to get that Porsche.
Happy Ron's Terribly Happy isn't just a collection of funny songs but a series of good songs that stay in your head for days and that happen to be quite funny, too when they're not self-deprecating or dead on serious.
Consider the following "I don't need no pouting princess with her perfect shoe," Happy Ron's way of telling the real flesh and blood gal who has less than perfect days and less than perfect hair that she's the one, in spite of all the available female fashion, glam and glitz out there. Maybe the 21st Century doesn't get any more romantic than that and if it doesn't, it's nobody's fault but our own; at least Happy Ron has the cojones to say what matters in his own language and if he's misunderstood, it's somebody else's loss which is how these kinds of things tend to work.
Every guy in the English speaking world needs a copy of Happy Ron's Terribly Happy if only to sing along with the roadmap of his own life. Though some may call Ron a misogynist, they'd be full of it if they did.
There's much more, too: "No Tantric Woman Blues", which explains the relationship between women and ice, media analysis in "The Good News" and the harsh consequences of letting a woman down in "Dickless Wonder".
We wish Happy Ron a long run of creativity and continued success. His music isn't for kids or for those committed to the joys being politically correct or those guilty of having read Iron John, but he gets a lot of things just right in his songs and his tunes are worth your time, even if some of them wrinkle your nose. Terribly Happy is worth the purchase price for "Don’t Stop Playin" alone, which ought to be the anthem for what's left of the baby boomers and perhaps every generation to follow them, too.

- http://www.theespresso.com/


Terribly Happy
Written by Bart Mendoza
A labor of love for all involved, Happy Ron's latest opus, Terribly Happy, will go down as his masterpiece, his Sergeant Pepper's if you will. True, his sandpaper vocals and quirky songs, with titles such as "All She Needs Is a Spanking" or "Dickless Wonder," won't be everybody's cup of tea. But anyone who listens will be amazed at the depth of Happy Ron Hill's songwriting.
Keeping the Beatles analogy for a moment, producer Sven-Erik Seaholm is the George Martin of the equation, casting each song in lush arrangements that manage not only to bring out every melodic nuance in these songs, but also to somehow emphasize the sentiment in the lyrics.
A true showcase, the pair have put together a stellar backing band featuring a who's who of San Diego musicians; guest appearances include the Smart Brothers (banjo, guitar, hand drums, backing vocals), Cathryn Beeks (backing vocals), Isaac Cheong (backing vocals), Robin Henkel (bass), and Kelsea Little (harp) of the Wrong Trousers. Topping the cast are Paul Litteral (trumpet) and Paulie Cerra (saxophone) of the Pacific Coast Horns. That's Litteral heard on such hit records as the B-52's "Love Shack," James Brown's "Living in America," and Tom Waits "Rain Dogs" album.
Sonically, the disc reminds me most of Waits, perhaps as scored by Van Dyke Parks, but the bottom line is, this is an old school album, every song loving crafted and avoiding a template of any sort. It's made for listening rather than background audio. Especially effective are the bits of studio chatter and media clips that show up at key points in the proceedings, further immersing the listener in Happy Ron's aural world.
The high point is "No Angel," with a dreamy, impossibly catchy chorus and a sweeping harp that colors a melancholy lament. Seaholm's mellotron work adds just the right amount of tension to the song. It's the closest thing to a single here, the sort of tune that could become a barroom standard.
Contrasts are plenty. There's "Pretty on the Inside," which comes across like a modern day pirate tune, albeit with relationship type lyrics and call and response backing vocals. Terribly Happy also manages to rock a little, with "The Good New Is," having a bit of the seventies Stones about its riffage, the sort of tune that the Dragons could've once blasted out at the Casbah, while "Boy Toy" sounds like a ready-made stadium rocker.
This album is unique and clearly comes from the heart. Perhaps it's a little too quirky for Top 40 play, but Terribly Happy has all the makings of a cult classic.
- http://www.sandiegotroubadour.com


First Album Terribly Happy

NUMEROUS VIDEOS ON: www.youtube.com/happyron

Boy Toy has been played on KPRI
Another song was played on 94.9 Tim Pyles
Pitter Patter was the #1 Download on the San Diego Reader Website one week.
Instrumental Versions have been used as backing tracks for many podcasts.




The Happy Man’s music has been described by Songsalive.com as a cross between Frank Sinatra and South Park and that quote captures the combination of depth and fun that many find his music. Others describe it as Punk-Blues Comedy Music. The San Diego Union Tribune has described the Happy Man’s music and “act” as “intentional unintentional comedy” Jessie Johnson says it’s "The only real music to come out in the last 10 years, this is some real shit man!" One of his major goals is to appear as himself as a cartoon character on South Park and sing some of his songs.
The Happy Man has lived in San Diego all his life and his hope is to die in San Diego. He never sang a note until he was thirty and didn’t get “seriously” into music until he was forty. He was played nearly 1000 shows since then and to celebrate his 44rth birthday he released his first real album, backed by no less then twenty-two people, including some of the best musicians and singers in San Diego. The first two reviews called it a masterpiece. Also featured is Paul Litteral on Trumpet, who played on the B-52s “Love Shack” and James Brown’s “Living In America Produced by local music guru Sven-Erik Seaholm.
The songs are all original songs with a comedic bent with a few exceptions. The goal is always to write and perform good SONGS, not just funny words with little thought to the music behind.

NUMEROUS VIDEOS ON: www.youtube.com/happyron

TERRIBLY HAPPY – About being happy in a job you hate, after childbirth, and even if your album bombs. Co-written with Mike Sullivan and Risa Berger.
PITTER PATTER – About the women who make your heart pitter patter.
THE NO TANTRIC WOMAN BLUES – When you wanna do it all night!
ALL SHE NEEDS IS A SPANKING – That’s all she ever really wants.
DON’T STOP PLAYING – You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old cause you stop… playing.
SICK OF HER SHIT – Is dedicated to strippers everywhere, remember you may love her, but someone somewhere is sick of her shit, featuring the Uptown Horns.
NO “ANGEL” – The “serious love song” of the album, about remaining loyal to the one who has always been by your side in the face of supposed temptations.
BOY TOY – About the attempted sexual exploitation of forty-something male musicians by twenty-something female fans.
THE MEAN THERAPIST BLUES –One of the worst blues of dem all, featuring The Uptown Horns.
PRETTY ON THE INSIDE – Make sure they’re pretty on the inside, not just pretty on the outside.
THE GOOD NEWS IS – The “serious” rocker song, why just listen to bad news? Co-written with Tommy Dahill.
DICKLESS WONDER – About guys who are afraid to make a move, even when it’s wanted.
BARTENDER BARTENDER – Will you marry me???