Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace


Disenchanted by their previous situations, the members of Harbour Grace came to be from the same principle; music that is passionate and bleeds emotion. These four individuals brings forth just that with a style unique of their own, producing catching melodies with powerful, rock driven rhythms.


Although the band has only been playing together for just over a year and a half, they have been performing like seasoned veterans, which can be attributed to their combined experience of over 75 years. In their short time together, the band has performed at several large venues, recieved substantial press coverage, and have amassed quite an impressive list of accolades.

The band performed at this years Albany New York's Parkfest 2006 music festival, along with such artists as Newfound Glory, Dashboard Confessional, Teddy Geiger, and Busta Rhymes in front of thousands of fans.

The band was also most recently selected as a semifinalist from a group of submissions totaling in the hundreds, for Albany's Channel 103.1 most original band contest of 2006.

Individual band member bios are as follows:

Darin Almeida has been playing guitar for 18 years with the bands Aichbone, Ewe Phreaks, Circle of Stone, and the Ned Project at such venues as Sir Morgan’s Cove, Infinity, and Saratoga Winners. Influences from the bands King's X, Helmet, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Hum are evident in his sound. Darin's gear consists of Jackson, Ibanez, Alvarez, and Washburn guitars; and B-52 Amplification.

Keith Ferris has 17 years experience on guitar as a member of Psychopompous and Circle Of Stone. He has performed at several venues including Sir Morgan’s Cove, Saratoga Winners, Infinity, Charity's, 615 Main Street, TT The Bears, and O'Brien's. His influences are Sarah McLachlan, Eddie Vedder, and Tool. His gear: Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, and Martin guitars through B-52 Amplifiers.

Dan Robinson has played bass guitar for 12 years with the bands Dorian Grey
and Circle Of Stone. He is influenced by groups such as Rush, Incubus, Pink Floyd, Our Lady Peace, Pearl Jam, Roger Waters, and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers; hence his Modulus "Flea" bass, Pedulla MVP5 bass, and Ampeg SVT5+ Heads and Pro Series Cabinets. Venues played include TT The Bears, O'Brien's, The Boathouse, House Of Rock, and 615 Main Street.

Dan Teichert has been drumming
for 27 years. As a
member of the original bands Lord Hill and
Xavier, he toured the US and cut records from 1996-2000. The following 2 years he was out on the road with Arlo Guthrie playing such venues as the Whiskey A Go-Go, Philadelphia Folk Festival, and the prestigious Carnegie Hall. He has shared the stage with musicians like Little Feat, Hot Tuna, Richie Havens, and Johnny Johnson.

The band has just released their first 5 song EP entitled "Placid" which was engineered by Abe Guthrie.


Piece Of Me

Written By: Harbour Grace

I feel it coming down again
It’s creeping through my being
To strip away the will within
And shading all I’m seeing

It’s torn inside
And it waits for me
Left behind
Is a piece of me

Rewind could I be the same
To live a life and not be ashamed
To live a lie is the only way
Pretend I’m fine
Gets me through the day

It’s torn inside
And it waits for me
Left behind
Is a piece of me
Left to hide
Lie in wait
Terrified of the choices that I’m going to make



I feel it coming down again


EP - "Placid"

Set List

With a total of 18 original songs, the band can perform anywhere from a half hour to 3 hour show.
Song Tracks are as follows:

1. Too Far Gone
2. Empty Shell
3. Piece Of Me
4. Time Gone By
5. And I Wait
6. Placid
7. Miracle Maker
8. Waiting
9. I’m Sorry
10. Down 90
11. Drift
12. Handshake
13. Dear Mother
14. It Ain’t Right
15. Call Of The Nameless
16. Wish I Was Dead
17. Last Rights
18. Learn To Know You